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  1. Big Dave2

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    I have no doubt that by now there is something on the market that is better than my FL-20 and my FL-8 but I already own them and they work for me and I am long over the days where I have to have the latest and greatest fishing equipment. Most of these gadgets, gizmos and lures are better at catching fishermen than fish.
  2. Big Dave2

    What Is Your Favorite Ice Fishing Fishfinder?

    That's one of the main reason I run a Vexilar. I don't want to be the jerk that interferes with everyone else......
  3. Big Dave2


    The guys that I know that use a lot of lead are the catfishermen. Although my father in law uses a bunch to make cannon balls for his homemade cannon.
  4. Big Dave2

    Just Food and Drink

    And you were right.....
  5. Big Dave2

    Furnace Help

    There is probably a place to mount a battery on the tongue. Hook one up and use your interior lights. Much nicer and easier. Does the furnace have a thermostat inside the camper? If so, is it on and the temp turned up above the outside temperature? Get air out of the gas lines by lighting your stove burners if you have them for a minute or so. Then attempt to light the furnace.
  6. Big Dave2

    Just Food and Drink

    This is the quote feature ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It helps those who can't read the poster's mind, understand what the poster is talking about.
  7. Big Dave2

    2018 Twins

    What he said.....^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Big Dave2

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I can see the issues there and when you are all done you would probably put just as much or more work into a road than the cabin. In that case, I would probably build too. I would just be sure to build it with expansion in mind in the future.
  9. Big Dave2

    2018 Twins

    Of course it prevented them from signing other players. That's absurd. Are you trying to say that there is not one free agent over the course of 8 years that was available that could have helped the Twins in some way? I'm not just talking about big name guys, I'm talking about all available players. Yes he's a great guy and yes everyone loves him because he is "one of us" and yes he has been an above average player but that doesn't mean that his large contract coupled with the fact that he has failed to live up to that contract hasn't crippled the Twins organization for several years.
  10. Big Dave2

    2018 Twins

    They could have done more with the money the entire length of his overpaid contract. They will probably erect a statue of the guy at the ballpark eventually but the truth is, his contract and subsequent lack of performance was the demise of this team.
  11. Big Dave2

    2018 Twins

    Since the whole state of Minnesota seems to be in love with Mauer, maybe they will just hire him as manager and keep him forever.....
  12. Big Dave2

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    Just curious but are you absolutely stuck on the idea of building a small cabin? If you want to save money, I would consider clearing out enough of a driveway to pull in an old camper. You could buy one for less than your budget and it would probably already include many comforts that you would need to spend money on like a furnace, air conditioning, water system, refrigerator, stove, lights, electrical system, etc. All you would have to do is buy a generator and you could have everything you need up and running in no time. Just a thought because I am getting lazy in my old age and I also like some comforts even when I am roughing it!
  13. Big Dave2

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    That's really cool. Sort of like a modern day "One Man's Wilderness". Leaves many questions to be asked though..... Why doesn't he use one of his 2 snowmobiles to reach the property? What's with the beautiful "back woods cabin"? If you have something like that, why stay in a tent? Looks like he has electricity to this tent? But he can't drive to it? Those are by far the nicest outhouses I've ever seen though.....
  14. Big Dave2

    Master Toasting Bread

    No. Taco Bell is not on the same list as Hardees.