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  1. About 10 or 12 years ago i fell into their trap also. after a month or two the books started showing up in the mail. I just took them unopened to the post office and had them put return to sender on the box and ship them back. Also called and wrote a letter telling them nicely i wasnt interested so dont waste the postage. Well the books kept coming so finally i started piling them up unopened in the corner. Eventually they started calling me asking for the money. I just told them I hadnt received anymore books after the phone calls and I wasnt paying for anything I havent ordered or even received in the mail. must have worked cause the deliveries stopped along with the calls. Did eventually enjoy those books though! LOL SPUD

    How many wins?

    I was just doing some quick math and it looks like I gave the Twins a little too much credit when I said they would finish 60-102. At the rate they are going now, they are on pace to win a whopping 43 games this year. I dont think it can stay this bad all year, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and go with 50-112. This team is really a disgrace. And to all the guys saying that Gardy needs to go...I dont think a guy like Tony LaRussa or Joe Torre could win with these clowns!!! I think the whole upper management needs to be shown the door for thinking they could use these guys and put a winner on the field.
  3. The Plueger is a great reel, i really like the one i have. I also just picked up a cabelas pro guide reel for a spare and have to say its one of the best reels for the money. Its the bright red one if you check on their web site. You can get I one for around $50. I was lucky and got mine on sale for $35. It is without a doubt the best $35 bucks ive spent on fishing equipement.

    How many wins?

    I guess Im not near as optomistic as the rest of you guys. After really thinking about it, Im gonna say they will finish 60-102. If they even come close to .500 I think it will be considered a very successful season considering who they are gonna have on the field and especially on the mound!


    Don't want to start any big rumors, but....for all you parise fans out there. A buddy of mine was at the wild game a couple weeks ago and they were talking about parise coming to the wild, long sorry short, the guy behind them said Zach just bought a house in Osseo. They all laughed and asked how he knew this and the media didnt yet? The guy then introduced his wife next to him who was the realtor that sold it! Maybe there is more to this than we know. Take it for what its worth. It would be fun to have him in a wild jersey!!
  6. I have shouldered a Kahnke ML but never had the pleasure of firing one. Know a few people around Redwood Falls who have one and they cannot say enough good things about them. You wont be disappointed if you get one.
  7. Ive watched this long enough..... 2058!!!!

    fantasy hockey

    if you set it to ready to draft, i'm sure it will be all done by tues night and we can get the games on the 3rd and 4th in. then all we will miss is today's and yesterday's games. my other league was done the next day after we said we were ready. Spud
  9. Spot has been filled. Thanks
  10. Need one more person in a yahoo fantasy hockey league. Pretty much all MN boys or native Minnesotans. Great group of guys and pretty competitive. Looking for someone who will be able to stick with the league the whole season and is able to dish out and take some harmless trash talking. LOL!! If you are interested, the id# 46115 , and the password is walter Thanks Spud
  11. SPUD BAR

    fantasy hockey

    just let me know when and where and im there!!
  12. I would love to see them pull a Baltimore Colts special and leave in the middle of the night with the Timberwolves close behind!!!
  13. Im partial to "House" and right now Im watching "Lost" on DVD with the wife and I am totally hooked!! No one else like Lost?
  14. SPUD BAR

    wild 1-6-07

    From the rumors ive heard, the Wild arent letting on as to how bad is injury really is. I would say it will be a while before we see him. They will make sure he is 100% for a week or so before they put him back out there.
  15. SPUD BAR

    Stat guys

    Someone correct me if i'm wrong here....but overtime goals count for the player and against the goalie. shootout goals do not count for or against anyone. Just something to decide the game. In OT, the goalie gets the loss or win, but in a shootout the goalie can get a win but no loss. Something like that. LOL
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