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  1. The first forum I was ever a member of was an outdoor forum associated with the Outdoor News. It wasn't very busy and someone in there posted a link to FM and I tried it and it was much busier than the Outdoor News forum. I made an account on FM but at some point I forgot my password and had to make a new account so I would say I was here at least several months before.
  2. I have been here a good 17 years and I think there is only about 1 guy left here that I have met in person. Back in the day I knew and met several members who were frequent posters on FM. I met quite a few of them through the BP Catfish League but I think most of those guys are long gone.
  3. Don't let him fool ya, he used to be known as LMIT OUT.
  4. Only 10 years and you already got a free sweatshirt?
  5. Big Dave2

    Vikings 2018

  6. Only 10 years? Seems like much more.......
  7. Big Dave2

    Spring Turkey Applications

    It's been a while since I've applied for a turkey license but thinking about giving it another try this spring. It looks like now you only have to apply if you want to hunt the first 2 weeks of the season. I will probably just buy an over the counter license in 508.
  8. Big Dave2

    Upper Red - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Do you have any kind of sonar? If so, are you marking fish that you are unable to catch? My guess is the problem lies more in the location of the house. It is my experience that a lot of rental houses don't get moved all that often and catching fish in them is hit or miss at best. Maybe find an outfitter that can move you around in portable gear? As far as specifics like what jig to use, and how to jig it etc. I would suggest asking those questions to whoever you rent the house from. They should know what is working at the time you are there and should be more than happy to help you catch fish. Another question......if you have a limited time to ice fish in Minnesota and you want to catch numbers of Walleys more consistently, is there a reason you choose Red Lake? If not, I would suggest giving Lake Of The Woods a try.
  9. Big Dave2

    Vikings 2018

    Vikings Fire Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo December 11, 2018 at 11:16 am MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings’ offense struggled against the Seattle Seahawks on prime time television Monday evening – and it looks to be enough to cost the offensive coordinator his job. On Tuesday, the team confirmed they have relieved John DeFilippo of his duties as offensive coordinator. Kevin Strefanski has been elevated to interim offensive coordinator and will handle play-calling duties, the team said. The Vikings lost to the Seahawks 7-21 Monday evening, and were nearly shut out. The Vikings scored their only touchdown with 1:10 remaining in the game.
  10. Big Dave2

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    Ever try reverse sear?
  11. Big Dave2

    Directional Tires?

    Don't worry about it, you can even put the directional tires on backwards....... Performance gap small if running directional tire backwards All tire companies will tell you that it is unsafe to run directional tires backwards. It is the easy lawyer-correct answer. In the dry, it really is not much of an issue as it is how much rubber contacts the ground rather than how the grooves are cut. You are correct, though, directional tires are meant to turn and grip in one direction. Originally it was not just the tread pattern that mattered but also the belt package underneath. How the belts were joined in an overlapping fashion and stresses longitudinally could affect the join. With the advent of a continuous spiral (mummy-like wrapping) over the top of the belts, that concern is now gone. Actual stats for loss of wet grip are not really available. The last ones I saw were from the late 1980s early ’90s on tires that had a v-shaped tread only. In that case, the grip loss was from 18 to 22 per cent when the tire was run backwards in the wet, depending on brand. These days, the answer is less clear because most directional tires use two types of rain evacuation tread patterns. It is popular to have circumferential grooves, which spit water out the back of the tire and combine that with angled or V-shaped grooves that channel the water out to the side or at least to the circumferential grooves. Running one of these newer tires backwards would only affect the circumferential grooves a little bit since the feeder channels would not be working correctly. The angled V-channels would not work as well as they should.
  12. Big Dave2

    Prime Rib Seasoning

    Salt, pepper and garlic.
  13. Big Dave2

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    Says you.
  14. Big Dave2

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    Why not?