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  1. [No attacks allowed on anyone. Please click the Forum policy and read it. Then use the Contact Us link.]
  2. try this: http://www.fishingminnesota.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=442430&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1
  3. i looked at it yesterday for the first time, i will say it does look to be very nice suit, of good quality. i was wondering the same thing about the waterproof material though. hey captain.......they have a few sets at scheels if you want to look.
  4. thats funny, i don't think my jiffy is DA BOMB.....it is EXTREMELY FAST........when it is running correctly, and when i feel strong enough to lug it around. oh, and it throws ice and water everywhere. not cool. that is why i got a express mag. much lighter, reliable, and doesn't throw slush all over me. my piont is this, there is not that big of a gap in performance industry wide if you compare apples to apples. they ALL make good equipment because if they didn't they wouldn't be around. this is about how frustrated i get when i see video of a top of the line auger and a lesser caliber auger compared to one another, how is it possible for any informed person to base opinion on this?. no i do not "doctor" my augers. good luck - joshb
  5. i would put my 3 & 1/2 horse jiffy legend 10" with firepower and d-ice'r armour or my 2 horse strikemaster express 8" up against a nils ANY day. my buddy has a model 30 jiffy ( the same that raced against the nils), he and i raced. i drilled three complete holes to his one partial hole with my jiffy legend. so basically alls your video clip proves is that model 30's are not very fast. lets see a nils go up against a COMPARABLE auger......? i'm not trying to say nils are not good but if your gonna rally the troops so-to-speek.............lets see some real proof. i am also wondering how much torque is transferred to the operator of a nils due to the narrow handle width? - joshb
  6. stop accomidating the waterfowl season to fairweather meathunters.......there is plenty of open water in this state well into december to hunt. IMO, the first three weeks of the season is barely worth going out. they say that we have the best success in the first week of the season......but do they take into account how many people stop going out after the opener?. or how many of the birds shot are locals?. it is always the same......the first week is alright and then when all the locals have been shot, gotten wise or moved on, the next two weeks are absolutely horrible, unless you are the type that loves to wade through miles of loon **** and kick birds off their roosts - and even then it is ony marginal at best. someday hopefully the dnr will realize that the duck and deer season will never completely coincide with one another. most of the people i converse with all agree that the season is just starting to get good the weekend of deer opener. so that leaves us with like three weeks of "decent" waterfowl shooting?. i am frustrated to the piont of disgust with this states waterfowl management.
  7. joshb


    big buddy review: http://www.fishingminnesota.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB30&Number=427732&Forum=
  8. your going to fight this right?............just because you were given citations, does not mean you are guilty. sounds like you need to leave the pheasant hunter home next time.....
  9. joshb

    Early Ice?

    cool pic bob!. i was backing the duck boat into the lake this morning, wondering what is all that niose coming from...........spent the next 20 minutes breaking ice so i could launch. about a inch and a half. luckily i was able to keep my tailights for another day.
  10. didn't we have a big long discussion a while back about the best not for floro?, i thought the majority said the palomar knot was the best......puts the least amount of burn on it. i use mostly fluorocarbon and it has worked the best for me so far
  11. i have a pair of lacrosse and really like them, but i am having a tough time finding replacement liners. i know that columbia bought out lacrosse last year i think, and now i haven't seen any lacrosse boats out at the normal stores....anyone got any info?.
  12. since when do you have to pull a fish through the ice for that to happen?!, usually you don't even finish getting set and you have freinds!!.
  13. cool story hammer i caught a 54" on the rainy last spring in the boat, and to think about fighting the same fish through the ice..........that is just crazy. i can only hope!!
  14. let me get this straight..........you pulled a 52" sturgeon through the ice?. i would like to hear that story.....
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