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  1. How long ago was that? From what I've read grass only has so many good years of growth so overseeding not only keeps it thick but keeps it young. I had a few really good years just using a good fertilizer routine but now my yard is starting to thin in places. 3 kids running around probably doesn't help either but that's what the yard is for.
  2. What's your watering routine after overseeding?
  3. Thanks for the responses. The more I read the more confused I am. I of M says don't fertilize in the spring but I normally do a preemergent and feed. RebelSS do you have a general outline of what you do throughout the seasons? What kind of seed and fertilizer do you use? Your lawn looks fantastic
  4. After reading more about it I should probably wait until fall for overseeding. It just seems so dry in the fall to get the seeds to germinate. How do people get by watering restrictions?
  5. I need a plan, I want to overseed my lawn this spring but I've had issues with crabgrass in the past. Can I do both in the spring or is that a no no?
  6. Thanks for the info. Maple seems like a good option. How big is Big Marine and is it easy for a few small kids to walk out on?
  7. I'm not looking to keep anything but looking for a lake near the NW Metro to take the kids out and have some good action chasing tip up flags. Size of the fish is not important, just looking to keep the kids busy and have some fun. If anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Also a short walk from the access would be a huge plus!
  8. I'm going to try and get out on a lake I've never really fished before but have heard has a decent crappie population over Easter. It is very shallow with a few bays and plenty of cattails. There is 1 hole in the NW corner where they have an aerator in the winter. What do you look for on a lake map to start? The lake is Ringo in Kandiyohi county if you want to look at a map. Thanks
  9. The diggers look good but it sounds like Mr Austin made just what I'm looking for. I bought some ledger board screws from menards with a 5/16" hex head on them, then welded a washer on edge just under the hex part of the screw head and use carabiner clips to attach the rope to the screws. I use a 1/4" drive speed wrench with a 5/16" socket. The ledger screws are about 12" long but I only drive them in about 6". The ledger screws have a stop on the head that only allow the socket to go on so far so I used a grinder to get rid of that so a deep well socket will bottom out and keep the sock
  10. I would like to be a bit more mobile with my hub house but if there is any wind I find myself just sticking to 1 spot if I already have 1 or 2 ice screws in. I don't care to carry an electric drill with so does anyone know of an easier way to get the screws in by hand? Has anyone heard of an attachment that would connect to a hand auger handle or something like that?
  11. I'm looking at replacing my current 40 gal gas heater due to the tank leaking and am seriously looking at a tankless heater. For those that haveone would you do it again? Can anyone recommend a brand or model that has worked well? Thanks for any responses
  12. Does anyone troll cranks during opener? Is the water too cold? Thanks
  13. Heading up toward the Duluth area this weekend and wondering if anyone could point me to bait shops that carry Rainbow chubs and/or Golden Shiners? Thanks
  14. I usually just exchange my 20lb propane tanks but does anyone know of a cheaper way to refill them in the NW Metro? I have a station that refills them near me but price is pretty close ($20) to just exchanging them. Thanks for any responses.
  15. I'm a walleye guy but trying to do more and more bass fishing. I have really only used spinning gear with light line so much of this is foreign to me. Watching a fishing show I see these guys casting a plastic worm or frog with no weight and heavy line. Is this something you need a special rod/reel combo to do? The lake I fish has very clear water so the weeds or tall and thick. I would like to try some kind of weightless combo to pull through the weeds but on my spinning gear if I get caught up in the weeds I have a heck of a time trying to get it back. Right now I usually just cast cran
  16. I've been considering a hub style house like this for a portable spear house too but can't figure out where I would attach a line for the decoy with no poles in the house. What do you guys do?
  17. Just like the duck butt we have a deal about the size of a puck that we throw in with the decoys on calm days to add some ripples to the spread. Sounds like just what you are thinking about.
  18. Any idea where I could see an Icegator or who sells them around the metro?
  19. Turns out it was the sensors afterall! Thanks for the tips!
  20. I did increase the down force but it didn't seem to help. I tried the safety lights and that didn't seem to help either. I even unplugged them and it still wouldn't go down. Any other ideas?
  21. I have a chain drive garage opener that won't go down when it gets cold out. It goes up just fine but will want to stop right away when it goes down and return to the up position. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks
  22. It sure is fun watching the game on TV, when E.J. shows up on the screen you know the play is done. The guy is all over the field and he sure can hit.
  23. Step on it when it is popped up and running? I tried moving it around but never tried popping it up and down, I'll try that 1st. Thanks
  24. I have a couple of sprinkler heads in my irrigation system that no longer rotate so I either have to replace them or try to fix them. Any tricks to fixing stuck sprinklers or setting new ones? Thanks
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