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  1. OnAFly

    Wild Offseason

    Wow it's been a while since I've been on here. Can't say I'm a fan of the color scheme. It's kind of tough to read, which seems counterproductive to a web forum... I was at the Tuesday scrimmage with my boy. At 5yo he was only able to sit still and watch about 15 minutes of the game, but I thought it was pretty great. Reed Duke looked like a stud out there. By the second half he had a man on him at all times and he still looked like a stud. Great 2nd round pick so far. Tuch scored a great SO goal and had an even better celebration sheathing his stick like a sword then marching past the opposing bench. It was hilarious. Only 8 more weeks until preseason. It's gonna be long.
  2. OnAFly

    Just Food and Drink

    Asahi Extra Dry is a great beer if you can find it in the states. It's a nice change of pace from the carbonated high fructose corn syrup we call beer here. With all of the foods I've eaten in Asia, the only ones that really got to me were the ones with odd textures. For the most part, everything tastes really good, it's the texture that can turn you off in a second.
  3. OnAFly

    Wild----lack of leadership??

    Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here. We played the Hawks game. We didn't get pucks deep when we needed to, we didn't have someone humping Kane's leg every second he was on the ice, our best face-off man suddenly lost his touch. I was out of the country for all of the Blues series and the first two games of the Hawks series, so I didn't get to see any of that. I did see game 3 of the Hawks series and that pretty much summed up what I heard about the other games. Game 4 wasn't much different. We have to play a perfect game against the Hawks to win. The Hawks don't have to play a perfect game against us to win. I don't think it's leadership. I think it's guys like Kane, Toews, and Hossa. They don't miss their chances.
  4. OnAFly

    Wild vs Blackhawks

    We played into their game. They want to force you to make mistakes and then they want to capitalize on those chances (much like what the Wild did when successful). We turned pucks over in the neutral zone at every opportunity given. We chose to give pucks away as opposed to taking face-offs. We didn't shadow Kane at all at times. We had the ability to make this a 2-2 series without a doubt. Instead, we do everything the Hawks want and get swept. BTW, I'm still very bitter about game 3. No excuses on that. We gave that game away by playing pick-up style hockey.
  5. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Nashville 14-0. Matt Cullen with 4 hat tricks. Rinne scores 2. We're resting top guys so we can throw the game and play STL hard to win so we ensure seeing Nashville in the 1st round.
  6. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Zucker and Stewart gelling a bit. Good to see them on the bench laughing it up after that goal. I've got to say, I did not like the Stewart trade initially but like the Bergenheim trade. I was way off! Still, I don't think we will keep Stewart into next year. If he has a beast performance, someone will pay him like ANA on Stoner and we won't be able to match it.
  7. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Whole team needs to do this. Clearly Suter got on the wrong side of the linesmen the other day. Yeo looks like he's always pi$$ed at the refs and I'm guessing it wears thin on them game after game. Maybe a little more respect to the refs would yield a couple more PPs...or better yet for us fewer PKs!
  8. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    So, what's better: First round vs ANA but facing a weaker Pacific in the 2nd and 3rd First round vs NSH but facing a tougher central in the 2nd and 3rd It's a tough call IMO. Anaheim would be tough for us.
  9. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Flat start and turnovers cost us that game. If we don't give one up 2min in and don't turn the puck over at our blue line all night, we win that game.
  10. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Looks like Buff may be taking a few games off.
  11. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    That was the week that I thought might break us. 4 games in 6 days. Double back to backs. I really thought that LAK game would get mailed in. Clearly the Wild had some tired legs, but they kept to their game and only gave up one in a tough second period. Third they really got their second wind and put it away...on the PP no less BTW right now we play Nashville in the 1st round. That would be very good for us.
  12. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Yeah, you're right. Dumba's development took the biggest step in his trade from Red Deer to Portland (I think?).
  13. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    That's definitely Parise's office, but he never gets those chances on the PP because we can never get shots to the net with Suter and Pommer on the points. Hopefully that will improve with Dumba up top. Coyle was supposed to be that guy too. He still can be as he's only 22yo or so. Still lots of time to grow into the player he can be. Sounds like he'll likely start in Iowa and probably play there for at least a year. Good move I think. Look at how Dumba progressed from his first stint as a Wild to his current form after a year in Iowa. Scandella too. Not saying he'll grow to that extent, but it's the right environment to let it happen.
  14. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Top 3 teams in the Pac Div make it in. We and the Jets only have to beat out the loser of the Pac Div 3rd spot race and 5 Central teams will make in. If the Jets continue the way they have, they will make the 8 spot. Hopefully they do. I would rather see Dustin "d bag" Brown golfing this April and every other one for the rest of his career. Currently, it's looking like 97pts will be needed to make it in. We are on track for just under 101. BTW - Preseason I predicted we would finish with 105pts I believe.
  15. OnAFly

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    I'll stick with my prediction that us and LA get in. WPG blew a 2-0 lead last night for a 5-2 loss. That's more in line with what I expected from them in the last 15 games. BTW - Wild signed Downing from UNH (college FA). The guy is nearly a PPG player on a marginal team. From a couple highlights I saw, it looks like he's a drive-the-net kind of player. Hopefully he turns out to be more of a Folin than a Wellman