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  1. Well they just keep making it better, now to go along with the bridge and Lindstrom. They are going to repave HWY 8 from Center City to HWY 95. Major detours, and delays. Starts August 1st. Good luck
  2. It gets even better, now that Hwy 8 in Lindstrom is under construction. Hwy 97 would be a better choice. It's not as bad as I thought crossing the bridge. But we haven't hit a big weekend yet. Good luck.
  3. The local paper the Inter-County Leader, says mid August. They had to change the lanes to both ways instead of just west bound. To many complaints, about east bound being closed.
  4. All summer,mid August. All large trucks are detoured thru Osceola or Grantsburg.
  5. Plan ahead the bridge work in Taylor Falls-St.Croix Falls begins Monday there will be delays. Good Luck
  6. Heading to Rainy lake this summer. While I can fish from sunrise to sunset, my wife can't. So I was hoping that someone on here might know of a day spa in the area, that I can supprise her with. Thanks for any help.
  7. Looking for a good smallie lake in the Minocqua area. Will be spending some time up there this summer. Thanks for any help.
  8. I would keep the boards in the boat, that lake is way to busy on a weekend to pull boards, and the people that are out there don't seem to have a probelm running your stuff over. I would guess there will be a bass tourney out there, seems to be one every weekend. I would troll, just not with boards. Jig and minnow, hit the humps and points dawn and dusk. Troll the the shore line 15 to 18 feet. Good luck.
  9. Sitting in Ashland looking out at the bay, there is lot's of open water around the break wall. But if you stay out from it, there's still lot's of ice. 4 wheelers all over the bay. I also seen that the ferry is running,just straight outand straight back. Not sure why. Jim with the lack of snow up here this winter{ none on the ground now} what's that going to do for the spawn, with a low run off? Also why does the water look so low?
  10. Just got back from making the rounds,Balsam maybe 4-5 inches ice lots of slush. Snowmobiles are going across but they look like they are having a hard time,it's tough walking out there. Same thing on Big Round. Half Moon is even worse maybe 3 inches ice, lots of slush and open holes. Long 5-6 inches ice, lots of slush. Short story it would be hell to get stuck out there. Be careful if you go out there. For me I'll wait, it's not worth a swim for a few fish. Hope this helps
  11. Did anyone catch the tagged fish? Sounded like pretty nice weather for it. I wish I would have been there, darn surgery gets in the way of fun stuff like this. How will the bite be around the 1st of Nov, that will be when I'm off restrictions? With this wierd weather we have had all summer, I'm not sure if one day it will be fall and then the next day right to winter.Good luck
  12. The DNR wants you to start keeping some of those small Bass, try to thin them out a little bit. So if you get into a bunch of pan fish, throw in a couple of those 12" bass to round out the deal, they fry up just fine at that size. The regs are posted at the landings. Half Moon is the same way. Good luck
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