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  1. Trying to bring a forum back to the glory days with the same methods used 20 years ago is like trying to bring back video stores.
  2. Of course it is politicians fault. Makes one wonder what else we are being lied to about. It would probably be shorter to list the things we are not being deceived about.
  3. What does that mean? Nationwide, union members accounted for 10.5 percent of employed wage and salary workers in 2018, down from 10.7 percent in 2017. Since comparable state data became available in 1989, union membership rates in Minnesota have been above the U.S. average. Minnesota had 395,000 union members in 2018
  4. Except that even talk show personalities on CNN agreed that this was one of Trump's best policy weeks ever..... https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/hidden-by-impeachment-one-of-trumps-best-weeks-yet Pssss.....I heard a CNN personality report this and agree that Trump had one of his best policy weeks.
  5. I think being honorable would include living by the same standards you enforce on others.
  6. There's a difference? Doesn't that just make you a hypocrite?
  7. Hypothitcally, any candidate could do the same thing. Maybe Obama asked Russia to help him cheat. Hell, maybe even Hillary asked but Donald offered more. Isn't Hillary known for doing some cheating herself? All hypothetical and all irrelivant.
  8. No need to be mad. If it makes you feel better, D2E seemed pretty upset that I presumed you were gulluble.
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