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  1. TyGuy02

    Upgrading Terrova from i Pilot to i Pilot Link

    I swapped out the head unit instead of buying a whole new TM. The upgrade for me was for much more than just the follow the contour option like the above comment. Personally, IMO follow the contour is overrated and doesn't work very well. The options I do like though are that I can monitor my side imaging, mark the waypoint on the sideimaging, then GO TO and the TM will take me right there with a spot lock. Perfect for vertical jigging panfish in the fall. I also like that when I'm trolling, the "advanced autopilot" intended direction will show on the lakemaster map, and change each time you change the course.
  2. TyGuy02

    My little lund project...

    A couple of years ago I renovated my old Lund 14'. It's amazing how a little TLC can do wonders! Putting a floor into it made all the difference in the world.
  3. TyGuy02


    1. Lindners 2a IDO 2b Jason Mitchell I've DVR'd all the rest of them before and these are the only ones that don't feel like regurgitated garbage time after time. Lindners showcase techniques and equipment. IDO showcases equipment and the experience of fishing. Jason Mitchell showcases virtually zero equipment and makes for a great afternoon/rainy day "wish I were fishing" feeling. I used to DVR ol' John Gillespie...he'll be grabbing the Frabil, or doing the infamous Gillespie "flip" of a 12" walleye about now...literally I bet I could guess the show coming up this weekend. I used to DVR Winkelman but it stopped and I never tried to find the new name of the show. My DVR stopped getting the Lindners and I actually tried to make that tape no matter what. I like that they're all different and have their own unique feel.
  4. TyGuy02

    Recording iTrack

    It's user friendly but takes a summer or two to get a true hang of it. I felt confident after a trip or two but then again I had the original I-pilot for two summers before I got I-link so it wasn't much of an adjustment. I-link is easy. The main advantage I found was that I could troll a shoreline watching the side imaging, find a school and mark the waypoint 50' to the side and "go to" on the motor would spot lock me right on the spot. The "follow the contour" feature GREATLY disappointed me. I prefer the standard GPS guided advanced autopilot any day! This is a feature on the standard I-pilot but a great advantage with the I-link is that you can see the "goal" GPS track as a line in front of the boat showing you precisely where the autopilot track should take you. The learning curve is much more immense on the hummingbird unit. I have the 998 and it still feels like I learn a bunch every time I go out. There were times I just played around with the unit looking for stuff and trying to identify fish on the side imaging. Found two sunken boats, many many logs, interesting bottom structures (lake of the woods reefs...amazing!) and probably the most underrated ability is finding bottom transitions (muck to gravel stick out like a sore thumb and many times the fish were concentrated on these transitions). HAVE FUN! It can be frustrating, but remember, if you get over-whelmed to step back and at least use the great mapping software which helps the most!
  5. TyGuy02

    Big bite fish house?

    there's a dealer in fosston too. Has one left on the lot, but it's one that he REALLY likes and might keep it for himself for next year
  6. TyGuy02

    Hummingbird I-link

    I like having it. I will say that it doesn't follow the contour "great" at slow speeds, and can be frustrating at times with tight contour changes (ie might do a full U-turn following a contour line). BUT if a person was casting most of the time, it will follow the contour well enough to cast effortlessly and not have to worry about boat control as much. But I will say, the advanced (gps) auto-pilot feature on i-pilot works just as well if not better than "follow the contour". I love advanced auto-pilot and just that feature alone makes the i-pilot worth it. I will say, the feature that I like the most with the link system is that I can cruise a shoreline and mark way points using the side imaging to detect where the fish are (works best for panfish in the spring). I can then zip from spot to spot with the link system.
  7. TyGuy02

    2014 MNDNR Roundtable

    thanks for the update Dtro! The meat mongers would be all over an increased bag limit of pike, and maybe that would be a start to help with a solution. Many of the lakes in my area of NW MN will produce a catch rate of 30 small (<20") and medium (20-30") pike to 1 walleye. This is not an exaggeration! I would be 100% on board with an increased bag limit on pike with a state-wide slot on lakes without an individual-lake pike slot (ie URL, LOTW, ect). I agree that pike make as good of table fare as any other species when taken from cold water (spring/winter/fall), and only really lose eat-ability when water temps are quite warm. Pike bag limit of 8 for the size of less than 30", limit of 1 for 30" plus.
  8. TyGuy02

    Need Ice Saw Help

    being made between fosston and winger MN. go with the fish's saw
  9. TyGuy02

    Will The Fish be Biting in -7 degree weather

    -7 is nothing! There are winters here in northern Minnesota that we go several weeks without getting above 0.
  10. TyGuy02

    Want more opinions

    Have fun. It would take half a hardware store to supply extra parts and tools that might be needed if you think of every possible thing that "could" go wrong. Bring plenty of warm gear and any extra tools and equipment you have room for but don't let the what ifs deter you from having a good time. Remember there are a TON of other fisherman that will be nearby and will always help another in need.
  11. TyGuy02

    minn kota

    I have a lighter aluminum 18' boat and the PD V2 55 lb works fine for my situation. The deploying is a bit of a pain at first but once you figure it out it's just fine. I never learned a trolling motor with a foot pedal, so the remote was fine for me. The first year I had the I-pilot and the 2nd year I changed the head to the I-pilot link system and I've never had a problem with the PD V2 but if I had a boat that was ANY heavier than my Crestliner Canadian 18' tiller I would upgrade to a higher thrust. It gets me into the 2.2 range at full thrust on a calm day, but when it's nasty it takes close to that to push 1.0 at times
  12. TyGuy02

    Boat GPS/Sonar

    Last year I upgraded to the hummingbird 998 with the I-link on the minnkota and couldn't be happier. My advice is to not limit yourself to a specific unit or feature but keep your eyes open for deals. My dad scans the Bay often and found a steal on a new unit. Do your research and learn what you need to learn to take full advantage of whatever level of sonar/gps you choose!
  13. TyGuy02

    Breaking Bad....?

    I recently found a video on the internet with the alternative ending. At the very end it flashes to Malcolm in the Middle with Walt and his wife from that show lying in bed. He starts describing his meth empire and his wife laughs hysterically since he was a vegetable on that show. He also tried doing the Walt "slip in" at the very end like he did with Skyler and it's perfect!
  14. TyGuy02

    rattle reel wiring

    You should like The Bobber Buzzer on FB. I'm designing a device to do just about what you describe but it allows you to use your own rod and reel
  15. TyGuy02

    Marcum vx-1 problem

    that happened to me and I had to send it in. Relatively cheap fix but it had to do with a fancy electronic part, I can't think of the part's name right now. That was 2 years ago and it happened again this fall while on the boat.