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  1. Spray Paint and let air dry for a few days. Dye doesnt hold to cable very well. Spray Paint them It works great, I run over a 100+ coyote traps a year.
  2. I boil them in baking soda to dull the cable, and then spray paint them.
  3. A good call is all you need. Dont need to carry a bunch of misc items. Just my .02 Cents
  4. I am not sure where the scoring is going to come from this season. I belive we were ranked towards the bottom in scoring last season. We got rid of Cullen and Seto and signed Cooke? Whos going to be our second line Center,? Grandlund, he couldnt even stay with the team last season. I have a feeling we are going to be a team with a bunch of 3rd and 4th line players. This has been a very nonproductive offseason.
  5. walleyes12


    Did anyone find the game last night in HD with Dish Network? I could not find it last night. How about tonights games in Edmonton, I can not find it in HD, anyone else?
  6. Spring Beaver Trapping around the corner, I was wondering if anyone or know of anyone that has any beavers they would like trapped from their property. They do alot of property damage so If anyone would like them removed please send me a PM. I am from the Hawley area, willing to travel 70 miles or so. Thanks guys.
  7. Thats a little extreme. I shoot/trap quite a few coyotes every year, not every coyote is shot during "fur season" I do some damage control for ranchers every year. Maybe these guys are doing the same, I was just asking the question why they are starting early.
  8. Why so early? Just curious? Fur wont be worth be anything.
  9. Great move by the Wild!
  10. congrats!!! Anyone else fustrated how weak the "C" drivers list is????
  11. Not a good time to start a skid. A very must win against the Vancouver.
  12. I dont think we should be judging his future or game because of one game off a major injury. LOL Give him a few games to get confidence in his hip and get his feet wet!!! He will be fine.
  13. Must win tonight!!! They cant loose anymore ground
  14. Wild are looking very good right now. I was waiting for Stoner to drop the gloves all night, I would like to see alittle more of that from the kid. Stoner gave backes the butt kicking he needed for awhile, I havent seen someone that bloodied up in awhile. I just wish it would of been wichester, Someone of the Wild needed to step up and drop gloves with him.
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