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  1. rodmaker

    Thorne Bro Noodle vs DH Customs Noodle Rod

    I agree with Matt. I own two powernoodles. If you can get the recoil guides like Matt mentioned. You will not be sorry at all. Check out the trip wire rods at TB as well.
  2. rodmaker

    Ice rods with extra large guides

    Contact Lonnie at Thorne Bros. The recoil guides rock
  3. rodmaker

    Drift Sock

    Yes get one. There is a size/conversion chart in the Cabela's catalog. Make sure you get one with weight in the bottom and the top has built in floatation.
  4. rodmaker

    Rigging rod?

    Hey there. I really didn't switch, my last two rods I build were St. Croix Legend Elites because Loomis quit selling rod blanks. If you have one from prev years you made,and break it, they will no longer send you the blank. They will either send a factory rod 50% covered. or Loomis bucks towards any Loomis product (except of course blanks). I still like my Loomis!!!! I have two St. Croix Legend Elites. One I'm just finishing building up. 8'6" Legend Elite Steelhead blank Med action. This will work awesome on the Mud on Mille Lacs. Using the 8-10' leaders. Where I build my rods, they say I won't have any problem liking the Legend Elites. I take their word for it. They have never sold me a bad blank for what specific application I was looking for in 15 years. I still think the nod goes to Loomis. Give me one more season with the St. Croix's and I can give an answer what I like the best. I do love the HSR9000 IMX. May build one more and take a chance with the warranty. I've nver broke a Loomis rod yet.
  5. rodmaker


    Sensitivity, I know is sometimes blown out of proportion to a certain point. If you find a blank you like, buy it I guess.
  6. rodmaker

    splash guards

    I think it's going to come down to personal choice.
  7. rodmaker

    splash guards

    I have an 1895 YarCraft Storm. Love my wave wackers.
  8. rodmaker


    You said it best. You get what you pay for. Alot depends on what type of fishing you do. If you are throwing cranks/ spinners for bass you can get buy with a little cheaper blank. If you are fishing Eyes/ rigging live bait you want an Avid or Legend Elite. When comparing different mfg's blanks, you better make sure you are comparing apples to apples.; If you want an ultra light for ppannies and use a bobber , you can get buy with a cheaper blank. The type of species/application is what it's all about for the rod you are trying to find/build.
  9. rodmaker

    What is your favorite St. Croix?

    I love my 7' (extended the handle to make it 7'9") Legend Elite ML. Spinning rod. Building a 8'6" Steelhead blank Med action, legend Elite. Going to make an awesome Mille Lacs Mud rod. Makes using those 8-10' snells a breeze. Another sweet heart is the G. Loomis HSR 9000 either in IMX or GLX.
  10. rodmaker


    The legend Elite blanks are just as light and sensitive as Loomis GLX's.
  11. rodmaker


    You are making the right choice. Just to wet your whistle. Check out the St. Croix Legend Elite!!!! An even bigger jump. As far as I am concerned , it would be worth it. especailly for Eyes!!!!
  12. rodmaker

    Aluminum boats - tiller models

    It all comes down to the bodies of water you fish.. They are all are good boats. Crestliner has a great hull. Some cut better through the rough water. If you have the $$ glass is better in rough water.
  13. rodmaker

    G3 vs Lund

    yOU NAILED IT 100 %
  14. rodmaker

    Rigging rod?

    Look at the St. Croix Avid Series. 7'6" ML.
  15. rodmaker

    Aluminum boats - tiller models

    I had an Alumacraft 18 Compeditor with a 75 tiller for 13 years ,and loved it. I fish mainly big water, Mille Lacs & Gull. I sold it two years ago and baught from a guy at Mille Lacs an 2003 YarCraft 1895 Storm with 135 Merc Saltwwater tiller. What a difference