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  1. Tyler23

    8 year old crashes ATV

    im with motley man. i grew up on snowmobiles and 4wheelers and been riding full size machines size around 7yrs old but where i rode and live is a whole different story compared to other people. i think your enviroment has alot to do with the potential to cause a accident. but this should be on the parents shoulders im personally not a fan of the age limits given for atv's i think it should be up to the parents to decide. but sad enough someone will ruin it for everyone else just like this situation my prayers go out to the injured people in this accident
  2. and then you can drive around with your check engine light on and not know your engine is running to lean and then pay for a valve job after you burn up an exhaust valve. Sounds like the way to go to me.
  3. this can be fixed by taking it off and disgaurding
  4. yes. i got it in the shop last night found a leaking drum brake cylinder guessing thats the problem?
  5. 4wd. scratch the front wheel its actually the rear right tire
  6. i got a 93 k1500 chevy the other day i got into it and took off down the drive way about 50ft and the front right tire just locked up? so i jacked it up there and then it spun free lowered it down and drove away? drove it a few mores times in the past wk then today it did the same thing spins free when jacked up but when i lower it down it stays locked up? any ideas? i was thinking maybe the caliper or wheel bearing myself
  7. Tyler23

    low compression in 1999 polaris xc 500

    idk what i book says but from what ive learned that compresson numbers seem low. my old 600 rev had 135psi and my indy 500 had 120 they both ran great. and that seems like alot of fluctuation between the two cylinders. im thinking its time for a freshen up
  8. he got what he needed. imo everytime i've met him at the shows hes all cocky like hes so cool. i bet he feels pretty cool now
  9. just wondering if there is anyone reloading there own waterfowl rounds? if theres any benefit to it? can you make them pack a little more punch? Thanks
  10. i got a seal out on my boat trailer and it has a ton of miles on it so i was thinking before i go to canada just to put a new set of bearings in it.. whats the proper procedure to tighten the wheel bearings down??
  11. Tyler23

    01 honda 30horse 4stroke??

    they ran it for me and it ideled rough and wasnt spraying water very well so i passed on it... i just got sick of looking for good used motors and bought a new merc 25efi that was on sale...
  12. Tyler23

    01 honda 30horse 4stroke??

    im looking at a this motor for my 16ft lund pro pike.. does anyone have one of these motors? are you good motors? ive never ridin in a boat with one but ive heard there very quiet? any info on this motor would be great...also would it work well for hunting on a marsh? THANKS!
  13. Tyler23

    What would you use?

    makes me think something is broke. a f-250 shouldnt sag down in the back with a small load
  14. Tyler23

    anything else to do?

    id put a dixie horn on it