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  1. IMO, the roof is the most important component. It has been said that there are only 2 types of camper roofs, those that leak and those that are going to leak. Inspect any used camper roof diligently and make sure there are no soft spots and that yearly maintenance has been performed. As far as slides go, yes they can sometimes be problematic but I would guess that there are very few new models produced today without one. Kind of like electric windows on cars. I used to avoid them because it was one more thing to go wrong but now you would have a hard time finding one without them. Also, the RV refrigerator can be a problem in older campers. Make sure it works before purchasing a used camper. If it doesn't, that severely depreciates the value of an older unit in my mind. I would just recommend walking through as many floor plans as possible and try to envision your family in there. One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying the wrong layout and having to trade much sooner than expected.
  2. I've been looking on and off for one of these too. I didn't know these things existed until last fall when my wife and I went for an atv ride to the nearest town, had a bloody mary and when we went back out to the wheeler it was dead as a door nail. Turned out to be a loose fuse but a guy at the bar pulled one of these out in an effort to help us out and I have been thinking of getting one ever since.
  3. Well all I can say is if you get to the playoffs and your #2 starter is a guy who was driving for Uber a couple of months ago then you really don't deserve to win anyway.
  4. I was up north and didn't get to see the first 2 games of this series so my question is, why on earth did Dobnak start game 2?
  5. Big Dave2

    Vikings 2019

    Until they go 8-8 this year and he doesn't have as many catches as he would like and he wants to be gone again.
  6. Maybe? http://www.kuechleunderground.com/
  7. Big Dave2

    Vikings 2019

    1. I think the play call was fine, Cousins just F'ed it up. Play action on first down after you have been running up and down the field on a team is pretty standard but throwing into triple coverage on a play like that is not. 2. Anyone who has ever advocated for instant replay review in sports is now getting what they deserve in my opinion. I could have told you that there would be a natural progression that would lead to this point and beyond. I say get rid of replay review in it's entirety and live and die by what referees call on the field. I was told at the beginning stages of replay that the reason was "so we get the calls right". If that is really the reason, you should be happy they got it right.
  8. Big Dave2

    Vikings 2019

    That's why you limit Cousin's attempts.....
  9. Just made a small batch of pickled northern 2 days ago with what I had in the freezer. Decided to do a few eggs while I was at it too.
  10. Big Dave2

    Vikings 2019

    Don't know much about football, huh?
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