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  1. BpAki987

    Week 14 Winner

    congrats on the easy win airjer!!! My points lead is diminishing, i need a win bad.
  2. BpAki987

    Week 10 Winner

    lol. congrats on the win! and congrats to me for being a ball hog and not giving up first place.
  3. BpAki987

    Let's see your boat

    FishHappy1986's Montgomery Ward Seaking(1973) On the river this spring Dads Boat bought last year. 1995 crestliner 1700 fish hawk 60hp Johnson. guy he bought it from took extremely good care of it.less than 50 hours on the motor.
  4. BpAki987

    Week 8 Winner

    Congrats Rip!!! and hopefully i can make this lead last!!
  5. BpAki987

    Week 7 Winner

    I'd like to thank good ole #24's pit crew for my win. Good race to watch with alot of lead changes.#48 lookin stronger every week!!!
  6. BpAki987

    10w30 vs 5w30 oil in the summer

    i always use 5w-30 in the winter and 10w-30 in the summer in my vehicles
  7. BpAki987

    How many rod setups do you bring out?

    I Bring 7. 1 spring bobber. 2 for sunnies. 2 for crappies. 2 for walleye/northern.
  8. BpAki987

    What is the biggest crappie you caught this winter?

    Middle of January. hole in my floor of the fish house is 12 inches so must be around 12 or a hair bigger.
  9. BpAki987

    portable ice house heaters

    Big Buddy in my quickflip 3. dont have to worry about it melting my house is a plus. and the fan is great.