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  1. walleye 4 me

    Alumalite or Ice Trek skid house

    Anyone have any experience with either or both of these? Would like one in a 5x7' or a little longer for fishing devils lake, lake of the woods, and lake winnipeg. not interested in the lil munckin short size. I would like the full height ceiling so I can stand up. Any thoughts on how well a indy trail touring (488cc fan cooled w/ long track) would work to pull a house like this? Im guessing with gear, the house would be around 500 lbs.
  2. walleye 4 me

    Frabil tow bar

    I have one on my yukon and also on my voyager. I keep the bar in the bottom of the sleds and they take up very little room. Great design!
  3. walleye 4 me

    Drop down trailers??

    my brother got a frame custom made at MB a few years ago. Had an 8x12 on skids that he wanted to put a frame under. wasnt worried about width since it is only pulled about 10 miles of gravel to the lake and left there. MB did a really good job and was reasonably priced. Thinking about building my own wheel house in the future and will be using a frame from MB.
  4. walleye 4 me

    Devils Lake First timer

    thanks! how deep?
  5. walleye 4 me

    Devils Lake First timer

    fishinnut, how were you getting on at Doc hagens?
  6. walleye 4 me

    Barbless hook survey

    doesn't your state have enough regulations already??? no to barbless
  7. walleye 4 me

    Salted Dead Shiners

    we caught alot of fish on the coke minnows. ussually only use the head anyways so dont think it matters at all.
  8. walleye 4 me

    Milk crates for your ATV

    I will have to check them out. Have been looking for the good ones for a while now but can only find the cheap ones. thanks
  9. walleye 4 me

    Fold up bunks in wheel house???

    hawg, when you fold that bench down to sleep, do you end up falling in the crack between the two cushions? Are the attached to each other to keep them from separating? I am thinking about doing something like this in a future build.
  10. walleye 4 me

    Salted Dead Shiners

    I freeze minnows in coke. using salties after handling big walleye and having knicked up fingers from hooks/gill plates/fins/teeth all weekend sucks.
  11. walleye 4 me

    Ice Castle Frames

    IC used to use miltona frames? I have heard some of the earlier IC's frames were junk but that must have been before miltona was making them because they make a quality frame.
  12. where is a good place to head out with a truck now? Might come up this weekend.
  13. If you were going to head out this weekend with a truck, what area would you hit? Heard east side (Balsam harbor) is easier getting around but havent heard how the fishing is there. any advice is appreciated!
  14. walleye 4 me

    Clam big foot 4000- any pros/cons or opinions?

    dtro, where did you get those ratchet rope thingys???
  15. walleye 4 me

    wheel house "bump out"

    thats alittle more than I had in mind