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  1. Big Dave2

    Running Ac From Garage Outlet

    I suppose it will all depend on how many amps your air conditioner draws but having said that, I run my RV air conditioner from a 20 amp outlet in my garage all the time and have done it with several different campers over the years. I may have tripped a circuit breaker once or twice but I honestly don't remember ever doing so.
  2. Big Dave2

    Garage Floor Resurface

    Bobby, are you still in the Burnsville area or other south metro suburb? Are you talking about re-surfacing with a layer of cement or are you just talking about painting it with epoxy? If you need a floor scrubber machine at all for your prep work, I have one I'd be happy to borrow to you.....
  3. Big Dave2

    Garage Floor Resurface

    Hard to say what it is. It could be silicon as suggested by Kidd but I would think that silicon would pop out much like you were expecting. It could be some sort of epoxy patch or other type of caulking. Is it loose? why do you want to remove the patch if it is sticking so good?
  4. Big Dave2

    New Sod

    Even established lawns look brown this time of year. I would just keep watering and wait to fertilize until the temperature is consistently cooler. I would bet it will look good again in the spring.
  5. Probably the easiest idea would be to offer beers to a couple of guys to help you out.
  6. Maybe you could make an overhead frame to hang the come along on? Or maybe an automotive cherry picker for pulling car engines would work if you know someone who has one or maybe you could rent one?
  7. Big Dave2

    Who Made This Heater?

    I think those heaters were distributed by Strikemaster and I think it might have even been called a Lazer Heater. I'm surprised at the lack of info on the web, they were quite popular not all that long ago. I would think it would be well worth $20 If someone has the right application for it. The newer direct vent heaters take up less room.
  8. Big Dave2

    Shredded Turkey

    So........how did the turkey work out?
  9. Big Dave2

    Dual Sport, Enduro, Adventure Bikes!

    I just remembered, my ex-brother-in-law had one that he kept up at his lake lot in Hill City that I took out on the trails once. I think it was a Kawasaki.
  10. Big Dave2

    Smoked eggs

  11. Big Dave2

    Any Dual Sport riders out there?

    Dual Sport? Is this what we used to call an Enduro? The kids on the neighboring farm to where I grew up had one along with some dirt bikes. I used to want to get one bad but then I got into 3 wheeling, then 4 wheelers so now I stick with 4 wheelers.
  12. Big Dave2

    What's on the grill

  13. Big Dave2

    What's on the grill

    No, I'm putting all of THIS meatloaf into the over-priced pellet smoker. You should stick to your day job or at least quit creepy stalking.
  14. Big Dave2

    Shredded Turkey

    https://www.traegergrills.com/recipes/poultry/pulled-turkey-sandwiches This Traeger recipe recommends an internal temperature of 180 degrees. I'm sure it will work fine. Worst comes to worst you just have to carve the meat off the bone and chop it up a little. I bet it will taste delicious.
  15. Big Dave2

    What's on the grill

    Just about ready to put this Jalapeno Popper Meatloaf in the pellet smoker......