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  1. The fact that no one knows what it is we are trying to survive from is the reason to own and shoot several types of firearms. If I were bugging out for some reason I would certainly want a hand gun. I own a .45 but I would probably ideally have something that holds more and lighter ammo, like a 9mm. Depending on the circumstances it might also be handy to have an AR-15 or even a shotgun with you as well. If I were attempting to stay in my home but needed to protect it from invaders for some reason then an AR-15 would be invaluable but having a number of weapons scattered throughout the home along with plenty of ammo would be the key. For the purpose of only occasional protection but mostly food providing, I would choose a 20 gauge shotgun but I would also want a .22 rifle available to shoot small animals at long distances and because ammo is small, light and cheap so you could easily stockpile thousands of rounds.
  2. I can't imagine a scenario where I would want to flee my home on foot with just items pre-prepared in a bag. I have no idea and can't even imagine where I would be going.
  3. I think the only types of catastrophic incidents we would ever realistically expect to see here in our neck of the woods would be winter storm related or some other way of interrupting the power and water supply.
  4. Big Dave2


    I didn't say we haven't seen "any", I did make reference to the guys he flipped from Western Michigan. I'm just saying we haven't seen a full team comprised of Fleck's recruits yet. Relax, time will tell if Fleck has already peaked or if this is the start of a Gopher dynasty.
  5. Big Dave2


    I'll be happy to respect him if he does it again. We haven't even seen his recruits yet. This team was mostly Kill's recruits and a few guys that committed to Western Michigan. Even if he does end up being the phenom coach that you think he is and has a few more good years he'll be out of here as fast as Lou Holtz. Enjoy your good year and hope for the best.
  6. Big Dave2


    Goophers could have had their chance if they could have beat Iowa.
  7. Big Dave2


    Did you watch the two benchmark teams play last night? Either one of those teams would have beat the Goophers by 40+ points. Goophers schedule is a little tougher next year. Want to bet on 11 wins?
  8. Big Dave2


    Like I said before, if your team's benchmark is to be 2 spots behind a team that had one of it's worst seasons in a decade..... That could be why I'm not a Gopher's fan.
  9. Big Dave2


    This show on ESPN tonight looks different than what it normally does..............oh, no crimson jerseys.
  10. We saw Ron White the comedian this year, does that count as a concert?
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