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  1. Uncle Bill

    Bait for the opener

    It was fun.. Most where 12" to 15" .... Sunday was slower. Threw back about a dozen. Should add that's not unusual for the chip. When you're on em, your on em. Here today, gone tomorrow. I been fishing it since I was kid. First from shore, then from boat. My dad bought and operated a bar and resort near there more than 35 years ago.
  2. Uncle Bill

    Bait for the opener

    Fished Wisconsin opener on Chippewa flowage. Slot is 15 to 20 one over 24. Two of us, kept 2 fish between 15 - 20 and 1 fish over 24. (each) Threw back about 40 fish on Saturday. Sunday fishing was really slow. Only fished in the mornings (no evenings) Caught all on fathead and jig. (Didn't need any other bait) 8 to 10 feet for most. Water temp between 46 and 47. Females we fillet'd had already spawned. Maybe that information will translate to most, or some Minnesota lakes. Good luck.
  3. Uncle Bill

    Daytona 500

    Winning the Daytona 500 is huge. The only thing better, is winning it clean. Move or be moved is fair. But I could only imagine the shower of beer cans onto the track if roles had been reversed.
  4. Uncle Bill

    1986 fxrd??? Barn find

    Link to Harley VIN numbers: http://big-riversharley-davidson.nl/sites/default/files/user87/Harley VIN.pdf
  5. Uncle Bill

    1986 fxrd??? Barn find

    I bought a 1987 FXR custom, new in the crate in 1988. (Willy G. Davidson edition) No console, leather embossed strap down the center of the tank. Wish I still had it. Shortly after that HD discontinued the FXR frame. That may add to value. The FXR was one of Harley's best handling machines. FWIW, I paid 8K out the door. Put 33000 miles on it and sold it for 9K.
  6. Uncle Bill

    Latest reports

    Friends set up the ice castle on Mille lacs last weekend. Caught 23 walleye. Aqua view showed the bottom teaming with walleye. If you like to catch and release, that's not a bad day.
  7. Uncle Bill

    Viking 2016 News and Season

  8. Uncle Bill

    Mop or not to mop ?

    I smoked a rack last weekend using 3-2-1 method. I added brown sugar and honey, top and bottom of rack before wrapping in the foil. Pretty darn good. Especially if you like candy... (probably wont try that again)
  9. Uncle Bill

    Mop or not to mop ?

    Thanks for the reply's. Gonna use abut 1/4 cup. Then drink the rest..
  10. Uncle Bill

    Mop or not to mop ?

    Trimmed to St. Louis.. Thanks for the reply's.. Adding " a little" beer to the foil. Any suggestions on how much is "a little "..? (Dont want them to turn to mush)
  11. Spare ribs on the smoker using 3-2-1 method. Mop the ribs ? Any thoughts ? Quick recipe for a mop if necessary ?
  12. Uncle Bill

    Just Food and Drink

    chop it up. great for making different salads...
  13. Uncle Bill

    Just Food and Drink

    Saturday smoke. Nuttin special. Just some store bought brats (uncooked), taters and cauliflower. Delicious..
  14. Uncle Bill

    It's warming up!

    Spring is coming !