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  1. Rip_Some_Lip

    2018 gardens

    Here we go again. My tomatoes are looking great and then it starts. One plant started just wilting away. Got some nice tomatoes coming too. This has happened the last couple years. It starts and seems to spread to the rest.
  2. Rip_Some_Lip

    Week 1

    Congrats huckfin!!! It was a crashfest! Now to the real racing.
  3. Rip_Some_Lip

    Fantasy League

    I’m in! It might give me a reason to watch the races.
  4. Rip_Some_Lip

    Air Fryer?

    I have been enjoying the new air fryer but not tonight. Tried cooking up some northern pike tonight and I will be oil frying it from here on. Dipped it in egg and dredged it in a dry batter. It kind of got crisp but not in a good way. Has anyone had good results? I would think frozen pre battered fish would be ok.
  5. Rip_Some_Lip

    Air Fryer?

    I just bought one for my wife and am looking forward to trying it. I just cant wrap my head around cooking fresh meat that isn't frozen with breading on it. I will have to try the fish with dry batter on it. Do you spritz it with oil or not? Going to be a learning experience!
  6. I plan on hanging it in a friends quonset in the shade if we are lucky enough to harvest some. Thanks for the replies! We we did pretty good. My son shot his first deer and I got a nice 8 pointer! We ended up with two does and a buck!!
  7. The way I was explained by the park manager running the hunt was we have to harvest and tag an antlerless deer before we can harvest a buck. Whoever tags the antlerless deer must tag the buck. We applied as a group so party hunting rules apply. I plan on hanging it in a friends quonset in the shade if we are lucky enough to harvest some. Thanks for the replies!
  8. No we only have to shoot one doe and then we can shoot a buck. We can shoot two does and two bucks or four does. I plan on cutting them up myself and we want the venison. The question I have is it looks too warm to hang them for two or three days. I’m looking for ways to keep them cool during the warm afternoon temps until we can cut them up. I am thinking we might have to cut them up at night after the days hunt but it can be long days doing that.
  9. My son and I are muzzleloader hunting a state park hunt this weekend. It is an earn a buck so we an harvest 4 deer. The temps are forecasted in the low fifties for highs in southern Mn. I think this is too warm to hang deer. Other than cutting them up every night if we shoot some, what recommendations do you guys think as an alternative? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.
  10. Rip_Some_Lip

    2016 hso Fantasy Auto Racing Champion

    Congrats Fishin-Novice and thanks again for running it Jeremy!!!
  11. Rip_Some_Lip

    Smoking some beef today

    Looks awesome! I have to try that!
  12. Rip_Some_Lip

    Fantasy League 2016

    Great, cant wait till the season starts! Thanks for all you do Jeremy!!
  13. Rip_Some_Lip

    One more time

    Carolina 55 247 yards
  14. I have a Masterbuilt smoker that died on me and I found a great deal on a Green Mountain Pellet Grill last week. I haven't smoked much on it yet but it works awesome for a grill. My buddy has a Treager and talked me into a pellet grill. I am looking forward to smoke some ribs and pork butt on it. I plan on tearing the Masterbuilt apart and find the wiring short and fix it because I really liked it too. Doesn't hurt to have two anyway but I would recommend the pellet grill. Its as easy as the electric and holds temp just as good and gets up to temp. faster.
  15. Rip_Some_Lip

    Wiring Questions

    I didn't wire it but I plan on getting rid of the black tape and use wire nuts. There are some other different things I have found in this old house...lol. The previous owner had some funny ideas on how to do things. I also missed a neutral wire in my second diagram on the outlet. I also plan on labeling the gfci "not grounded". Thanks for the replies but I got confirmation on what I thought was the correct solution. I am wiring an outlet on my deck for my new GMG pellet grill! Can I edit posts any more? I see I can edit it for a short time after posting but not later. Here is the answer.