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  1. The ice pack has been growing and moving north this past week. Always nice to have a spot that gives you first ice for a month or more! But, for right now, we are at a stand still on ice expansion. It has turned the corner around Houghton Point a tad, just down to Bodins resort. But, strong winds last night and today, just would not let the deeper water from there to up here in Bayfield ice over, even with below zero temps. The ice is 8 to 10 inches now on the oldest ice pack off the Second Landing to Ashland shoreline. From there you will find 5 to 6 inches from Bono Creek to Washburn. Then up off Houghton and around the corner you are looking at 2 to 4. So, caution still is needed. Fishing wise, it was so-so over the weekend, for the groups of clients we had out. It was consistant fishing, just not gang buster numbers like we experienced days prior. Everyone caught fish and we had action both jigging and on set-lines. Fishing should pick-up again after the full moon phase passes. Browns, Whitefish, Coho, Pike, Perch and a few Walleye along with Burbot from the west side of the bay to Houghton Point. From 10 to 35 FOW is what we have been zeroing in on . Out in the middle off Ashland - Perch, some Trout and Salmon, Walleye, Pike, Smelt and Whitefish. Second Landing has had some nice Perch catches and a few walleyes over the weekend too. And with the thickening ice off Ashland, we have now put out our Sleeper House and will have our Day House out shortly. Lots going. But, luckily, this winter I have four other guides working along side myself. So, we are guiding multiple trips a day, from small to big groups, along with keeping our clients happy in our fish house rentals
  2. Thanks everyone. Fishing was good. Back at it again tomorrow through the weekend!
  3. Great to get on the ice this year before the New Year. Last year was a killer waiting and waiting for the ice to finally lock in. Usually, we are on the ice ice by the 9th of December, give or take a few days. So a little later this year then the norm, but, a little earlier than last year! And the little wait we did have was worth it, as the fishing the past few days has been great for us. These first few days it has been a group of us friends heading out and checking ice conditions and then fishing different places around the bay. But, first, lets talk ice conditions. Most of the bay does have ice, but, not all of it has safe ice. So, safety, as usual, is the biggest concern. But, the line of ice that starts just south of Bono Creek and extends to the Lighthouse of the Ashland Breakwall and then over to Oak Point on the eastern side of the bay is the ice we have been on. Where right now, we are finding an average of 5 inches. Always, there are thinner spots and thicker spots, but, this is average. Also, the ice right in and around Ashland has quite a few cracks throughout it, due to N winds that rolled waves under it before most of the bay was iced over. So, EXTREME caution is needed. I still recommend walking out and taking all necessary safety precautions. Fishing wise, we found a great Trout bite right off the get-go. Browns have been extremely active along with a few Steelhead. Both jigging and set-lines have been working. For spoons = smaller (1/8 to 1/4 ouncers) Buckshots, Pimples, Macho Minnows and similar spoons have been the best with Golds, Greens, Silvers and Oranges being the best colors. Jig 3 to 5 feet off bottom and keep a close eye on fast moving targets, and either watch them gobble it up quickly or make them by reeling away quickly. Sometimes, you have to reel up 5 to 10 feet before the commit. Set lines have been simple Beaver Dam tip-ups set with 8lb Fluoro leaders and a small treble or single hook with a lively Lake or Medium Golden Shiner. Also, we have been tipping our spoons with Lake Shiner heads. In front of Ashland, mixed reports of Pike, SmallMouth, Perch, Trout, Salmon and some Smelt are the norm right now. Fishing right in the shipping channel or off the channel leading away from the Ore Dock to the mud flat running towards the Lighthouse. Same type of rigs. Off Second Landing, mixed reports of Perch action. Some doing good and some bad. The usual. 10 to 12 FOW seems to be the areas that most perch are running around in, along with some nice pike following them. As usual, I will try my darndest to keep everyone up to date on whats happening here on the Bay and then into the Islands.
  4. Finally, got to put some lines down in my own ice! Have been traveling quite a bit and seeing some different water the past month, but, so nice to come back home to familar water. Our inland lakes are frozen up pretty good, still early ice though. Treading on 3 to 6 inches, depending on the lakes you are fishing. So, caution is still needed, especially on the larger water. Chequamegon Bay is iced in on the Ashland shorefront, but, most of the bay still has open water yet. And after yesterdays storm, I am afraid we probably lost some ice as well. Will find out more tomorrow. Fishing wise, we have been concentraiting on walleye. Here, in our area, most of our walleye water is very gin clear, so catching can be tough, especially by jigging approaches. Our main method is by tip-up fishing and other forms of set-lines. Great way to get a group of friends on the ice and have a good time. But, its just not a game of pop a hole and set a flag. This is still a technique you have to have a game plan for and set your sets on-top of prime real estate. We find turns, cups and points along weed edges, rock to sand or much transitions, cribs and sand grass fields to be consistant in catching fish. Normally, our set-ups consist of Beaver Dam tip-ups, either the old Rail Style or now the new Round design. These have the smoothest spools of any tip-ups on the market. And that smooth spooling action is needed for walleyes, because if there is any hint of hesitation when they pull line, they will almost always drop the bait. Anyhow, its a fun way to fish and it always get your heart thumping when you see that flag pop and the spool spinning ever so slowly from a walleye taking the bait. Fun stuff.
  5. Looking forward to seeing lots of folks at the show. I will be there Fri and Sun. Saturday, just down the road at Gander MTN doing the same, talking ice fishing!
  6. Jim Hudson

    Best Vexilar Transducer?

    Sam, After using the new Pro ducer last season, I was pretty impressed. Be my first choice. From there, a 12 degree. These are based on ducers for overall use, anywhere you might fish. Am not a fan of the tri-ducer personally.
  7. We are just starting building ice here in Northern WI. Our smaller lakes just capped over and should be fishable here shortly. Larger lakes have no ice as of yet and hopefully will cap over soon. Keep up to date on ice and fishing reports here and on our Facebook Page .
  8. Jim Hudson

    New Electric Eskimo Auger 8 inch???

    Have heard very positive things about the auger. Havent gotten to use it on the ice yet, but, will be doing that soon. From just playing around with it, the auger seems very nice, just need to put some ice time in to give a detailed report, especially with battery life in the cold. This will be the wave of the auger future though.
  9. Jim Hudson

    Polarized Sunglasses

    Am a fan of Costas here. But, if you do go with Oakleys, I do not think you will be disappointed. Both have good lens choices. I just have found a pair of Costa that fit me perfect, so, stick with em.
  10. Jim Hudson

    Fillet knife

    The Rapala knives with the light colored wooden handle have been really good for me. I use these to fillet all my clients fish, summer and winter. Been very impressed with how they keep an edge. I usually need to sharpen mine after about 10 Trout, and thats cutting the fillets off through the rib bones.
  11. Jim Hudson

    lake trout?

    Brett, Trout are addicting - all kinds. But, in my opinion, Lake Trout, they are the most intense fish under the ice. When they are on, they leave burn marks on your flasher because they move so fast to take a lure. But, when they are off, they will make ya scratch your head. Kinda like musky fishing. You get addicted to the strike! Anyhow, here on Lake Superior, a bit different then the inland variety. But, equally as fun. We fish deep water most of the time, and it is something to latch onto a 10lb + fish in water over a 100FOW. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  12. With what I have seen this summer/fall here on Chequamegon Bay and have experienced the past two winters on our inland lakes, the walleye fishing come first ice should be pretty darn good. So, decided to put together a little contest for those who come fish with our guide service from Nov - Dec. If you want a chance at a big walleye and winning this great prize package, come on over and fish with us for a day or two!
  13. Used very little and in very good shape. Comes with Hitch, Runners and Cover. $600.00 Give me a call or e-mail if you want it. 715 209 6431 [email protected]