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  1. I don't think the typical fizzle out is going to happen under this coach. I'm excited to see how they look and should be a fun season.
  2. Only if it's hooked up to your water supply
  3. Bellaire Automotive on County Rd. F and Bellaire. Ed is as honest a mechanic as it gets.
  4. We have the same stuff and I was wondering what it was as well.
  5. jwhjr

    "Fargo" on FX?

    We're going to check it out, it definitely looks like it could be interesting.
  6. jwhjr


    Pot calling kettle, come in kettle...
  7. We have a Traverse AWD and it handles great in the snow.
  8. jwhjr


    It only annoys me more the more time that passes
  9. jwhjr


    Here's hoping a load of logs breaks loose and crushes him
  10. jwhjr


    It can't be over soon enough. The last 2 seasons of this show have been almost unwatchable for me. I've just kept watching because I've been watching from the start.
  11. Next step, participation trophies for all
  12. Great episode last night!
  13. It was the water pump gaskets on my 2004. It had 111K on it at the time, so I put a new pump and thermostat on it at the same time. Was still running great with no leaks when I totaled it in Feb at 145K I still miss that truck
  14. Do you have any other external devices plugged in (i.e. flash drive or iphone)? Maybe iTunes is looking for the music on drive "F", but because of whatever else is plugged in "F" is now something else? Just a thought as I run into this occasionally when I am backing up to my external HD.
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