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  1. Look on page 3. I think he re-posted pics in 2018..
  2. I think our neighbors out on the farm had one of those and a Nitro 440 too. We had a 340 Arctic Cat like this one.
  3. Here are the links again, we'll see if they work this time..... https://www.grizzlycentral.com/threads/mystery-part-2000-kodiak-400.50573/ https://www.stadiumyamaha.com/oemparts/a/yam/50038dcaf870021f60a0bdfe/crankcase
  4. For some reason I never received any notifications about the posts that were posted last night.
  5. I'll post a pic of the part that fell out tomorrow.
  6. It is a 2000 Kodiak 400 4x4. Not sure why the links don't work?
  7. Actually, I've been more worried about bringing my wife home from the Emergency Room where we were from 6:30 this morning until about 3:00 this afternoon. But thanks anyway.
  8. Big Dave2


    All but one is going to bed disappointed then.
  9. Hawg......you still around here? If so, would you mind telling me more about how this bench works? I'm thinking about remodeling my old shack sometime and this looks like exactly what I need.
  10. Anyone know anything about the part in this old post on Grizzly Central? It fell out of my 400 Kodiak this weekend and oil drained out. I found the part but I am wondering if it just friction fits into the hole or if there is something that holds it in. There doesn't seem to be anything on the schematics. The below post seems to be the only mention of such a part on the whole internet that I could find but there is not a resolution. https://www.grizzlycentral.com/.../mystery-part.../page-2 Appears to be part #40 here: https://www.stadiumyamaha.com/.../5
  11. Just about any newer electric or pellet smoker out there today should do what you are looking for. I had a masterbuilt electric smoker for a while but I didn't like the Q it produced as well as other methods, maybe you would. It did hold temps fantastically well though. I have since purchased 2 pellet grills. If you are looking for something that produces pretty darn good BBQ and is easy to operate consider a pellet smoker. Pit Boss makes some affordable models that are upright so similar to what you have been using. They also sell electric and gas models.
  12. We are having shrimp boil for New Years day.
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