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  1. Me...I'd unplug it. One less fire hazard to worry about. Having to plug it in every fall would be a good reminder to look everything over and make sure it is in good / safe condition.
  2. Week #2 Fanstasy Standings: 1 BlueLundFisherman 619 (+2) 2 Moose 534 (+4) 3 Juneau4 520 (+6) 4 Swivel digger 518 (+3) 5 Double D 515 (0) 6 LeviM 507 (+13) 7 jwhjr 504 (+6) 8 Yaggie 503 (-6) 9 Fishing_Novice 493 (-8) 10 Lee harvey 480 (+1) 11 catman 473 (-7) 12 TURTLEWISHPER 460 (+2) 13 88fan 455 (+2) 14 pushbutton 455 (+3) 15 Shake and Bake 446 (-5) 1 0 0 16 Porcupine 446 (0) 17 hanronson 440 (+1) 18 Tunrevir1 438 (+4) 19 Nickles racing 425 (-11) 20 Huckster's 415 (-8) 21 Pizzaray Racing 398 (-1) 22 eric29 396 (+1) 23 fishingstar 393 (-2) 24 countyline 392 (+2) 25 jnwb 380 (0) 26 Sifty 373 (+2) 27 hof#13 370 (-3) 28 Eyehead 367 (-1) 29 Musky999 323 (0) 30 mr_jman 230 (0) 31 mr_jman 0 (0)
  3. Not near as good and organized as AirJer's were, but here are our week #1 Standings: Group Standings: Rank / Points 1 Fishing_Novice 274 2 Yaggie 268 3 BlueLundFisherman 268 4 catman 262 5 Swivel digger 252 6 Double D 250 7 Nickles racing 246 8 Moose 246 9 Shake and Bake 244 10 Lee harvey 234 11 Juneau4 232 12 Huckster's 220 13 Porcupine 218 14 jwhjr 216 15 TURTLEWISHPER 216 16 88fan 212 17 LeviM 204 18 pushbutton 202 19 hanronson 200 20 Pizzaray Racing 190 21 fishingstar 180 22 eric29 168 23 hof#13 162 24 jnwb 160 25 Tunrevir1 160 26 countyline 158 28 Eyehead 152 29 Musky999 142 30 Sifty 130 31 mr_jman 0 Man, having 3 of my 4 picks crash was not good...
  4. He will have twice the career Danica does, and I only compare them because they kind of came into the Nationwide Series at the same time. Yes, Austin will have top notch equipment at RCR, but really so does Danica at Stewart-Haas with the Hendrick equipment.
  5. I love Daytona and Talladega, but if the quality of racing at these two tracks is a little "off", and the quality of racing at the rest of the tracks is much better now than it was with the COT, I for one will be thrilled. First super speedway race for the new car...they will get it tweaked. Hopefully.
  6. I agree she is great for the sport. However, she really did nothing in the Nationwide series to make me think she is going to have any kind of success at the cup level.
  7. I'm in for another year. Also, a reminder to be sure and use your screen name here as your team name for the fantasy league. That way everyone can keep track of who is who.
  8. Poor Ricky....I wonder if Danica's ego will allow her to be the 2nd place person in that relationship. I mean, how long before she gets tired of dusting off the mantle for Ricky's trophies, when she has none. The relationship won't last the season...
  9. It'll be interesting to see. It'll most likely come down to what team / driver / company can get the best handle on the G6 cars the quickest. You would have to believe Hendrick will be right up there, but there has been a lot of talk about the Toyota's having the speed so far.
  10. Great Year everyone. What a fun fantasy season...Great job Pushbutton. Special thanks to Airjer for running the league again!
  11. I agree Harvey. I have not really ever seen such an open and honest Dale Jr. in discussing some pretty personal thoughts, fears, and insecurities.
  12. Check this out guys & gals. CBS does a little series where someone writes a letter to their 16 year old selves. Dale Jr. was up today. I found it quite touching when discussing his mother and his father, but also because he was open in discussing his fears and insecurities and growing up in his fathers shadow. Hard not to root for this guy IMO. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7421478n
  13. I for one, was very unimpressed with the track. Single car ring around the rosy in the upper groove...wait...the only groove. Only 2-3 cars really seemed capable of going low to pull off the pass. Boy if you were stuck on the inside on race restarts you typically lost 3-4 spots before you hoped like heck to find an opening up high. There were a few good moments, but how in the heck do you give someone the bump and run when you are 2 feet from the outside wall? Disappointing. Would rather have the progressive banking still there IMO.
  14. HOF#13

    Swim Ladder

    I have a Pro-V and have a ladder just like the picture above. It works fine near the front of the boat where it is narrower for the ladder hooks. The only thing I had to do was get 2 large wooden dowels about 8 inches long with rubber ends (kind of like on the ends of crutches)for the middle ladder supports so that the ladder would stay straight up and down against the boat while climbing up. When done, just pull the wooden dowels out and fold up the ladder.
  15. Sounds to me like the nylon strap is slipping on the winch after you crank it up. Is it possible you have too much slack in the strap as you are winching the boat in, and that when you pull out of the launch the weight of the boat pulls the loosness back out of the strap and then you have that gap? Is there a stop bolt connected to the end of the nylon strap on the winch? If not, the whole roll of nylon strap may just be slipping on the winch. That, or what Ufatz said also seems like a culprit. Let us know how you turn out. Good luck.
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