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  1. I did not know that. I might just have to grab some hotdogs and come join you. Thanks
  2. Not sure where your fishing at, but northern pike fishing ended Feb 25th for the season in Minnesota.
  3. I have a tandem frame from Miltona and it came with electric jacks. One on each side and one on the tongue. The switch for them was on the jack itself and a real pain to go in the house and back out to see if the pin was loose. I removed the cover and extended the wiring out the wall to the same existing switch. Installed it in a weatherproof electrical box and cover. It works great. The existing wires were very short, but manageable.
  4. Heft

    Generator sale

    FYI, Just bought myself a Honda EU2000i at Gander Mountain. They had a 20% off everything in the store (except guns and electronics) flyer in the mail. There retail price was $999. I got 20% off and then they gave me another $50 off for applying for a Gander card. Got it out the door for $750 plus tax. Great deal!!
  5. I bought a used one and the battery was weak. I upgraded to a dual sealed battery setup too, I ended up fitting two 22ah batteries, wired together for 24v under the right seat. Only a couple of modifications and about a 1" seat riser. Way better setup and kids can run all day now.
  6. I've got an electric trailer jack mounted to the very back of the tongue where the V comes together. Wired it to the house battery. Works great, no effort but to hold the switch. Only negative is they are slow. I run it all the way up when traveling so takes a while to run from all the way up to all the way down enough to pull pin or take off truck, then reverse it again to all the way in so it drops to the ice. Maybe 3-4 minute process.
  7. The low oxygen sensor shuts off the heater if the oxygen drops below 18%. Normal air has 20.9% oxygen in it. At 16% oxygen you can die. A Co alarm has no sensor for oxygen and the digital display units are not real time. That means they will not show any numbers until the unit alarms. The alarms are basicly dumbed down for the average public and will not alarm until they have been exposed to 70 ppm for over 4 hours. For children and people with heart issues, they could be effected or dead before the cheap alarms ever go off. Almost all the UL listed CO alarms are the same unless you want to spend $150 (coexperts). But whats your families life worth?
  8. Heft

    Vapor barrier

    Without it you are driving all that warm moisture air into the wall cavity. That then turns the wall insulation into frost and once it warms up and melts then you have a mold issue. Unless you have spray foam insulation, I would add a vapor barrier on the heated side of the wall over the insulation, overlap and tape the seams, and also install it on the ceiling. My two cents.
  9. Heft

    FL18 vs FL-8

    Get on a school of walleyes that are picky and you'll realize its worth every penny. I love the zoom feature, can't fish without it.
  10. You could always tell your wife not to park her car in the garage. Then you have a complete stall open to store your gear. Good luck.
  11. I have used a headlight/dash lights dimmer switch from the junk yard. Every car has one and they usually let you have it for free.
  12. Heft

    fish trap pro

    Reeds HSOforum is still selling them. Try to check there?
  13. Newer Fish Trap Voyager Older Fish Trap Pro 6X12 Wheel House
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