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  1. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    I try to consider the future of our children by not voting for Democrats or similar politicians who will keep raising taxes and adding national debt. How about you?
  2. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    Or just a nicer way of putting it.....
  3. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    I've been called worse. I have about 5 or 6 cases stacked up in my garage at all times in the summer and another case in the garage fridge. That's your opinion but I'm sure though that if I walked through your house I could find a few things to call you lazy and ignorant over as well........
  4. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    Unless your tap water tastes bad......
  5. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    Recycle them. https://search.earth911.com/
  6. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    You can buy 35 packs of water at Fleet Farm for $3.00 and not have to pay a pretentious membership fee for the privilege of entering their building.
  7. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    Water is free? Hardly. Nothing is free. But your water analogy is similar to my chicken nugget analogy. Times change and someday we (or at least our kids) will be eating lab grown meat and a few generations from now, people will wonder how we ever got along doing it "the old fashioned way".
  8. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    Meh, I'm sure if you would have told someone 100 years ago that they would be eating pressed together chicken nuggets or fish fillets or any of the other processed foods we are eating tons of today, they probably would have said the same thing.....
  9. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

    As long as it can be smoked in an over-priced grill, I'm OK with it.......
  10. Big Dave2

    Clean meat

  11. Big Dave2

    Cooking the perfect steak.

    Can you do this on an over-priced grill?
  12. Big Dave2

    Time for a smoke

    Every kind.
  13. Big Dave2

    Have a great 4th of july everyone

    Not everyone celebrates Independence Day like this..... (sorry.....just ignore my brother-in-law talking in the background...) cannon july 4th.mp4