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  1. I would like to thank Don Rothmeier at Heckler Tackle. He donated some SWEET muskie lures to the St. Francis High School Ice fishing fundraiser. I completely agree with one of your customers who stated "Them paint jobs make them look more like a piece of art than a lure." We raised about $1800 for the HS woodshop and Ind. Tech. program. I'm just starting muskie fishing and I plan to contact Don for a couple of lures for myself. Thanks again, Chris Neises
  2. My brother in law and I braved the cold rain on a small Metro lake and had a limit of eyes by 9:00. I hated to leave when the bite was that hot, but my fingers were starting to become painful. Note to self: don't forget the gloves again.
  3. I'd like to suggest a few possible choices for the event this Sat. 1.Eagle/Pike (Maple Grove) 2.Coon Lake 3.Bald Eagle 4.White Bear 5.Linwood
  4. If you have a universal sonar system on a Minnkota trolling motor, I believe Vex is your only option. I loved my fl-18 on the front of my boat, but I'm starting to enjoy the FL-10 on my dash as much.
  5. Does anyone have directions to the site from the East on 94? Any help would be appreciated as I don't think I will be able to scout the area and I would hate to be late..
  6. Are there any other FMer's planning to fish this event now that the Metro league allows individual event participation?
  7. Coon is a great northern lake. Find cabbage..#4 Mepps red/white-no tail...and hang on
  8. I have heard of some way of rigging with an o-ring which will help save some of the wear and tear on Senkos. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. Looks like it might be a bit cooler on Saturday. I went there today and looked around. I had prop toubles so that cut my prefishing to about an hour. I got a good look at the lake on the slow ride back to the landing. Looks like it will be a good event.
  10. Has any decision been made to allow individuals to compete in the remaining events?
  11. Wish we would have headed out to the main lake and tried those humps. I thought I' stay in the north arm and work the west bays. We found fish there on Labor Day, but apparently had moved on. Ridiculous numbers of crappies in those areas though. Rob, Have you given any more thought to opening up for individual events, and adding another lake? I'm pretty much agreeable to anything. A small lake like Coon would be kind of fun.
  12. I have a FL-18 mounted to my Minnekota. I have caught loads of walleyes I wouldn't have without it. I upgraded to the universal sonar system. I think it is well worth the extra $$'s just to avoid the wiring mess. Also the Vex has the low power option which I don't think the marcum does.
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