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  1. reinhard1

    Good Morning!

    Not so funny. I know this will be deleted but I'm leaving HSO again. This time for good. nothing has changed. Backroom deletes Reb's complaint although nicely put just like they did to me a couple of years ago. So Limit can change and delete posts but Reb cant even though he is the moderator of this forum and did a pretty dam good job. I love the guys on this forum and have been positive all this time until Limit came on here and threw his weight around. Ya I get it, and finally get it. My information and others that contribute are just being used. treat Reb like a low life because he tried hard to get this right but that's not good enough for your little club in the backroom. Delete his posts there and here on the forum along with mine when I spoke my opinion. Go get some other guy, I'm not your guy. Nobody on here is appreciated and you can tell by those who left. All this phony talk with the smiley face's is transparent. Start treating posters who MAKE this thread equal to to some of these so called Pro staff moderators the same and maybe you will progress. Limit gets away with his talk and others are treated totally different. Good bye.
  2. reinhard1

    Good Morning!

    nice and sunny out.
  3. reinhard1

    Just Food and Drink

    Two racks of baby backs for me this weekend. Served with jasmin brown rice. Put some soy sauce, sesame oil, and crushed red pepper flakes on the rice. I made up a double batch of my Butcher sauce. I like my sauces thin so I can "mop" them. Usually use apple juice, however didn't have any so I made up some Korean beef broth. Didn't need much but it turned out very good. good luck. Don't like fall off the bone, just tender as a butchers heart.
  4. reinhard1

    Meat Sales

    Thanks Del. It won't let me correct this but it should have been 6.99 each. thanks again. Senior moment. good luck.
  5. reinhard1

    Good Morning!

    Great post Kris!!!
  6. reinhard1

    Soars sukulant summer sausage

    Great job Boar!!! Yes it's important to let it rest overnight in the fridge. good luck.
  7. reinhard1

    I own the TITLE!!!

    I've said so many times I'm going to hunt for those tasty shrooms, but never went. It is a good find for sure and nobody will tell you the spot and I don't blame them. good luck.
  8. reinhard1

    Good Morning!

    Works for me Reb. I have been on a National smoking page for years. Even there things go off topic. Why? Because folks get to know each other and have a little fun but the information got through. I haven't seen at any time any questions that was asked that wasn't answered. I put my page on here just so folks can refer to it for even more details if something was missing. I'll post just like I did before and if something goes off topic I'm not going to complain about it. There are more important things in life than to get upset over something like going off topic. Back to yardwork. Or is that off topic. good luck.
  9. reinhard1

    Good Morning!

    Wow, I'm glad I'm not a moderator anymore. Reb keeps this forum going along with others. Questions get answered here ALWAYS. We seem to all get along here and are sharing things plus we keep it on the light side and have some fun as well. All of the sudden we have all of these aledged complaints about things going off topic. The good morning thread is about being off topic. Sharing what we do and sometimes even personal things. If I'm the original poster and start a thread like Canadian Bacon, it got off topic of few times but the information is there for everyone to see. I do my best to give the best accurate information I can and I want feedback including if things are not exactly on topic. Why all of the sudden is it that a couple of guy's come on here and start ripping this forum? Where were you in the past? Your comments about being constructive is not how I see it. Nothing is broken here, and nothing needs fixing. This is the Cooking Forum not Silly town. It was fun to be on here and now this sudden negative garbage. Reb, keep doing the good job that you are doing and don't be disstracted. this does pizz me off. good luck.
  10. reinhard1

    Meat Sales

    Cub this week has half boneless pork loins on for 1.99 lb. Choice beef bone-in strip steaks or large snow crab 6.99 lb. 8 pcs. fried chicken or 10 pcs all dark fried chicken 5.99 each. Hormel half bone-in spiral hams 1.79 lb. 93% ground beef in 3 pound tubes 3.99 lb. Beef choice tip roasts 4.99 lb. Baby back ribs 3.99 lb. 48 oz. Jennio turkey store ground turkey 6.99 each. County Market has choice boneless rib eye steaks 7.98 lb. 56 oz. whole chicken, thighs, drums or 14-15 oz boneless skinless chicken breast from Gold'n Plump all 3.98 each. Choice beef chuck steaks 4.49 lb. Baby back ribs 4.49 lb. Bone-in pork butts 1.99 lb. Pork steaks 1.99 lb. good luck.
  11. reinhard1

    Soars sukulant summer sausage

    Lookin Good Soar . Start out with a low temp like 135 and work your way up to 180 to finish it off. The lower temps so you get the good color and smoke absorption and when that is achieved crank it up to 180 to get the sausage to 160 which is the safe temp for ground meats. With summer sausage in the smoker the larger the casing the longer it will take so adjust your time for that. good luck.
  12. reinhard1

    Just Food and Drink

    That's the way to relax for sure. good luck.
  13. reinhard1

    Just Food and Drink

    We had T-bones tonight. I was really craving real meat today. Not lookin to gain weight but on weekends all bets are off. good luck.
  14. reinhard1

    My smoke project for tomorrow

    Apple or Cherry would work just fine. I've been using cherry myself just because i like it and have plenty of it. Have a great day on that smoker. Have to make some more myself for my vacation up at the Ash River. Sandwiches and for breakfast with eggs. good luck.
  15. reinhard1

    Ribs and Sauerkraut

    Hey now you are swiping my recipe . Man those look great, looks like a whole shank cut in half. Nice and meaty. That's a must for my German Gumbo. I think what really is a plus for that dish is beef broth added. It helps meld all the flavors together. i love the broth. I serve it on a deep plate just so I have a lot of that broth. good luck.