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Outdoor pro store!!!

pike doctor

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I cant even explain how upset I am at the FM pro store. Why did you make me find you today and start spending all of my extra money. You know I already have more tackle than I will possibly ever use!! But now I am buying more cause of the good deals. I wish I would have checked sooner so I could have saved myself a pile of money. The lures and kits look really good!

Thanks for nothing FM PRO STORE!!! grin

[Note from admin: - OutdoorProStore.com - Outdoor Pro Series Jigs smile ]

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Let me be the first to say YOU ARE WELCOME!!! Proven lures and product. The Outdoor Pro Store really does sell quality product. It is tried and tested, and if it doesn't meet the qualifications of owners who have tried it, it doesn't make the page. FACT! Happy shopping and good fishing!

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I was trying to order a couple items and put on one order to try to hopefully save some money on shipping. But I was having trouble getting them to appear on the same order. It kept trying to put the items on two seperate order. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

I was trying to order a pro store jig kit and some JB lures.


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Dear Outdoor Pro Store,

Thank you for not selling JB Weasels. They are my favorite lure, and I do not know if I could handle myself should they become easily available. Also, so long as we all do our part to keep these out of the hands of other fisherpeople, Walter has a chance.

Merry Christmas,


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I just picked up the crappie flutter jigs last night. The wife happened by the office and asked what I was up to now? I replied with her patented line "Saving you money with a good deal!" Plus my 3 year old ate more fish on Sunday night than she did, so I am saving her double! Kids gotta eat.

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you guys are too funny.

Those Outdoor Pro Series Ice Fishing jigs are certainly high quality and a great value.

Did anyone mention they flat out catch fish as well smile

OutdoorProStore.com - Outdoor Pro Series Jigs smile

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