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  1. I don't have anything that shoots .40 cal but thank you.
  2. Anyone seen any .45 ACP ammo on a shelf anywhere? Preferably south metro. Just went to Fleet Farm today and they have almost nothing for ammo. I sure hate pandemics.
  3. If it's the thin stuff you get in grocery stores you need more than that for 2 people.
  4. You hit the nail on the head, you have to take care of it properly and keep it seasoned or it will rust rather quickly. The key is to use it often.
  5. It doesn't appear that the armature is corroded at all but the brushes were corroded enough to make them stick and the end of that shaft is pretty scummy. If that is a bearing it is seized tight.
  6. It is variable speed. Thanks for the advise. If it's too much of a big deal I see I can buy a whole new armature for around $80, possibly cheaper. Maybe that would be the route to go?
  7. Got a used trolling motor from a fiend of mine's son. He told me it worked before I bought it but it does not. Tested all the electrical components in the head of the unit and everything seems to test fine so I took the motor apart and there was a lot of corrosion and the brushes were stuck. I took out the brush plate and sanded down the brushes to get them working smoothly again. That's when I noticed this at the end of the motor shaft. I assume it is supposed to be a bearing but it is seized tight. My question is.....is this a bearing? If so, do I need a bearing pull
  8. Good thing you didn't say anything about boiling, that seems to trigger Del.
  9. I definitely reject that. Unless you have some......I'll try almost anything once.
  10. So you are saying it is impossible to reject something you have never tried?
  11. Got it from a Facebook post of a well known catfish guy that used to post here.
  12. Yes. Just like I reject french kissing other men even though I have never tried it.
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