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  1. Not bad. It wasn't the best brisket I ever had but it was more tender than I thought it would be since it was at 195 IT in less than 6 hours. I let it rest in a cooler for about 2 hours before slicing it and it was very tasty but I think I'll stick with whole briskets in the future. That piece was less than 5 lbs.
  2. Last friday of lent and Coborns had a flash sale on fresh salmon so I put some on my overpriced pellet grill. Good thing my wife talks me into sacrificing eating meat on Fridays of lent, you know, for Jesus.
  3. Got up early and put this small piece of brisket on my overpriced pellet smoker. I've never done one this small but my buddy who owns a meat market gave it to me at half price to get rid of it. It's almost foiling time now at 10:30 am.
  4. Worked great for me last night, I just don't like standing in the rain. Pork chops were great, I ate 3 of them!
  5. Thin cut pork chops, brined for 6 hours and seasoned up, ready for the overpriced pellet grill later on. This rain sucks.
  6. For smaller pizzas I set it at 500 and put them on a pizza stone but this Papa Murphy's was too big for the stone so I set it at about 375 so I wouldn't burn the paper pan it comes with. If you like a little crispiness to your crust, it turned out wonderful that way and I will probably always do them like that from now on.
  7. I put a Papa Murphy's pizza on the over priced pellet grill tonight but I forgot to take pics. Take my word for it, it was really good!
  8. I smoked it at about 250 until it was an internal temp of almost 120. Then I took it off the grill and wrapped it in foil. I turned the grill up to high and opened the sear plate. In about 10 minutes I set the tri-tip over direct flame for about 3 minutes per side. After that, the tri-tip was an internal temp of about 130 so I pulled it and let it rest before slicing.
  9. Beef tri-tip, it's what's for dinner. (Reverse seared on an overpriced pellet grill)
  10. If we hadn't parked our camper and were still travelling that is what I was eyeing up. You could cook just about anything between the 3 burners, the griddle and the grill accessory. I'm not sure how portable that unit is but if not, I would have looked at one of their other many nice units that would fold up to stow in the camper.
  11. Yep, sounds right. To my knowledge you should treat a carbon steel flat top the same way you would a cast iron pan. Just scrape it out if necessary, wipe down and keep it seasoned. The best thing you can do for the griddle is use it often, preferably to cook oily or greasy foods like bacon! Lots of horror stories and pictures of rusty griddles on Facebook discussion pages from people who mistreat their steel griddles.
  12. The Camp Chef big stove with grill and griddle accessories was what I was about to get for the camper also but I'll give this blackstone a try.
  13. If I really like it and I use it a lot, I'm looking at this one for at home.
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