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  1. Ron Gardenhire, is that you?
  2. Believe me, I googled it too and watched many videos. If you could see how simple the carb is and how clean it was before I even started you might see how I am now operating under the premise that the carb is clean. If the issue doesn't resolve after I rebuild the fuel pump I guess I could remove the carb again and reclean. I have an Echo weed whip that I have to replace the diaphram about every 2 years or it acts similarly. I'm hoping that is what it is but I won't know for almost 2 weeks when we are able to go back up north.
  3. Ok, so I took the SS Minnow out for her maiden voyage this Saturday. The motor usually starts on the second, third or fourth pull. I usually have to choke it for 1-2 pulls then open the choke and it starts on the 3rd or 4th pull. The throttle has to be wide open or it won't start. Just like in the barrel, it will not keep running at low idle. It does idle down pretty far but not all the way. I drove it at full throttle all the way around our small lake and it ran perfect and purrs like a kitten until I try to idle it down.6 Here's what I've done so far: New gas/oil Seafoam Removed carb, took apart and cleaned all parts, jets, ports, etc Took fuel pump apart and cleaned all pieces Adjusted low speed idle needle Ran it for almost an hour in the lake Here's what I'm going to try next: Rebuild fuel pump Change spark plugs After that, i will be out of ideas.
  4. So what did you have done? Total new roof or did you clean it and put a coating on it?
  5. BTW, I did adjust the low speed needle and I think that's the only adjustment to be made on this carb?
  6. I didn't know you were as big of a richard as Sledneck......
  7. Got it. We are bringing it with us up north tonight and were planning to give it a test run in the lake anyway so we will try it out and I will report back next week.
  8. Ok, so now after getting that issue taken care of, it appears that the motor runs great at higher speeds but will not stay running at idle speed. I took the carb off and thoroughly cleaned it even though it looked surprisingly clean in the first place. I also took the little fuel pump off and cleaned all those parts and reassembled. It now idles down farther than it did before but is still not right. I ordered the kit to rebuild the fuel pump so I will try that when it gets here and see how it goes.
  9. ^^^^^This is the answer^^^^^ I did some research online yesterday after I posted this and it appears that these little motors need to be in a barrel of water that is well over the impeller level and even then sometimes you need to put the motor in gear to get it pumping. After I did that, it was peeing like Smurfy after 6 light beers.
  10. Got me a new boat for up north at our camper. Got the motor from a friend who hasn't used it for 2 years. I put new gas and oil in the can this morning. After about 15 pulls I got her started but even though I had the ear muffs attached, no water was streaming out of the pee hole. I know for a fact it was fine when put away so do you think something just crawled in there and built a nest?
  11. What do the safflower attract?
  12. I'm no bird expert but the goldfinches come to my yard to eat the niger seed.
  13. If it were me, I would buy the furnace and wait on the generator. Who needs tv in a fish house? If you really need to power a tv, i would think you could handle that with one of the cheap little 900 watt generators you can get at harbor freight for a while until you save up more money. https://www.harborfreight.com/900-max-starting-watt-max-starting-2-cycle-gas-powered-generator-63025.html
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