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  1. I hear you and thanks for the kind words. Trust me, I plan not to make a habit of this but just too much going on this spring.
  2. I will not be attending this year's Sturgeon Excursion. Good times extended to all.
  3. I will confirm my presence, hopefully, by mid to late March. This is definitely a trip I enjoy.
  4. Good to see you again Ed. Your phone will be ringing when I find some time to get out on the river. Also, thank you to Jon Thelen of Lindy for a complimentary Splash Brite bobber and even a few Shadling's.
  5. This is an unbelievable opportunity to not only catch GIANT fish but also to put every day life on hold, let your hair down and have as much fun as humanly possible in as many hours that you can physically handle each day. The stories are many but it's memories that are made that will last a lifetime. Also, Tom Briggs, JP and company at Wigwam run a great operation. Thank you for hosting!
  6. Great videos Frank. I remember that morning well. Sure wish we had our Sunday morning battle on video... Eric, Look forward to seeing you, the Mrs. and all others this weekend. I'm riding up with bunt2k and his posse and our plan is to arrive Thursday evening too. If it's windy, we can always retreat to the river and anchor up in Matt's "honey hole".
  7. Good stuff james_walleye. As you know, my interest level has peaked. I've trolled with boards and Fireline but had a 6 - 10' section of Berkley Vanish tied off the main line to the lure. Is this an option besides going with just mono? Also, when considering how shallow the bite really is and it's all about lure action (i.e. Flicker Shad), have those fish been introduced to Salmo Hornets?
  8. Yes, I'm now officially excited. More than anything, just looking forward to some time away from the daily grind. Yanking in giant fish with friends is a bonus.
  9. Eight years is a long time, a huge commitment for both parties and I'm not sure entirely necessary. Yes, he's good but his longevity and health is a concern. Four years would have been plenty including the same dollar signs and strings attached, so when the next "Joe Mauer" comes around, they could possibly act on that and then some. Great story line though. I wish him and the organization well.
  10. I would agree that Edwards is a bit over-rated. Solid, yes but premier at his position, no. Push back and go for D-Nabb.
  11. I was at the game last night. Wonderful action and just plain old good, fun hockey to watch. The one-timer goal was awesome...he pulled the trigger right in front of us. It is tough to admit but I was surrounded by green and admittedly, they suckered me into a few high-fives and what not. Certainly, I couldn't pull for the Pukeneers. So, now I'm really torn on how to cheer for tonight. Either way, it'll be fun to watch. Did I hear someone say playing down to the Rodent's level? Kick us when we're down, kick us when we're down. Ha! Good luck tonight to both the Sioux and the Huskies.
  12. Team Otter

    Fire Lucia

    There were a few chants not in Don's favor going on at last night's game.
  13. Shorelunch, Just to clarify so we're on the same page, my reference to checking from behind was in response to a comment JAG made earlier in this thread. He said he's been hit harder from behind than Wehrs was last night. Personally, I doubt it.
  14. I'm definitely not complaining and I still may be in the minority, which is fine but what I saw last night was more than aggressive play. There was more than just the hit on Wehrs that had obvious intent to injure which is just plain wrong and should not be acceptable. The player's aren't just doing these types of things on their own. That type of behavior is taught and coached by someone with no sense of leadership or respect for the game, making it all the more disappointing. I'm all about rivalry and competition but last night was tough to watch, regardless of what team you support, even if it's another team besides the Sioux or Gophers. I'll be at the Excel on Friday pulling for the 'Dogs and Huskies. Not that it matters but it's not likely you've taken a hit like Wehrs did last night (or even harder) from behind but if so, you should feel very fortunate that you're healthy and able to be a part of this dialogue.
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