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  1. pike doctor

    Landmark shingles blowing off roof

    Yeah, but have fun with all of the nails! And I wouldnt worry to much about adhesion. They stuck together and came off in big chunks. It is a problem with the nailing. If you werent swinging your hammer every once in a while to finish a nail that hit a rafter or truss chances are the pressure was too high. I intentionally set my pressure a little lower than I need so I dont overdrive. It will rip right through the single when it is too high. Some of your fastest crews are guilty of this. Ever notice that none of them ever carry a hammer when laying shingles? Cause they got the pressure cranked way up. Next time you do it just nail them low as possible with 5 nails and make sure you are getting them perfectly flush and snug.
  2. pike doctor

    Landmark shingles blowing off roof

    Last fall I replace a roof in Gaylord that had the exact same problem as yours. What I found was that the previous installer was overdriving the nails. The package is very specific that your nails should be flush with the top of the shingle after it is nailed on. It should also be nailed as close to the reveal as possible. It says use 4, I use five. Really cheap insurance if you ask me. How hot was it the day you roofed it? That is usually the worst thing you can do for a roof is to put it on when it is hot out. People think you need 90 degrees to seal the shingles, but all it does is pull the shingles lose from foot traffic, mark them, and allow the installer to overdrive the nails. I bet if you have 3/4 boards for a roof deck that almost all of the nails are still stuck in the wood.
  3. pike doctor

    Nearly 100 viewers . . .

    I spent the entire playoff cheering for the Packers and was happy with their success, and I noticed many other Queen fans doing the same. It is [PoorWordUsage] like this that will make me hate the Packers and their fans again. Congrats on the win, but for goodness sake go find some class.
  4. pike doctor


    No, had some paint dryin that needed a set of eyes.
  5. pike doctor

    Next years QB?

    Why dont you just come out and say that your in love with Young? At least we know that TN will be pick Andrew Luck next year with the first pick with Young as their starter. Zepman I am starting to think that you are really VY's mom.
  6. pike doctor

    Next years QB?

    You can give me Bruce Gradkowski Alex Smith Matt Leinart Seneca Wallace Or Draft Dalton in the second round Over that loser young anyday. And Zepman How many other Pro Bowlers throw 42 TDs and 42 Ints? The pro bowl is a joke. He IS as bad as we are saying. And we are not out of the running for Carson Palmer or Kolb. Both would be better than Young. And I am not worried about ending up with McNothing. Frazier knows he is a loser, so do the Wiffs. And I would never put it past Farve that he would try to come back, and with a much improved O-line I would take him over anyone else and still draft a QB to learn behind him. Webb should be turned into a fulltime reciever.
  7. pike doctor

    DIY spray foam kits

    Hire it done. Get a couple bid and pay someone cash. You will get a pretty good price. A buddy of mine just tried to do the exact same thing to his addition. It was only going to save him $150 for and area that was about 24*24. And then you dont have to be the one crawling around, cleaning up, etc.
  8. pike doctor


    And too think I was laughed at when I picked the Packers at the beginning of the playoffs to go to the Superbowl. I dont think it matters who they play. I think they are going to win it all with New England out of it. Good luck Packer Fans.
  9. pike doctor

    Next years QB?

    Couple things here. The CBA will get solved. The NFL is way too popular for it not to get done. So those of you that keep bring it up over and over, give it a rest. For every player you guys give me like Cris Carter, that succeded, I will give you ten losers like Jamarcus Russel that are huge bust. The running/scrambling QB is the most overrated weapon in the NFL. They run because the are too stupid to disect the defense. Vick, Webb, T-junk, Cam Newton, Vince Young. They all suck!! Get it through your heads!! They might win you ten games in the regular season, but the ALWAYS fail in big games. They suck and they are not a recipe for a championship. They are a recipe for disaster and some stupid story on NFL countdown on how their moms raised them and their dads are in prison. Football is a team game, and you dont always need the best QB to go all the way. Look at Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco. They arent very good, but they usually take care of the ball, their teams run the ball, and they play good defense. Its not like Trent Dilfer was Payton Manning when they won it all. SO, if you guys would like to see the Packers and the Bears run circles around us for the next decade and make us look like even bigger idiots than we aready are, go right ahead and bring a tool bag like Vince Young here. I just hope the loser can stay out of the strip club long enough to study the playbook some.
  10. pike doctor

    Vikings Offseason Needs/Draft

    No doubt about it. Edwards is a selfish player. Robison is a team player. And Big ole Jimmy Kennedy was more of a penetrating run stopper than Pat Williams. If you could play on nostalgia Farve would still be the league's best QB.
  11. pike doctor

    Next years QB?

    We are talkin about a guy that has 42 career TDs and INTs. I am not willing to go 1 for 1. That is a recipe to lose too many games. He has under 58% completion percentage, and we all know how much baggage this guy has. If the price was a cup full of Gatorade it would be too much. We just got rid of one ego maniac at QB. We sure dont need another.
  12. pike doctor

    Next years QB?

    Vince Young is a mental midget with a huge ego and a crybaby mentality. We might as well keep Junkson if they want to bring him in.
  13. pike doctor

    Playoff predictions

    Packers over the Bears in a very tight game Steelers over the loser Jets (I hope) I am pretty excited for these games. It wouldnt suprise me one bit if any of the four teams won the whole thing. Once again the NFL is showing complete dominance over all other leagues. BTW, I used to hate GB with a passion. Now I dont really mind them anymore. Out of the four teams they seem to have the least amount of convicted felons and gang-bangers. Go Pack!
  14. pike doctor

    Vikings Offseason Needs/Draft

    Did you watch a game this year?? Pat Williams did absolutely nothing at all. Jimmy Kennedy and Guion were way better than him. And Edwards... I think that Robison is just as good, if not better than him. I would also like to see Griffen get some playing time. There are way bigger needs than the Dline. I am positive the best step is going to be to go O-line (Mike Pouncey) in the first round. Extremely versitile, quick, plays multiple positions. I think we will have to get him before Philly. Watch his brother play this Sunday. He is the center for the Steelers. If we can trade down to get some value later in the draft that would be great. A QB free agent is going to be the answer for us for next year. I wish we could draft TCU QB Andy Dalton in a later round. If we waste our pick on an [PoorWordUsage] like Scam Newton or Dunce Mallet I am moving to Green Bay. Our pending pick almost reminds me of the year we took Troy Williamson.
  15. pike doctor


    Its gonna be the NFC north fighting it out to go to the Superbowl. I picked Packers to beat Da Bears when the playoffs started and I am sticking with it. I really admire the Packers for knocking of two teams that I really hate. Amazing what a QB can do when he gets protection.