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  1. Whisker Warrior

    Grandpas Hideout Fish House

    I thought there was one in St Peter at Dranttells right off hwy 169. I bought my Stinger from them this yearand they had a hideout sitting there. Give them a call. I want to get one for my old man as well as you can get out on early ice still and easier for him to move house.
  2. Whisker Warrior

    Auger extensions

    Ordered mine Sunday night and arrived in mail Wed! Awesome service Reeds!
  3. Whisker Warrior

    Suburban Heater Issue

    I have two 30# tanks...gonna call suburban to see what they think....
  4. Whisker Warrior

    Suburban Heater Issue

    Yeah i forgot to mention i already read all the other threads concerning heater issues and none mentioned the whistling/whinning sound i had with mine...was hoping someone had similar experience but guess not...gonna upgrade the regulator and go from there.
  5. Whisker Warrior

    Suburban Heater Issue

    I recently bought a new Ice Castle Stinger this year and have had issues with the furnace now twice in this cold weather(-15 or greater). This last spell the furnace worked great until midnight and i woke up to a cold house. I changed the tank and was careful to open the valve up slowly to prevent the check valve from closing but all it does is ignite for a few minutes and sometimes it runs for 10mins then it starts making a whining or almost whistling noise before it shuts off. It never makes this noise when its opereating normally which has been all year except during the extreme cold nights....now should just chalk it up to the extreme temps or is there a bigger issue here at play...gonna start by upgrading the stock regulator and see where it goes from there....just curious if anyone has had similar problems. Thanks
  6. Whisker Warrior

    Frozen regulator????

    Someone said to have the generator exhaust blow on it to help thaw possibly??? Or place in vehicle that is warming up??? Good Luck! I Hope you get it worked out.
  7. Whisker Warrior

    Ice Castle Heating Question

    I just bought a new Stinger model and the guy was telling me that i had to be careful when turning on the tank and if i opened it too fast that it messed with some internal valve that would slow the gas flow down that gave the impression that it was a heater problem. Said to close tank shut off furnace then go inside and open release valve on line then go about turning furnace on but careful to slowly open tank valve. Hope that made sense...im at work and its been a long night
  8. Whisker Warrior

    striker ice suit sizing?

    The Climate suits defintely run bigger. I normally wear a L jacket and bib but with the climate suit I ended up getting a L jacket and M bibs...the L bibs knee pads were at my shins...definitely try on first if possible...i went to profishingsupply in Waconia.
  9. Whisker Warrior

    Ice Suit Flotation - Striker Brand

    I just bought a Climate Suit from Profishingsupply and i love it! Used it on a 2-day musky trip(wed/thu this week)on Battle lake and was on water from 8a-9p and stayed warm entire time. Day 2 it rained from start to finish and the suit took on a little more weight with all the rain it took but i stayed dry the entire time! This might be due to the technology that allows the suit to drain if you fall in and need its floating capabilities....excellent suit! Sizing runs smaller though as i bought a med bib when i normally wear a L...im 6'0 165lbs
  10. Whisker Warrior

    Gosh Darn Big Feet BOOTS?

    Check out winterfootwear.com i ordered a pair of Baffin boots and they are awesome! I'm not sure how big the sizes run but i'm pretty sure you'll find a brand in your size as they carry all the best brands that cater to mountain climbers and other extreme winter activities....
  11. Whisker Warrior

    Dock fishing etiquette

    Some people's children
  12. Whisker Warrior

    Vexilar Proveiw???

    I just recently purchased one and found i like it better than the tri-beam i had used before. There is a good video explaining its key features put out by the guy who helped develop the proview for vexilar(youtube vexialr proview vs tri-beam). Basically what i took from it is the proview allows you to manually adjust your degrees using the gain. WAY less interference with this ducer than any ive had before.
  13. Whisker Warrior

    Lindy River Rocker Giveaway

    Im in!
  14. Whisker Warrior


    Kathy's been selling for the last 4-5 years at least....usually they go for .75-$1 depending on how hard the trapping has been. She does get creek chubs in but seems to get more suckers than chubs....Dave at Rapidan supplies a lot of chubs to stores and walleye guys so im sure he wouldnt mind adding another client to his list... ive got 8-10" chubs out there in the past so he's pretty good for getting those.
  15. Whisker Warrior

    Musky guide - Musky season

    You cant go wrong with Greg as i've only heard good things but i would recommend Dave Williamson(MuskyStalker.com) he's in the Alex area and will travel up to Detroit Lakes and about 5 other lakes in the area....he's offering a discount if you book before april as well....Good Luck!