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  1. Have you had a chance to use your new Garmin Ref? Any feedback to share...
  2. A few of my favorite pictures from my trip up to Lake of the Woods... What a fun time...
  3. Well that was a happy ending!
  4. Jim! Good to hear from you. I can't wait to see some pannie pics from you soon.
  5. I ended up springing for the Honda and happy I did.
  6. Yep looking good! Keep it up... Hopefully you can get it on hard water in about 7 weeks...
  7. Here's a vote for the Frabill "Quick Tip" series of rods... I have two 32",love em for pannies. Super sensitive and around $30.00 I believe.
  8. What do you guys recommend… Battery Tender? Thinking of keeping 2 deep cycles in the fish house… Running 12v interior LEDs (3 fixtures), LED hole lights (6 of them) and a 12v ceiling fan. Also running 110 outlets for TV, microwave, misc kitchen appliances, and whatever we use to plug into the outlets… Looking for advise on battery and charger set up. Thanks guys Josh
  9. Looking really sharp! Keep up the good work
  10. I can get a new one in the box for $300.00. I love the price, but they look like a PITA. Can anyone comment on this unit... Do you have to have it "plugged in" on an external battery source for it to run? No chargeable battery pack? Any feedback greatly appreciated.
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