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  1. 88fan

    2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    WHOOPS! I missed this, I was looking on the FM site instead of HSO.
  2. 88fan

    Humminbird Ice 55 problem

    Were you ever able to find the problem? Mine has been having the same issue and can't decide if I want to send it in or buy something else.
  3. 88fan

    2016 hso Fantasy Auto Racing League

    I'm back to defend my championship!
  4. 88fan

    2015 HSO Fanstasy Auto Racing Champion

    I finally hung on to a lead! (Barely) Thanks Airjer for running the league!
  5. 88fan

    Week 35 Winner

    I still don't feel safe....
  6. 88fan

    Week 33 Winner

    I've been down this road before and lost it in the final weeks.......
  7. 88fan

    Weekly Winner

    I've burned up my good "B" drivers, the last few weeks should be interesting.
  8. 88fan

    Hard for me to say

    I'm not a Kurt fan by any stretch of the imagination but the end of that race was B.S.! Kurt should have been in victory lane.
  9. 88fan

    Week 5 Winner

    Man, this is a tough group! I thought for sure I had a win this week.....
  10. 88fan

    HSO Fantasy Nascar 2014

    I'm back to try and improve on last years finish!
  11. 88fan

    2013 HSO Fantasy NASCAR league

    88 is scratching for drivers! The few I have left seem to crash lately.
  12. 88fan


    I like this plan better than Nascar's.
  13. 88fan


    Junior's comments on the spin sure were interesting. Newman drove the wheels off that car, too bad he didn't get the win.
  14. 88fan

    2013 HSO Fantasy NASCAR league

    I have burned through many good drivers already but I still have enough left to make it interesting. I have been putting more effort into picking my drivers the last several weeks and it has been paying off. Tony breaking his leg isn't helping me!