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  1. current is very strong,but the clarity is good!
  2. no frazzle where i was it was all good..went to aarons it was fun!got skunked oh well next year!
  3. just a couple of pictures from the first outing this morning..we only went out for a few hours to see if the big ones were holding where they should be!
  4. we were fishing in 21 feet of water,all the big fish were caught suspending from 5-8 feet off the bottom..smaller 2-4 pound fish were caught near the bottom.. i would never had caught any of those larger fish if wasn't for my marcum lx-5..
  5. the last ones was 29.5 inches..those were all caught on a blue and white glo max gaphooks, whistler jigs in glow,chartruse or pink work well..along with the lindy rattle spoons
  6. ice is here..here's some pictures to get you excited ..
  7. oh there in production all right..they came out with a new design last year..with a few improvements..best auger i've ever owned..light as a feather..you can start the thing and lay it on the ground..it'll keep going till it runs out of gas..this is a picture of me beside the older model..
  8. yes that is a husqvarna auger..I've owned 3 jiffys a 3 hp. strikemaster and an eskimo..this one is by far the best..always starts. you can leave it run laying down till it runs out of gas..and it's super light..only down side is that it's quite expensive..
  9. actually the small guy on the yellow jacket kept his first master to get mounted.. We measure the the fish in the shack..then jump out for a quick picture...then down the hole..
  10. my favorite is the picture of the goldeye's tale sticking out of the 29" walleye mouth..greedy little bugger...
  11. lol..yup thats peanut..she's waiting for you to come up here again.. I believe she took a shining to you!!
  12. ahh the rivers a big place, with lots of good spots..there's always a new areas to explore and find the next honey hole..not to worried if they track me down..lol..
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