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  1. MinnesotaMongo

    English Springer Spaniel Skin/Coat Question

    Yep - I have to agree on the corn allergies. Lots of Springers get them. I know oldest Springer, Maynard - had that allergy early on - would itch like crazy. I switched foods and he did great. That would be my guess - it's the corn! Good luck with the Springer!!
  2. MinnesotaMongo

    Choosing our pup, Lab or Springer? Need advice!

    I had a similar issue years ago - although it was between a Springer and a Golden Retriever. I chose a Springer because there was a training group within driving distance. THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. Every week my dogs are on birds - and are are sharp and great hunting dogs. I guess I would do some research on that...
  3. MinnesotaMongo

    Congrats to Rick's Millie

    I just wanted to comment that I've gunned over both Millie and Raigan and they are really quality Springers. Just yesterday - I had a chance to gun over Raigan at training - and he is so flashy, great looking and a bird finding son of a gun. And we all know how Millie is!!! You should have some nice pups coming...
  4. MinnesotaMongo

    Congrats to Rick's Millie

    Rick, the owner of this great site - championed Millie his Field Bred English Springer Spaniel. The dog is an amazing bird finder and a great runner. Rick manages to get placements in most of the trials he runs. Good dog and a darn good handler...
  5. MinnesotaMongo

    Outdoor Kennel

    I personally love my Scott Kennel. Google it - very nice - a little spendy - but if you move, you can move it with you...
  6. MinnesotaMongo

    Shock collar

    Hint - decorate your transmitter with reflective tape. My Dogtra Transmitter is laying in the middle of a 20 acre field, where it fell out of my pocket once I was done training. Pretty tough to find when it is black....
  7. MinnesotaMongo

    Springer's 11 weeks old

    11 weeks is just a baby - let him be a puppy - make the training short and fun - teach him the basics - then you can start training. If you are anywhere near Kilkenny - you should come and train your Springer with a bunch of our guys. I
  8. MinnesotaMongo

    "hard" mouth

    I wonder if that's why you got the good deal on the dog. Good luck on trying to break that. I hope things work out for you.
  9. MinnesotaMongo

    Blue River Kennels

    Yeah I know Kenny - I've trained with him off and on for the past three years or so. He's a good guy - he posts on here all the time. I think I've even shot over his dogs - I know I've seen Odie and River run in field trials. I was hoping he was going to get in on breeding to that "Sweet Pea" dog from Texas but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm sure he has plenty of other good pups either available or coming soon. His dogs are good hunters - a lot of drive and ability. I think they would serve you quite well for hunting. You should train with him some time - go see his dogs run. In fact, I think he's running them this weekend at the Minnesota ESS trial near Owatonna.
  10. MinnesotaMongo

    Pigeons wanted for training.

    All the pigeons in the world ain't gonna help. LOL...
  11. MinnesotaMongo

    Winter - Dog House

    Order the Hound Heater. I have one for my springer - it's awesome. Don't build it too big - and insulate it.
  12. MinnesotaMongo

    Springer Spaniel Puppy

    Go to Amazon and order the book 'Hup'. Work on obedience. If you live anywhere near Southcentral Mn - get ahold of me or the owner of this site (Rick) and come train with our group!
  13. MinnesotaMongo


    FYI - there are a TON of really nice springer pups available in South Central Minnesota right now. I saw about 6 of them last night - really nice pups and really good bird finders. And all are available And nothing is as cool as a fired up Springer pup. At one time last night - we had about a dozen adult Springers and 5 or 6 puppies all running about and playing at the same time after training. Springers are the best - I'm not sure why anyone would want a dumb old lab (LOL - just kidding guys!)
  14. MinnesotaMongo


    What you would get is a Springer that you have to force fetch train? LOL
  15. MinnesotaMongo

    Grassy Awns Dangerous to Dogs

    Thank you for posting this. Also - be careful in how you seed your hunting grounds.