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  1. Yes, 2 hours puts me north of the metro and I am not locked into that. I can certainly extend the range but the further away it is, the less likely I am to do it on a whim.
  2. I am looking for some ideas and new lakes to explore this winter. Not looking for your hot spot and will do my own research on lakefinder. What I am hoping for is to narrow down my search based on personal experiences from members here. If you prefer to send by PM rather than post, that's fine. I live in Rochester and our immediate options are walk-on only reservoirs. I have a heavier portable and am primarily setup for ATV type portability. It doesn't look like we are going to have stable ice in the South anytime soon, and it doesn't look like my usual treks to URL and Devils Lake are in the cards this year. So, what I am looking for are: 1) Lakes within 2 hours driving from Rochester. Thinking central MN. 2) ATV access is a must 3) I prefer less populated. Only accessible by ATV would be ideal. 4) Likely taking a teen who has never fished (but desperately wants to learn) with me. Species and size are not as important as numbers, but I don't want to spend all day chasing dinks. 5) Lodging close by. Don't need a resort or excess amenities but something close by if we fish late and/or decide to make it an overnighter. 6) I have looked at Waubay area. It's a bit further than I am thinking but not ruling it out either. Haven't found a ton of info on it related to my "wants" above. Thanks for reading and please let me know know if anything comes to mind. Would also love to hear from any of you with similar interests that would like to explore together. Thanks in Advance!
  3. Planning to attend the event this year. Not really expecting much in the way of serious fishing or prizes. Seems more like one of those things you just gotta say you did once. I would like to hear from anyone that has done it. Things to bring/not to bring. Tactics, baits, parking. Pretty much anything you are willing to share.
  4. My vote is for the Jason Mitchell X2. There are a lot of Otter fans and they make a solid product but don't base your decision solely on the shelter construction. Yes, it's important, but so is weight. Even if you don't plan to pull by hand, you may still have to lift it in and out of a truck bed. Customer service also goes a long way. I have never owned or dealt with the other manufacturers but Clam has always taken care of me and the Ice Team guys are top notch! It's also worth noting the Perch Patrol guys on Devil's Lake use and abuse the JMs 7 days a week, 5+ months a year and they seem to hold up well. If they aren't destroying them, my handful of outings every winter sure aren't going to!
  5. Thanks Brad. Both Showdowns went on the C-list yesterday and we're sold by sundown. Still not sure what to do about the camera but I will start shopping for the vex now.
  6. I have experienced some minor binding from time to time, but nothing that would lead me away from the PP. Last weekend I was drilling holes while seated on my wheeler. I rolled along just punching a line of holes to find the right depth and fish. Never turned the auger off or let my feet touch the ground. From the seated position on the wheeler, it would have been almost impossible to apply any downward pressure. The PP did all the work.
  7. I seem to have the worst luck with my electronics! I have a FL-28 that I absolutely love. I also have a Showdown, Showdown Troller, and an Aqua-Vu Micro DVR that I get more frustrated with by the day. The full size Showdown works, but nobody wants to use it after using the Vex. More often than not, I let one of my family use my FL-28 and I'm stuck using the Showdown. The Troller doesn't seem to work well but I haven't spent much time with it. The Aqua-Vu has been one headache after the next! I had an original micro with the blue screen problem. They replaced it with no hassle. I sold the second one so I could upgrade to the DVR. That unit died after ~6 uses and storage through the summer. They also replaced that one with no hassle. Now on my 4th unit it suddenly begins telling me there is "no signal" for no apparent reason. Here's what I'm thinking... Sell off the two showdowns and the micro. My wife has also pointed out that I have accumulated a lot of other ice fishing "stuff" that I never use and should be moved along. Thinking of putting it all on the list by some dude named Craig. Anyone have suggestions on this approach or previous experiences to share? I'd like to replace it all with a camera/flasher combo unit. I really like having a camera for several reasons. It shows me what I am fishing over. It also helps me understand the fish and how they react to my jigging, and lastly, it captures some images/video that I would otherwise not be able to share. Weight isn't an issue as I'm not hoofing it 99% of the time and the micro camera cable is a PITA to adjust. Would like to hear from those of you using full size camera and anyone with experience using the combo units.
  8. I have attended the last two years and this is a great event! Sadly, I have other commitments or I would be making this my third.
  9. UPDATE: My information wasn't completely accurate. The machine is a 550. No oil reservoir. Just an oil plug and filter which are both accessible from the underside. Went with the PS4 oil change kit for ~$30. Only thing I would do differently next time is buy a filter wrench that will fit. That thing took me an hour (and some cussing) to get out of there!
  10. Clam cooler chairs have held up well for me. Have never used the cooler part and even though about cutting it off.
  11. I think I could figure all this out, but you guys are a wealth of knowledge so I am putting this out here in case others have the same questions. I am planning to change the oil for the first time on a 2007 Sportsman 500 X2 efi and would appreciate advice on the following: Oil: I'm planning to switch it over to Amsoil. How much and what kind do I need? Filter: Is a K&N filter worth the extra money? Where's the best place to buy? Instructions: I've heard you have to drain the reservoir and engine. Are the plugs easy to identify/access? Are there any how-to videos out there that show the process? Other Maintenance: What other things should I be checking/changing to get ready for winter? Thanks in Advance!
  12. Got this one on my calendar KP. Looking forward to it!
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