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Clam XL 4000T Hub house


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I was finally able to get the Bigfoot out on the hard water yesterday and I was really happy with how things went. The house sets up quick and has a TON of room. While it wasn’t really cold at 20 degrees last night, it only took running a Heater Cooker on low to heat the whole house warm enough to fish in a sweatshirt. At the end of the night, the house packs up nicely and is a quick job. It’s definitely not as quick as a flipover to set up and take down, but the difference isn’t a deal breaker.

The interior is well designed and I really like the Clam coat hangers and the ample mesh storage overhead.

By default of it being such a large house and thermal, it weighs a bit more than most, but even at about 45 pounds I shouldn’t have any issues using it as a solo house if need be and it will be especially nice when I’m able to drive to my fishing spot and pull it out of my midsize SUV to set up. This is something I couldn’t do with my large 2 person flipover. A trailer was always involved no matter the ice conditions.

The one thing that I will need to practice is hole location. I was used to drilling for a flipover and the end result was 2 guys right next to each other with a ton of space all around us. smile

I think Clam has a winner with this house.

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I used mine for the first time this weekend as well. A couple of lessons learned...

1) The ultimate ice anchors I bought at the ice show are the bomb! Wish I had bought 4 instead of two! They are so much easier and faster to install than the Clam anchors that come with the house.

2) I used the interlocking foam mats for the floor. They take up space in the sled but are easy to put down and work well if you are spending the night. For day trips, though, I probably wouldn't bother with them.

3) The coat hooks are a must! You will get warm in the shelter and you will need a place to hang your coat!

4) I really like the Clam chairs I bought (with the cooler underneath) and the round table works well also.

5) I used two rechargeable clam "wands". One tucked in each one of the nets on the ceiling. Worked well and no need to attach them to anything.

6) Big buddy with a 20lb LP tank and a quick connect hose was more than adequate, but the 20lb tank adds a lot of weight if you are trying to stay portable and pulling a sled. I will likely go with the 1 lb tanks in those situations in the future.

7) I fished in the rain on Saturday. Left the house set-up all day on Sunday in the heated garage to dry it out. Would have done that with any portable I used though as I don't want to run into mildew issues.

Overall, it was a great maiden voyage and the limit of walleyes made it even better! I can see this quickly becoming my go-to house. I love my thermal flip, but the ability to walk around in my house and the weight of it (not to mention the price) are all very appealing considerations for me.

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another option for a coat hanger is the hooks for the mesh netting-storage. That's what I've been using for my coat hanger. Not putting the coat in the storage area, but using it as a coat hook.

For me, going from a 2-man flipover to the bigfoot has been quite a change. There is more setup time and less mobility with a hub like this, but I really like how I can get it setup on a known productive spot, and fish outside when I want to move. It's also not nearly as warm as my flipover was. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it's just so much larger than the flipover and being on more ice, it's not as roasty-toasty as the flipovers get. I think I will like the hub even more when I go to LOTW and won't really have to be mobile

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No problem at all! In fact, we fished outside in the rain all morning so when we put up the house, it was nice to take off my boots and slip on my mocassins for a bit. The mats kept my feet off the ice and kept everyone from sliding around on the ice rink that formed inside the house. Without snow, the floor gets pretty slippery with nothing between yoru feet and the ice!

If it weren't for their bulkiness, I would be tempted to turn them into a permanent flooring solution with pre-cut holes.

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I was out last night in my new Bigfoot. Temps were around 20 degrees and no snow to bank the house, granted it wasn't very windy.

I was using a Mr. Heater on low and could still see my breath when sitting in my chair. I turned it up on high and my breath went away but I wasn't exactly sweating. Finally I bit the bullet and turned the fan on. Immediately the entire house warmed up and no more breath even on low. Having a fan is probably more important then the type of heater you are using...ESPECIALLY in a large house (high ceiling) like the Bigfoot.

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My dad and I were up by brainerd 2 weekends ago when it was pretty chilly and we set up our clam 4000t and that thing is amazing. We heated it on low with the big buddy heater. There is so much more room in these things than the quickfish we used to have. Its a great purchase and I look forward to taking my nephews on the ice in the clam when the ice gets a bit thicker.

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which fan do you recommend?

I've used different types in the shack, both worked fine. One is a 12v oscillating vehicle fan with a spring clamp attached. I can clip it anywhere and plug it in. Works very well and only cost me $10 at Walmart. I've heard of other people buying this style and complained that it was loud but mine is very quiet.

I have also used a 120mm computer fan hung from the ceilng and that also worked just fine. I ran a piece of telephone wire from the top of the shack to the bottom, running it through where the velcro attaches the canvas to the hub poles. I just leave that wire in place when I fold it down.

When I get to the lake to set up the wire is already there. I attached my LED light bulb and fan to the wires at teh ceiling and the other end near floor to a 12v vex battery. Works great.

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Well I took the 4000 out solo tonight. Fishing out of that thing alone is like having a king size bed all to yourself. smile

I picked up a pair of ice angels and I really like how they work. One on each side and you are good to go. Just don't drill too deep...as you can see I had to drill another one.

Also picked up a ratchet type tie cord pull for the guy line.

Bit chilly tonight, I had the heater cooker on Med to stay comfy in a sweatshirt.





oh yeah, the fish were hungry too. smile


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Nice work! I picked up the Clam Six Pack 1660 last night. Putting it together tomorrow and gonna fish in it on Sunday. Think a Mr. Heater cooker heater will suffice? I'll probably end up getting a big buddy heater too as I bought this with the intention of my 5 yr old fishing with me alot this year. The Frabill trekker with a Mr. Heater and four 8" holes just didn't seem like a good mix.

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The only down side I see to the clam (if you have a tip up set-up) compared to lets say the Fatfish 949I is that the Clam windows are higher up, meaning above eye level while sitting on a chair. The Eskimo Fatfish 949I's windows are quite a bit lower, so while sitting down you can easily look out and see your tip up, in the Clam you have to stand up when you want to check your flag. Not the worst problem,just one thing I've noticed that could become a nusiance. I've been shopping around trying to figure out what the best portable would be and thinking of actual situations i run into. I realize to some it might seem nit-picky but it'd be nice to see my tip up while sitting and any other activity on the ice.

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We just picked one of these up last weekend and found that it too was missing the mesh storage. I spoke with Clam today and they are going to ship it out to me as it must have been missed in the box. I'm confused as to how this goes in since the display model seemed to be sown in.

How have you others got your issue with the missing mesh resolved?

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