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  1. Yep. I had a $50 knockoff once too. Lasted about 3 years. Bought a Weber for $99 and have had it for over 15 years for sure. I have it up north at my camper now and the legs have gotten slightly bent from my son tipping a couch over on it that he was trying to move into my basement but it still works like a charm.
  2. If you want the best meat, forget about sales at these large corporate owned stores and support your local family operated meat markets. It's worth the extra money!
  3. Look out D2E and Canon Guy, there's another master troll back in town.....
  4. I've had a Weber kettle for probably 15 or more years that does not have the ash catcher and have never had ashes blown into my food but I would say that if I had to buy another one tomorrow it would have the ash catcher for the convenience of emptying.
  5. Great choice. Nope. IMO, there is no better charcoal grill than a Weber kettle and there is no better overall value in grills period. Weber kettles are worth it at twice the price so get the features you want and be happy.
  6. There might be a fuse on the board? Can you post some pictures of what you are talking about? It should be pretty easy take the unit down.
  7. Better dig that sled back out of the shed, looks like you have a small window of opportunity.....
  8. Well, maybe that's why I don't get it. I don't see a reason to bring more than the sled can carry. I usually have an auger, a heater, vexilar, a bag with 6 poles and tackle, bait bucket, bucket for fish, a case of Busch Light, a few other misc. odds and ends, and that's about it. Actually, I just put the auger on top of everything anyway. If I had to carry something on my wheeler it would probably be my FL-20 to protect it.
  9. I have a sled type portable like the one in Leech's picture only older and not as nice. I've never figured out the fascination with mounting my auger or any other gear to my wheeler. I just put it all in the sled and pull it around. I'm guessing even if guys are fishing from a hub house or something besides a pull over style they still pull out their gear in a sled. I'm not sure why I would want to fasten things to my wheeler or snowmobile?
  10. Finally picked up my wife's Valentines Day present the other night. Flowers are dumb.....
  11. I already had a .45. I guess I'm going backwards.
  12. Oh, that would have been extra delicious after I seared the scallops in that same pan in butter, garlic and lemon after the steaks were done.
  13. Just pan-fried ribeyes for us. Along with garlic, lemon scallops, brussels sprouts, and cheesy hashbrowns.
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