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  1. I have always used the artic/beaverdam and have not had problems with big minnow's. You can always cut a little of the tail off which will decrease the minnow's swim strength.
  2. i would try about a 6" shinner. Big and flashy
  3. Tucci Pro Shop is the buisness and HSOforum I started to sell my ice fishing invention the tip up quick pick up.
  4. La crosse Ice Mans are the only pair of boots that have ever kept my feet warm. I have had the same pair for about 10 years.
  5. If you are just looking to pull pan fish threw the hole I can't think of any reason a 5" wouldn't be sufficient. I also agree with BDR on the getting more holes if you are running batteries, if not then you will still have the edge on cutting holes faster. James Tucci
  6. Great fish every one! Glad to see you all have caught some monsters from time to time.
  7. will they still work if it is snowing out and snow covers the spool of line and the little hole the line feeds threw? where does the flag hook and how do you keep the minnow from tripping the flag, is there some kind of tensioner on it? James Tucci
  8. The hardest part about tip-up fishing is of coarse finding the fish. Look for the drop offs or the sunken island's.
  9. I would look for a nice drop off or a sunken island. Walleye's will target these area's. Then try fishing it with a floating jig and sinker set 1 to 2 ft. up your line, or try slip bobber's. The most important thing is find out where the fish are, after that you shouldn't have a problem catching them no matter what method you go with, how ever bait can be crutial. Be prepared to try differnt things.
  10. I would say the smallest I would mount would probably be in the 12lb. and up range if it was a nice looking fish, but every one has a differnt idea on what a big walleye is. Back in 86 we were pulling 6 to 7 pounders threw the ice every time we went out, the biggest one that year was a 32" 12 1/2 lb. walleye caught by my grandpa, but he didn't mount it. Now me on the other would of had that one hanging on the wall.
  11. Those are some nice fish northlander. I see you are from around ashland. That is where my grandpa grew up. I was born in Rhinelander, WI and lived there 22 years until I joined the navy. Then my job landed me in Indiana. It will be interesting to see what the ice fishing is like down here! James Tucci
  12. I always use 30 lb. test but we were always looking for walleye's 6 lbs and up. Then use some mono and make a 2' leader with some 12 to 15 lb. test
  13. A couple of those guys have some monsters, but what is the story on those walleye's cory is holding they look like 12-15 pounders? James Tucci
  14. awesome story you should fly a picture of her. I have never seen a northern that size and I would love to.
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