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  1. Sold the sleds in October, first time in 25+ years without one. Between the terrible winters the last 3 years and X Juniors basketball schedule there just weren't enough miles put on to warrant the storage and maintenance $$'s
  2. A few years ago when I needed a few replacement parts I found them thru a place called Ske's snowmobile parts in Hermantown, just outta Duluth. No idea if they'd have what he needs but worth an email. Just google it.
  3. Congrats on your 10 years Steve!! Made me look too, and it says since 8-11-2000.......... Holy carp, thats a long time ago!! Back in the day we used to have some pretty big get togethers on the Duluth forum. Many B-side Bash's, a few garbage clean-ups, and a couple Lake Superior get togethers. I've met alot of folks from on here up on URL back in those old days of the Crappie Boom. IBOT's and clamping, oh my
  4. Headed out from the house Sunday morning and put on 50 miles. Looped south from Cloquet then west and back around. Trails need snow to say the least. Not another sled on the trails so that was nice but had to keep an eye out for rocks/sticks. Also had 3 turkeys run across the trail right in front of me, I had design's on the last one, but braked at the last minute. I had visions of fresh turkey in the smoker LOL. With another warm up late this week and no snow, not sure if they will be rideable next weekend or not til we get more white stuff. Felt good to get a few miles o
  5. Recall #17-724 2007-2009 Cats of various types. About 20700 units total. 918"incidents" reported and 6 fires. No injuries reported A co-worker of mine got a notice in the mail about hers as an original owner. I bought our two machines a year old from a resort out in Colorado thru a guy in the Cities so I'm not listed with Cat.
  6. How about giving my kid a high school diploma and a college degree in something useful so he can hit the workforce Once those two things are done, then I am done LOL OK, OK. He's only 15 but I can wish can't I.
  7. Poorly. The days I could get out it was blowing 20+ and unfishable 99% of the time. I can't tell you how many days I headed up 21st street to work shaking my head cause it was a perfect day to be out trolling. And work was the worst I've ever had last summer so that didnt help. I saw some nice pic's of your Isle Royale trip on GLA......soooooo jealous How was your summer in the west end of the Superior?
  8. Hey LAS, drove by your house Tuesday morning taking the sleds to RJ's, but all was quiet so didnt stop. Both sleds in for recall work (gas tanks prone to crack and leak gas on the engine and cause a fire). Got called this morning, wifes sled was fine but my tank had a crack in it and they have to replace the whole works. Of course none in stock so won't be done til late next Friday. Like you, I havn't been on here in quite some time, had a really slow day at work today so browsing many of the "old sites' I used to peruse often. Junior has B-ball games this and next Saturday, b
  9. I am going to have the opposite issue when me, my son, and mother/father-in-laws head out to far northwestern North Dakota on the 14th for the week . They are still so dry out there we are planning on staying pretty much off the 2 tracks/section line trails so that we don't set off a grass fire unintentionally via the tailpipe. Luckily almost all of the areas we hunted last year are accessible from gravel and short walks. The numbers there are down even more than SD. The count numbers in the NW section of the state were down 70% from last year (both # per 100 mile and broods per
  10. Bummer about the cloudcover, those are some of the most amazing peaks in all of America. I'm taking the family out for 10 days at the end of June, 4th time for the wife and I and 2nd time for our son. The last time he was able to hike all the way up cascade and paintbrush canyons. But for both the trip up to Amphitheater lake, and when we took the aerial tram to the top at Teton Village (10,450' elevation) and hiked the back trail off the mountain and then down Granite canyon, he was mostly on my back in his Kelty carrier. We're renting a VRBO off the Moose-Wilson road so wil
  11. I went and "unfrosted" my ground blind on Sunday, and hope to get a few more days trying to fill my tag yet. Then it will be a couple days up on URL or LOTW, and then my 14 y.o. son plays in BB tournaments every weekend until the middle of March. Then its spring break in Roatan, Honduras for a week of snorkeling and diving for the family and back for spring school tournaments and AAU ball til school ends. Lots of practice this next summer, set up a nice 4 shot course in the woods behind the house this fall (ground and elevated spots), and I have promised myself to do alot of scou
  12. rundrave, Really good to hear that you're liking the unit!! I bought one (the Helix5 DI/GPS) on cyber monday from Cabela's (merry xmas to me, so I wont actually have it til next weekend LOL). Was $310 and it came with the Navionics+ card. My older Lowrance x510c graph took a dump on me on a trip to Rainy in August, and at this price this unit was a no brainer. I fish Rainy and Namakan quite a bit in summer, and am interested how the DI will work on those, with all the structure we fish. Let us know how using it this winter goes without the ice
  13. For D1 and the NCAA it boils down to the almighty dollar. If they thought having a bigger playoff would return more $$ to them they would do it. With the bowl traditions, I dont ever see D1 going to more than an 8 team playoff ever. They can talk about student/athletes having to study for finals blah, blah, blah, but if every other division can do it, then the full ride kids with their tutors etc could figure it out too. I think that the way they are getting around Penn State is that their losses are bad losses, to an unranked Pitt and a bad loss at MI. Granted those were earl
  14. I gotta tell ya, this up coming weekend is by far the one I look forward to the most all college season. On Friday night I'll be flipping between the NDSU/James Madison FCS semifinal game and the D3 championship. Then Saturday afternoon, I'll have the D2 championship game, followed by the second FCS semifinal. I enjoy these games way more than the D1 bowl games, tho have to admit that with the BCS playoff, that they're a bit better. The true playoff run that the other divisions have to get thru, makes it all the better to me.
  15. Unfortunately most area's outside of the Duluth airport area got less. Only 3 inches in Dos Harbors and 2" at my place outside Cloquet. Gonna take alot more to cover those rocks on the NSST, but at least it should be starting to freeze down with this cold. Need to get the swamps frozen down good before grooming can start. I did take a short ride last Saturday, had my niece and nephew at the house for an early Xmas. Rode my trail over towards the GIA trail but could only get half way there. Broke thru one water hole and the swamp was still way too wet to get thru. I did ge
  16. Xplorer

    1st Shotgun

    I ended up going with the 870, in synthetic stock. I realize the wingmaster is a much better built gun, but truth be told, for alot of the hunting we do for grouse each fall, I think the express will give him many years of good shooting. And I'm guessing that for our big trip(s) out west for pheasant, he will be shooting either my Browning O/U or the Wingmaster. I really wanted him to have a gun that was truly "his", that he can learn to strip down and clean from bore to stock, and these 870's are a perfect one to cut his teeth on. Thanks for all the input everyone!! I'm guessi
  17. LRG and RCN, Wasn't that just an insane bite!! We got up there at noon on Friday, took the wheeler and Otter out, but went west of the pressure ridge out from Rogers (the road was on the east side where all the trucks/houses were going). We had an area all to ourselves. Between 12:30 and 4:30 we literally had to stop fishing 4 lines, and concentrate on just 1 apiece. We ended up with 47 fish when we headed in to shore, and kept 4 for dinner. Slept in one of Up Norths sleeper houses onshore, and we were back on the ice at 8:30am, in the exact same spot. We put another 26 on the
  18. Rob, My son and I were up on URL last year also between Xmas and New Years in a rental house, and had the slowest fishing I've ever had there. Most of that was due to houses just being put out, and them being right on the road, and on Red you do not want traffic near you all day/night long. That and the water was very cloudy compared to prior years where I was (out of Beacon Harbor). I've only fished the east and north side in permanents in years past, mostly out of Hillmans, Westwinds and Beacons since it reopened, so can't vouch for the south shore. Of course last year w
  19. Rain just turned over to snow here on top of the hill in Duluth. Even had some Thundersnow a few minutes ago (pretty cool seeing lightening bolts thru driving snow showers!) They have upped the forecast for Cloquet to 6-12 now, so we will see what we get.
  20. Get an ATV or sled?? OK, other than the smart-arse comment, I would advise that before you do any permanent drilling etc on the sled, to check out how it pulls with different weight distributions. The propane tank (and auger if you're going non-hand) will be the heaviest objects and where they are on the sled will make it pull differently. You don't want to make it any harder on yourself than it needs to be, and having good weight distribution can make a huge difference. I've done some walking into BW trout lakes on the ice pulling a pulk/toboggan sled, and I always tried it o
  21. Xplorer

    1st Shotgun

    Since I have a wing master that he will eventually have I thought I'd try to stay on the lower end of models but with a good product. I know how things go for teens/young adults and if something were to happen (dropped in a river/lake, left somewhere accidentally) replacement of it would be easier for HIM, and mom won't be quite as upset if the price wasn't so much. My 870 went in the drink when I was a young man growing up in LaCrosse,. WI. Was out duck hunting the sloughs north of Goose island and on a return trip back to my buddies house, sploosh, over the side it went in a back c
  22. Xplorer

    1st Shotgun

    Thats looking pretty spot-on, I thought that there was just over a pound difference, but that was a 12ga vs a 20 ga, Reality is less than a half pound. Gonna go home and measure what length my Wingmaster modified is and go with that, since that is what he has been shooting so far. Looks like most all places have it with a Modified Rem choke tube which is fine (tho it is kinda nice that the Weatherby comes with IC, M and Full choke tubes standard). I've used the full choke barrel on my 870 for ducks and shooting slugs, and the 34" has only been used when I lived out in Colora
  23. Good Luck!! I just hope the rain that comes first doesnt decide to freeze down on the roads. Junior has his first B-Ball tourney this weekend here in Duluth, so we will be in and out of the blinds both days.
  24. Xplorer

    1st Shotgun

    OK, there seems to be a trend here I did a little looking and see that it comes in both a 26" and 28" barrel length. I'm thinking for sure 26" just for a slightly lighter load to carry, especially on long days chasing roosters and for the close quarter shots that grouse seem to provide in tight cover.
  25. We're down to a predicted @4" here in the Duluth area. With the warm ground and the expected rain to start, I'm even wondering how much will actually accumulate out of this now. Still gonna get the blower and sleds fired up tomorrow just in case (they are still saying that there is a 50-75 mile deviation possible in the storm track, heavier snow is forecast to stay NW of Duluth)
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