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  1. I have used North Country Taxidermy for all of my mounts. He does a great job and is even close to home for you as he does it out of his home (converted garage into studio). It's off of Coon Creek Blvd. in Coon Rapids. He actually has a tiger muskie of mine from last summer that I couldn't get revived after an hour of trying in the water, but since it was a trophy, that's what I had to do. He does take a while (10-11 months or so), but that's what you get if you use a great taxidermist. I don't have his number off hand, but you can find it online or it the white pages online I believe. His name is Rick by the way.
  2. Thanks Dan, my 10 pointer was taken on 11/14/04 near Leech Lake. He came across my stand about 50 yards in front of me, but was behind a lot of brush and I didn't have a clean shot. Then I could just see antlers and his tail through the thick brush. He was on a steady walk going diagonally to my right in front. Then he stopped behind a group of trees now at about 140 yards. All I could see was the tail moving behind the trees and thought that he was going to be gone shortly now that he was moving away through the thick brush. I had the gun up and was looking through the scope pointed right in front of the tree that he was behind, still twitching his tail. Then I saw his nose poke out and he moved back behind the tree again. About 20 seconds later, he took one step out in the trail and perfectly in my cross-hairs of my scope. One neck shot and he was down in his tracks. This was my biggest buck to date so I was pretty pumped from the first moment I saw him. Every time I look at the rack in the garage you can re-live the whole story in my head and will never forget it. Nice bucks everyone else. Looks like it was a pretty good year by the pictures and stories.
  3. Dan - I emailed you a couple of pictures of my buck if you can post them here for me or shoot me an email of how to post them, that would be great! Thanks Dan!
  4. How come I can't view any of these pics? Plus I have a few nice pics of my deer that I would like to post but don't know how. I just may have to send Matt J. an email to have him post (if that's cool Matt!)
  5. If the deer allows you the opportunity to shoot them in the neck and you are confident in your gun, I'd take that anyday. The last two deer I've taken were by neck shots and no tracking involved. Plus it's not a mess when it's time to gut them out with everything blown apart. Heck, you hardly even get your hands dirty after they bleed out through their neck too! However if the deer is on the run or you only have a vital shot, of course take that vs. trying a running neck shot and wounding them. But as long as them deer keep on walking by my stand broadside, they're going to catch one in the neck everytime.
  6. Just shoot them in the neck and drop them in their tracks! J/K. I know it's easier said than done, but I was lucky enough the last two years to have been given a nice neck shot both times. The doe I got last year took 2 in the neck before she went down and even after that she was still trying to get up again so I had to give her a 3rd one again in the neck. One tough deer. Last Sunday a 10 pointer came across on a steady walk and popped out from behind a tree with only his neck/head sticking out for a shot. Took one shot at about 125 yards straight through the neck. Thought I was going to have a heart attack up in that tree during the whole process. My heart still gets pumping when I think about it.
  7. Good choice on the lazer mag. I had the 3hp Strikemaster and it worked well for a while, but then started bogging down and running funny. Plus the 3hp is heavier if you like to be more portable. I went in to Strikemaster explained everything and they asked me which auger I wanted and they would make up the difference in price to me in merchandise. He put the 2hp on mine fired it up and it ran perfect one pull. Then I got a few new sets of blades and an extension as well to make up the price difference from the 3hp. Best customer service around town IMO. You won't be disappointed with that auger one bit.
  8. Last winter the weekend after X-Mas, 29.75", 10.5# walleye from Lake of the Woods, out from Morris Point. I get to look at her every night on the wall above the TV!
  9. I know drinking a lot of water is mainly the key, but we used to go out to Colorado every year on a ski trip with a bunch of guys, and my Dad would get pretty sick for most of the time we were there. He went in to the doctor and they perscribed some medication for him to take when he was going to be in that high elevation. I'm not sure what it's called, but I think it's like a stronger perscription dramamine of some sort, but don't quote me on it, since I've never taken it myself. But with that and a lot of water it worked and he felt fine out there the last few trips. There's nothing worse than getting out there and getting that flu like feeling. I got it the first time I was ever out there, but mine was cured by taking it easy the first couple of days and drinking tons of water. Good luck out there!!!
  10. I heard the white bass are jumpin in the coolers like mad from a group of guys from St. Paul!! (Sorry I couldn't resit that one after reading the poacher post) Well, time to play hooky here and bail for Gull Lake a little early than I had planned. Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. MG - Fishin'


    22 and I was also fishing before I could walk. I bet my Dad had a blast changing my diaper in the boat or in the shack while trying to catch a couple fish! Thanks again Dad for starting me out right! Still to date my largest fish came on my S[PoorWordUsage]y pole while wearing my Snoopy life jacket when I was 4. 12 # northern while crappie fishing a week before opener. That picture is priceless. I am actually in the process of getting together a scrapbook of all of my fishing pictures from my first outing to the present time, and then future ones. Maybe someone on here can help me out... Does anyone know where I can find a large scrapbook or album that has a fishing theme or cover picture that can store A LOT of pictures? I found some, but they can only hold like 50-60 pictures. I realize that I will probably have to create a few more books as I get older, but I don't want to have to make a separate book shelf for just my fishing albums. Thanks FMers!
  12. I have to say my favorite is a nice 16-18" walleye pulled from the coldwater of LOTW. Have it in the pan the same day it was caught up there. Can't beat that in my book!
  13. So what are ya gonna go with? The Chevy or the FERD? Just curious after you read what everyone had to say.
  14. I own a 99 Tahoe and love it. Sometimes I wished I bought the 'Burban though for a little extra room. But for overall driving I am very satisfied. I did put some coin into it last year on a few major things but it was a lease return so that sometimes speaks for itself there. Some people just lease them and beat the heck out of them and bring 'em back for a new one. Take care of it and you'll be happy. Go for the Tahoe.... it's a CHEVY!!!
  15. I drove by just as the tow truck started going with the white Exploer on back. I too was wondering how they were doing after that wreck. Glad to hear that everyone was ok for the most part. It could've been a lot worse like you had said. I also saw that silverado with the snowmobile trailer in the ditch. He was way in there almost into the forest. You could just tell that he was driving too fast by the way he was positioned in the ditch. About a 1/2 a block down the road from the accident I saw a big doe peeking out of the woods probably wondering what was going on too!
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