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  1. Big Dave2

    Seasonal Campsite

    Like Mike said, location is going to be key to giving you recommendations. The types of activities you want to engage in and price you are willing to pay can also be factors as well as how old your camper is in some instances.
  2. Big Dave2

    Just Food and Drink

    I would think any good Democrat would be up for sharing........
  3. Big Dave2

    Just Food and Drink

    Actually I cook meals like that several times a week.
  4. Big Dave2

    Just Food and Drink

    Of course I made it. My valentine did provide a bottle of wine and an ice cream cake for dessert though.
  5. Big Dave2

    Just Food and Drink

    Pan seared New York Strip steak, sauteed mushrooms, sweet carrots and cheesy hash browns for Valentines day.
  6. Big Dave2

    Am I Alone Or.....

    I never made it out onto the ice yet this year.
  7. Big Dave2

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    I'm not sure why you would want to do that other than saving the weight or expense of having a second battery. Just remember, the power in those batteries only last so long so the more you use, the faster it will run down. If you drill a bunch of holes plus use the battery for other 12 volt applications in the house, it may die sooner than you want it to. Personally, I would stick with multiple batteries for different applications.
  8. Big Dave2

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    Looks like that one just has a USB port on it not a cigarette lighter type port, right?
  9. Big Dave2


  10. Big Dave2

    This Has To Be Like A Record?

    Looks like Leech did some Nick level stalking.......
  11. Big Dave2

    This Has To Be Like A Record?

    How do you know?
  12. Big Dave2


    I couldn't agree more.