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  1. Everything I have read or been told is that even Non-residents could buy an archery tag over the counter. I did so the last two years while working out in Dakota. $215 for the tag, and you even could tag a buck as long as it was a whitetail. I hunt central ND. I'll be really bummed if I cant purchase a whitetail Non Resident tag next year. I have been chasing a particular buck 2 years, even passed on him in a low light scenario at 38 yards last season. Honestly I'll make ND my place of residence if this is needed, thats where I grew up. I agree with Scoot , you do have an option to start bow hunting but if youve been hunting ND 50 years that puts you in your 60's and maybe thats up there for being a bow hunter. You could always head to Mn , non resident deer here is pretty affordable. If you want to hunt whitetail bad enough there is always an option ! Id also like to add that there is no shortage of whitetail in central ND. Maybe they need to clarify where/what populations are up or down. I know western ND was hit hard with Blue tounge and of course the oilfield. I have access to a section of land and there are well over 100 whiteatil in that section, with about 20% being bucks. I even saw a GIANT bull elk pass through a bean field last year. Another mild winter this year, I WILL find a way to get out there next year.
  2. Couple questions for ION owners. Is there a 5 second delay before the auger starts? The "thottle" handle, pushbutton lock seemed goofy to me. (easily breakable) .Almost bought it but wanted to hear about it a little more.
  3. I realize that everyone want s to save few bucks, but please call a pro. There are a plethora ( havent used that in awhile) of ACTUAL reason a system can do what you are saying it is doing. Water backing up in condensate, dropping out pressure switch, plugged intake/exhaust, anticipator setting, miswired tstat, air flow issues, gas pressure settings, flame sensor problems, circuit board failure, debris in inducer assy, loose wires, flux capacitor issues. Find a reputable hvac guy and have you system thoroughly inspected, cleaned, etc.
  4. As usual there is alot of confusion with heat pump systems. Air source hps are great, and what heat they do produce at 20 degrees is still cheaper than most sources of heat. at 20 degrees outdoor air a properly sized/installed (RARE) hp will provide about a 15-20 degree rise in air temp, whereas a fossil fuel (lp, propane etc) will give on avg a 45 degree rise. There is another option not talked about much and that is ETS systems (Electric thermal storage systems). Steffes (Dickenson, Nd) makes ETS systems that range from a small room unit to complete forced air system, and when combined with a hp these are VERY close to the same operational costs as Geo, with a lower initial install cost. If you have a dealer in your area call them and ask for more info.
  5. Chad711

    Thanksgiving games

    Cullpepper will start for the Lions. Wow this will be a very interesting game to watch with DC having a chance to end the Packers season. Calvin Johnson will get alot of looks...
  6. Tough loss there, Rodgers is really gonna have to put up sick numbers now... He should call up that Favre guy and see if he has any pointers for him.
  7. Lol... Without actually checking the stats, you think the Packers are better than the ration listed above? Wait Ill go check since it doesnt take too long to add up 6 wins... 19-41...
  8. Giants will win the wild card. It will REALLY hurt when we play all our 3rd stringers in that final game
  9. If you just lost your 2 best guys on D, I am afraid the fat lady is warming up. Solid year for the Pack though so far. Other than against Brett Favre of course. Oh and Josh Freeman lol...
  10. I played it a few times after work this week, I don't like it. I like Cod 4, but this game is for campers, I usually run around like a madman...
  11. Chad711

    Inept Officials

    The early whistle has been a pain in alot of nfl fans keysters for years. Man I am glad that didnt prove to be the difference...
  12. Im completly ok with Chilly, I've been down on him at times but he has gained my respect.
  13. FYI Goodman solved their heat exchanger problems around 5 years ago. When Amana and them merged, they went from junk to quality. This is from a guy that has worked on fossil fuel furnaces for 15 years. I highly recommend Goodman now. I use to hate em'.
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