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NFL and College Stadiums


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There is a thread going in the baseball forum on MLB stadiums and it made me think of the football Stadiums I've been to (in no particular order):

Metrdome - Absolutely love the energy in this building for a football game(NFL). The entrance, the pyrotech, the noise!

Camp Randall - Nothing like a Saturday around and in camp! The RED, the beer, the stadium shaking, the atmosphere...hard to match!

Lambeau - Great stadium, history. I was there two years back and they must of been having issues with the sound system so that was a negative.

Nashville Stadium - Formerly the Coliseum...was a great park. Real open, good time.

Raymond James Stadium - Good time...the pirate ship is actually really cool.

Citrus Bowl Stadium - Nothing special.

Alamo Stadium - Great area and fun stadium...jumbotrons are in the corners for some reason but the River walk is a blast.

Kinnick Stadium - Good time and great atmosphere.

Visiting soon:

Soldier Field

Big House

Lambeau (again)

TCF Stadium

Rose Bowl

Lets here your favorites or list...

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The only two nfl stadiums I've seen. Arrowhead is a beautiful stadium, and the dome is a blast.

Only other place I've been to is Carver Hawkeye Arena. Very cool place for hoops!

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only been to the dome and i think it's a pile...i don't like giant enclosed bubbles.

we need an outdoor stadium so teams fear coming to minnesota in december and january....we could dominate in an outdoor stadium in bad weather with our running game and run stopping defense.

when you live in the north you should have to get bundled up to go to a game...way more fun.

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I dont know about that fishinguru, just because you have an outdoor stadium doesnt mean your players will play better in the cold. I could see it as a deterent on trying to get players to play here, and its tough enough the way it is now.

I have been to the Dome many many times. I may be the only one who actually likes the Dome. I like that it is 70 and no rain, no snow, no blazing sun, no -50 windchills, no 100 degree days. Parking isnt so bad, tailgating has improved in the last 5 years,seats are fairly comfortable.

I have also been to Lambeau field in the middle of December in a rain storm when it was 30 degrees and windy. I wasnt impressed, nice atmospere, but bench seating sucked, parking sucked, rain sucked, wind sucked, cold sucked (oh the Vikings also sucked that game). My next away game will be in KC, or Denver.

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i know one thing...when your players practice in those conditions and you play against some sally warm weather teams late in the season or in the playoffs you have an advantage.

the weather conditions your talking about is what makes football fun...if you can't handle a little rain, wind,snow or cold weather just watch it on your tv at home.

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Crappiefshr I was one of the people that really didnt mind the Dome for baseball either. I know it would be nice to watch a game outdoors when the weather is 60-80, but when it gets below that or above that, I will be wanting the Dome back. As for the seats, sure they werent designed for baseball, not angled correctly, but I havent ever had a problem turning my head! I have been to many Twins games, I have sat every where from a couple rows up from behind home plate to the HR porch to upper deck. I have to say I really dont like the upper deck much. Lucky for me there is usually tickets available in the lower deck.

Fishinguru, thanks I will be watching them at home, when the weather isnt coopertive! AS for the players, my point was that it may be harder to get some of them "warm weather sallies" to come play for us! That and first year players wont be adjusted to outside play either.

I should add that I havent been to any other major league baseball stadium, so I havent anything to compare to.

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Ok - I wonder how many weather related delays there are going to be? Lets get excited for some double headers in minnesota!!!

March 31st opening day...the chances its 10 degrees and snowy are TOOO GOOOD!

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Camp Randall (U-Wisconsin) has by far the best college atmosphere in this area of the midwest. I've heard Ohio State is also good, but I'd highly recommend making the trip the Madison if you haven't already. Kinnick is also decent, but isn't as good as Camp Randall. The Big House is huge, but the area and the fans as a whole kind of lack the college atmosphere.

College football belongs outdooors. The TCF Stadium is going to be a lot of fun.

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I have been to only 3 pro games in my life.

Bears @ Vikes in the Dome, playoff game the Vikes blew during the Moon tenure. The Dome is decent for football, but not baseball

Vikes @ Chiefs at Arrowhead preseason game. Great stadium, but concessions are really spendy. Tailgating in KC is out of this world.

Bils @ Saints in the Superdome. After having been in the Metrodome for Twins games, my jaw hit the floor walking into the Superdome. You have absolutely no idea how big it is until you're inside. I had been driven by it about a million times but its mind blowing inside.

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I dont know the park names, but have seen where the Royals and Chiefs play, seen the Astros stadium, the Tigers stadium, Milwaukee and of course been to the dome. I gotta say, I dont mind the dome but on a nice day the outdoor atmosphere cant be beat... and Ive lost a lot of money in liquids by tripping on the dang stairs.

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No kidding - baseball in march and october are going to be BRUTAL here in minnesota...thanks for the open air stadium next to a garbage burning facility.

We did the metrodome on the cheap and people don't like it. Why do the new stadium on the cheap?

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I've been to Arrowhead, but it was when I was 11 or 12, so I don't remember a ton about it. It was a Chiefs/Raiders game, Raiders won. It was really cool for a kid my age to see.

The best stadium I've been to, as far as atmosphere, is Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. I had season tickets in '95, which was a championship year. The first game I went to was Nebraska vs. Arizona State. When you walk out of the tunnel and into the stadium, and you find yourself in a sea of red, it gives you goosebumps. Huskers got the ball first, and the first play from the line of scrimmage went straight up the middle, 80 yards for a touchdown. The place went nuts.

Of course, I may be biased in my opinion of stadiums... But Memorial has been sold out for every game since 1962. I think that says something.

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College: Kinnick - what an amazing place, and that was before any of the upgrades, I need to go back.

Baseball: I have only been to two baseball games 1 was at the Metrodome and it sucked, baseball should be played outside.

Old Busch Stadium: I don't remember much as I was only 8 at the time and have been a Cardinals fan since.

NFL: I am going to be a little biased on these 2 stadiums.

Metrodome: Terrible place, needs more restrooms plus the seats are crammed in too tight. That turf is terrible with lots of injuries. Plus all NFC North Games should be played OUTSIDE!!!

New Soldier Field: While it does look like a spaceship landed on the columnades, the area around the place with the memorials for the armed forces are real nice. Now inside the stadium that place is AWESOME. Not a bad seat in the house, plenty of restrooms, and it seams where you sit you are right on top of the action. I would high recommend a trip to this stadium.

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Only been to two big time schools.

Dome - sucks...no college atmosphere.

Camp Randall is an outstanding venue. My wife went to Madison and we often make the trip down there. Fans have always been good to me in my Gopher gear but then again they usually have just won by 30.

NFL stadiums:

Superdome - Pre-Katrina - made the Metrodome look like the Taj Mahal. Saints fans suck

Old Arizona stadium - also sucked, but beautiful views.

Houston Texans - Beautiful stadium, great fans. We had about as bad of seats as you can get and the sight lines were still good.

Carolina - Pretty run of the mill. Tailgating broken up amongst lots, fans are o.k., and stadium is nice with nothing notable. Hard to get in and out of the stadium.

Raymond James Tampa - Maybe the best. Love the Pirate ship and the fans.

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