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  1. They are good. Greg had 2 kinds and one of them had sage. The new owners rarely make the sage links but those were my favorite. Yes, do we know you?
  2. Still do. Are you talking about the rope or links?
  3. That was 2 owners ago. Greg was a good guy but he might have been hard for an inspector to deal with. He had a cabin up near Battle Lake that he used to let me use it when he was not using it. Now he built a house on the property and lives up there. The main person who owns it now used to be a co-worker of mine back in my grocery store days. I've been friends with him for probably over 25 years. That plant is now state inspected instead of federal. I've been to that one a couple of times. They have some good stuff too.
  4. Or take the necessary precautions to protect yourself without requiring the government do it for you.
  5. But it will be lifted way before any of those things happen. Individuals in the high risk category will just have to be more cautious.
  6. Yes I'm not arguing, just stating that meat doesn't have to be purchased from a big box store or come from a national slaughterhouse. Lots of small town butcher shops slaughter locally raised pork and beef. Mike89, how long ago were you the inspector in that shop? Are you USDA or State of MN?
  7. That's why I said "fresh cut". The butcher shop I go to sells locally raised pork they slaughter themselves.
  8. Not if you buy fresh cut chops from a local butcher shop. That being said, I do like to brine pork chops.
  9. Welcome. I have a camper just south of Remer and we go up there almost every weekend in the spring, summer and fall.
  10. Might try this one in my bloody next time if I can get my hands on a bottle.....
  11. Yes, I prefer bourbon over vodka in my bloody. Speaking of clamato, I like to mix Zing Zang 50/50 with clamato juice for the base.
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