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what is your biggest fish caught on ice???


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52" LOW Sturgeon or a 30" URL Walter. What a question that would be you guys???

Myself, I think I'd take the 30 incher on URL but I'm not sure. I've caught quite a number in the mid 20 range but nothing close to a 30 on URL in the last 4 years or so.

I'd also kill to catch a Sturgeon through the ice so they are both amazing stories!!

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Two biggest were a 37" Muskie on a small lake in northern WI, and a 33" laker up in the Atikokan area of Ontario. Never caught a walter over 25 thru the ice, gotta try and get that done this year.

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This was some years back, but a 33 1/4", 11 3/4 lb walleye. Caught it out of Alton lake, we walked in, set up camp on the island on the S.W. end on the lake. It was one of those years that there wasn't much snow, so three of us pulled sleds out from Sawbill. Back then you didn't need all the permits that you need these days. Spent new years out there, the CO and wolves came and checked on us. Never seen the wolves but when we woke up one morning there were tracks every where. Fishing was great caught a lot of fish. I still have that fish on the wall. Good luck

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Seems like everyone has caught some nice fish. Congrats to all!! smile.gif

Biggest fish I ever caught, is one I never got to measure or weigh as I could not get it through an 8 inch hole. Last season I hooked a sturgeon, in Chequamegon Bay, I am guessing over 60 inches, not sure but it was HUGE. I was able to get the head through the hole but the back hung up on the hole. So we unhooked her and let her swim. It took nearly 30 minutes to get her into the hole. All I know is there are some big sturgeon in this Lake.

Other then that fish, the biggest walleye I have iced was 33" approximately 12LB CR, the biggest Lake Trout was 42" and about 25lb CR along with numerous other large lakers, and one 16" perch from Lake Goegibic MI (if you havent fished this lake, its a must for huge perch).

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40 inch pike (small unnamed lake)

21 inch smallmouth (same small unnamed lake)

20 inch largemouth (same small unnamed lake)

29 inch walleye (Big Round Lake)

15 inch crappie (Upper Red Lake)

9 inch bluegill (small unnamed lake)

13 inch perch (Winnie)

No I cannot tell you the name of the "small unnamed lake" its less than 150 acres and has no public access. Plus I only get acres from a lake shore owner (good friend) who would kill me if I gave out the name of the lake!!!!

I'll post pictures!


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