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  1. Having a loop to grab under the decoy and having the decoy slide to the weight is preferable in my opinion. Grab the loop, snap it on the carbiner and let the decoy float behind you as you go to the next decoy. The best models have a loop on each end, a sliding snap swivel on one end and a sliding weight on the other end.
  2. Walleye Guy

    2017 Pheasants

    Six of us shot 10 on public land Saturday near Worthington. Good day until the wind really kicked up at the end of the day.
  3. Walleye Guy

    Cost to build new house

    $150/square foot is a ballpark estimate that is frequently used. The cost of the finishings will determine whether that number goes up or down.
  4. Walleye Guy

    Sign and camera at the launch

    Its not a real big lake and there has been a problem with double dipping when the fishing is very good. It is a public access by the way so there are no costs to launch.
  5. Walleye Guy

    Sea Legs and a canopy system or a lift?

    We bought the pontoon new and had the Sea-Legs installed at the dealer so we never ran it without the Sea-Legs. Sea-Legs weigh 385 lbs so they do add some weight. Its like having 2 extra people on board at all times. We have a 22 ft pontoon with a 75 HP four stroke. The pontoon performs just fine but speed isnt a real requirement for how we use it either.
  6. Walleye Guy

    Sign and camera at the launch

    We have a lake home on a western Wisconsin lake. At the public landing, there is a camera that runs during the spring, summer and early fall seasons. The lake association pays for its rental. Its is very heavy duty and is installed in a fixture that looks somewhat like a stainless steel fire hydrant. Its attached to the ground like a hydrant too. This device gives verbal messages to people launching their boat and it also checks for weeds on trailers. The pictures are sent wirelessly to somebody who monitors them. There is no auto-ticketing. The pictures have been used by the DNR to follow-up with boats that leave or enter the launch with weeds on their trailer. A couple tickets have been issued based on this evidence. The camera has also been used to identify people who are launching their boat twice in one day. I believe the device has heightened awareness about invasives. Its not perfect but it is a very cost effective tool to help manage an access point.
  7. Walleye Guy

    Sea Legs and a canopy system or a lift?

    We bought a pontoon last spring and went with the Sea-Legs. For us it was the right move. We use the Sea-Legs to dock/park the pontoon next to our dock where the water is only 2.5 feet deep.. We do not have a canopy over the pontoon. We use the pontoon playpen cover for protection. Putting the cover on and off is certainly a little work. However it is worth it as the pontoon stays very clean because of the cover. We have two other boats on lifts and frankly they get very dirty from dust, insects and even birds. The convenience is awesome but I spend a ton of time cleaning those boats up. We also set our pontoon up on our lags sand and gravel bars for swimming, floating etc. The Sea-Legs are much nicer than dealing with and anchor and windy situations. I also like the fact that I don't have to install and remove a pontoon lift/canopy each spring and fall or find a place to set the lift in the yard.
  8. Walleye Guy

    Best gps for Hunting

    I would avoid one with a touch screen and stick with buttons. You cannot work a touch screen with gloves on. I guess it depends if you where gloves. I have one of each and my Garmin with buttons is the one that gets used.
  9. Walleye Guy

    Fan mounting board

    Do a search on "walnut creek hardwood". They have some very nice turkey mount kits.
  10. Walleye Guy

    First R rated movie you saw in a theatre?

    Raging Bull.
  11. Walleye Guy

    Real horseradish sauce?

    The reason its difficult to find fresh ground horseradish at Cub or other big box grocery stores is because you are probably looking in the wrong area. This horseradish is in the refrigerator section. It is not in the condiment aisle with all the other horseradish sauces.
  12. Walleye Guy

    Trying to match stone veneer.... (Help)

    The first place I would check is Boulder Creek. They have an extensive selection. The have a showroom in Spring Lake Park. They were at the Minneapolis Home & Garden show and have an extensive display.
  13. Walleye Guy

    Looking for a resort for a 3 day trip northern MN

    I would also pick Lake Vermilion. However I would direct you to the Tower end and recommend staying at Everett Bay Lodge. The walleye fishing on that end of the lake is better and Everett is aa great place to stay. it's quiet, is located in a protected bay and you are close to many attractions and restaurants.
  14. Walleye Guy

    2005 lund explorer 1700 tiller

    That is more like an $11,000 boat. I bought a used 2005 Explorer 1800 with a 150 Suzuki on it and paid way less than $16,000. The boat was in "excellent" condition too. ;-)
  15. Walleye Guy

    Prop repair ?

    The most expensive aluminum prop repair that Soderblooms does costs $50 according to their web page. Most T-60 props are 13.5 inches so their cost to repair it would be $40. I have used their services many times and they always do an awesome job. They are my first call on new prop questions or purchases too. Propeller repair prices are all over the board. It is usually most cost effective to go to the shop that actually does the propeller repair. Avoid the middle man and you will save a great deal of money. There are lots of place you can drop your propeller off at for repair. Many of them are not doing the repairs themselves.