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Jeremy airjer W

Week 5 Winner

23 posts in this topic

Rip_Some_Lip decides to jump 13 positions to #3 this week with a nice 344 point weekly win. You can't complain when your drivers finish 1, 2, 14, &10 at Bristol! Congratulation RSL!!

Rip_Some_Lip 344

scottstein ® 319

musky999 316

fishinchicks 314

BigDave2 ® 314

jwhjr 309

walleyes12 ® 305

SoldierGirl 305


Sutty 304

mnhunter 302

BlueLundFisherman ® 301

Yaggie 300

jbell1981 297

JAR JAR ® 292

Bass N Spear ® 287

legend 89 284

BpAki987 ® 282

Fishing_Novice 278

Johnsonator 278

SledNeck ® 277

The Pro ® 274

Airjer 270

elevatorguy ® 269

eric29 ® 266

1lkstage 265

RosoRiverRat 262

Sprinter ® 260

88fan ® 260

eye8pout2 ® 259

Sifty 259

Iron Cowboys 258

mnwildman 258

PikeBayCommanche 254

TNFL 250

Papa Grump 249

Cheeser 248

BK19 ® 248

2 by 4 and 1 by 2 246

Twinlake ® 245

takem34 ® 245

Harmonica Bear 239


gregg52 ® 236

delzz7 234

DDT26 234

huckfin ® 232

bbqhead 232

wyldewal © 231

wally20 229

hanronson ® 224

HOF#13 222

Tunrevir1 222

Double D 217

metrojoe 216

juneau4 209

2dog 208

Harvey Lee © 204

Trick ® 202

Reef Runner 200

Capt.Blaine © 188

shiner2367 184

thorski ® 171

highlife2008 ® 169

amp88 ® 166

BEAST/smoke20 162

Uncle Bill 159

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Total Points

jbell enjoys his second week at number 1.

1 jbell1981 1,426

2 BpAki987 ® 1,401

3 Rip_Some_Lip 1,385

4 mnhunter 1,379

5 Iron Cowboys 1,378

6 eye8pout2 ® 1,353

7 mnwildman 1,350

8 Papa Grump 1,345

9 metrojoe 1,337

10 musky999 1,331

11 delzz7 1,327

12 Twinlake ® 1,326

13 Cheeser 1,304

14 RosoRiverRat 1,299

15 1lkstage 1,298

16 Yaggie 1,296

16 wally20 1,296

18 HOF#13 1,294

19 Sifty 1,288

20 Sprinter ® 1,284

21 BlueLundFisherman ® 1,283

22 Airjer 1,280

23 shiner2367 1,276

24 DDT26 1,271

25 elevatorguy ® 1,269

26 SledNeck ® 1,266

27 Harvey Lee © 1,263

28 legend 89 1,256

29 TNFL 1,253

30 2 by 4 and 1 by 2 1,248

31 Bass N Spear ® 1,244

32 Fishing_Novice 1,241

32 PikeBayCommanche 1,241

34 walleyes12 ® 1,239

35 jwhjr 1,236

36 huckfin ® 1,235

37 Harmonica Bear 1,230

38 Sutty 1,221

39 Johnsonator 1,221

40 The Pro ® 1,220

41 BK19 ® 1,199

42 scottstein ® 1,198

43 SoldierGirl 1,195

44 Tunrevir1 1,186

45 hanronson ® 1,181

45 thorski ® 1,181

47 takem34 ® 1,176

47 juneau4 1,176

49 MEANEY 1,175

50 BEAST/smoke20 1,174

51 LMITOUT88 1,171

52 88fan ® 1,168

53 bbqhead 1,166

54 2dog 1,143

55 eric29 ® 1,138

56 fishinchicks 1,136

57 Capt.Blaine © 1,130

58 JAR JAR ® 1,129

58 Uncle Bill 1,129

60 Reef Runner 1,128

61 wyldewal © 1,087

62 Double D 1,075

62 amp88 ® 1,075

64 highlife2008 ® 1,068

65 Trick ® 1,061

66 gregg52 ® 1,042

67 BigDave2 ® 1,024

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Stats N Stuff

Previous Winners

2006 - walleye Racing, 320 points

2007 - mnfishinguy, 329 points

2008 - harvey lee, 312 points

Top Ten Movers

jwhjr +17

scottstein ® +16

Sutty +15

Yaggie +14

walleyes12 ® +14

SoldierGirl +14

Rip_Some_Lip +13

BlueLundFisherman ® +13

Harvey Lee © -13

shiner2367 -15

thorski ® -21

Uncle Bill -22

BEAST/smoke20 -27

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Thank You. If Ambrose wouldnt have lost a cylinder, It may have been a 1-2-3 finish. I needed a good week after the first couple this year.

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Who wouldn't want another 14 points! grin

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Good job at all who did well this week. I knew it wasn't going to be good for me when 2 of my picks were involved in a game of bumper cars.

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Let me know what weeks you won't be picking him! laugh

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Then he will win. Kyle has a shot at almost all the tracks except tracks like Martinsville. I don't know if he can make his car last for the whole race.

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Heck, at least your driver is winning. Dale Jr. and company haven't given us fans many reasons to cheer so far this season.

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Airjer bites his tongue raises an eybrow, and says under his breath, "this season?" in a sarcastic manner! lol shocked

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Sad thing is, I truly can't argue much with ya. The first half of last year, he did run very well. The second half and the chase...not so much.

So far this year...mental lapses by the driver and poor adjustments on the car resulting in poor or very average finishes.

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You have to have the bad times to make the good times even sweeter. Good lord watch out for the good times, that will be crazy for sure!!

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        Alpha trout at head of feed lane. Maybe in fast broken water Subordinates all over hole but not close to alpha. Cast into top most part of fast funnel. Alpha waiting part way down the skinny feed funnel. Best to hit fast water to hide the splash. When wading, wake control a large factor here. Stay out of water if you can. Make first cast count or will get only dinks in this hole.

      Bigger trout from area wintering at bottom of slow water near the fast water. Not in fast water. Subordinates chased out of hole by bigger trout. Best to hit fast water to hide the splash. Cast into top of feed funnel and slow retrieve so presentation will get down to trout sitting on bottom just back from the end of the fast water.

      Trout extra wary on sunny no vegetation winter outing. Don't slap hole with line. Stay out of the water when attacking hole. Will be a one fish "only" hole due to water clarity and zero vegetation in hole. Any smart fish will spook when one is battled and drug through this clear non-vegetated hole.
    • Good question, why didn't they find any more?  Did those two infected deer parachute in?  Were they dropped by a helicopter?  I find it fascinating they could get as far as Lanesboro and they only find two out of thousands.  Like I said, they're bad at conspiracy.    Policing the borders?  How about a billboard, a radio ad, or a twitter campaign?  How about having the highway patrol pull over anyone with hooves or antlers sticking outta their truck box or laying on a flatbed coming across the border on the interstate?    My wealth and land ownership shouldn't disqualify me from questioning the DNR.  It used to be a staple of a free country to question your government.  Somehow now it's more important to kneel before the all knowing DNR and take whatever they want to shove in our mouths?  If this is real science and a real mitigation effort, let's have a discussion about it.  If the DNR wants to stop this spread, why are they not welcoming with open arms feedback like mine when it comes to import enforcement, and an effective PR campaign?  Cause guess what fella, lots of deer got hauled home from all kinds of places infected with CWD by uninformed folks that are going to cut up those critters and throw the brains and spinal cords out in the woods at home.    So yeah, this is either a giant hoax, or the DNR has no idea what the hell they're doing. 
    • I just checked on the fans that I bought, there 4.7 inchs sq and 1.25 thick. I thought they were 5 inch thick but I was wrong. They are 110v and I think I will put one inside on the bottom plate and see how it works. And I like where you have your fishingstar.
    • Slowly getting the outside buttoned up 
    • Yea I had that idea too 
    • I saw three or four huts in the little wet area in the lake vadnais area just off country road F.   But they would probably get upset if you set traps there...    right next to the new path that goes south along the east side of the lake. 
    • In the olden days, pigs were fed garbage.  Trichinosis was a problem.  Then laws were passed so any garbage fed to pigs had to be cooked first.  Problem went away.   According to CDC there hasn't been a case of trichinosis except from eating wild game like bear meat for many years.  
    • From a quick google search it looks like or the bay of e might be your best bets, if you don't want to buy from shimano.
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