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  1. Well, I didn't have any results anywhere close to that... we had a good time at the cabin we stayed at (got home Saturday), but fishing was very tough... if we end up going up there again next year I'll be in touch...
  2. Hi @ice-fishin... any updated reports? I'm headed that way in two weeks and would appreciate any insight you can offer. Thanks!
  3. I presume this is a 4 stroke? Does it behave this way when the engine is cold and warm? It sounds like it's only doing this when it's idling, but doesn't typically die when it's in gear? Just asking some clarifying questions marine_man
  4. Good luck to all those deer hunters out there today! Sadly, no tag this year, so I'll have to live vicariously through you! marine_man
  5. I'd spend a little time on an online parts lookup tool to identify through that tool which lower units are interchangeable, unless you can find a "big" Suzuki dealer... marine_man
  6. Sounds like a heck of a trip! Thanks for the report! marine_man
  7. This would be my guess as well then, now that you've confirmed you're having to choke it to keep it running when it's cold. marine_man
  8. Max RPM is 5500 on that motor. The fact that you are only hitting 5000 RPM could be due to propping though, unless you're confident you were reaching 5500 RPM in the past. Can you elaborate on your "have to keep priming it" comment? Are you physically squeezing the primer bulb, or are you pushing the choke key in to choke it to keep it running until it's warmed up? marine_man
  9. It could be what you mention, it could be a pinched line when they put something back together, tough to say for sure. What brand / year / hp motor? marine_man
  10. At this point, I'm not sure where to send you... if it were me I'd be inclined to take it back if you have warranty and get their take on it, with two possible resolutions: 1) They fix what's causing the boat to shake / rattle (motor) 2) They adjust the symptom (rattling casting deck). It could be a motor mount out / etc, but it seems odd that you'd have that after only 2 years. marine_man
  11. That rules out the prop / lower unit combination. You don't see the same vibration in forward? marine_man
  12. I'm not sure if your 800 RPM idle is in neutral in gear - if it's in gear, that seems pretty high for a 4 stroke to idle while in gear.. I'd consider seeing if they can adjust that down. Does it vibrate when the engine is in neutral (as well as when it's in gear?) If it's in neutral also, you can rule out the prop. If this is the case, you're stuck with the harmonics of the engine - your best bet is to address the symptom - the rattling casting deck - can something be tightened up / padded with rubber / etc to make it more acceptable? On mine, while in gear at idle my rod box rattled like c
  13. Del has you headed the right direction here... Make sure you fuse (in line power variety or the fuse block) the power supply for the locators, try and give yourself some adjustment of the transducer on the back of the boat to adjust it up / down to find the right spot to read while on plane, but not so deep that you have a huge rooster tale coming up the back of the boat Take your time... you'll be happier in the long run! marine_man
  14. Sounds like there's a good chance you'll be ok... enjoy your trip! marine_man
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