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  1. Busy, busy busy has been what's new lately. Between work, training, family, bow hunting, yard work before winter, and life in general, I haven't had much spare time. I did work on a few projects though. I bought a used outdoor walk in freezer, and converted it into a smokehouse. I basically removed all of the electrical stuff, and sealed it off. Made a chimney, cut a hole in the floor for a cooker, then added rails to hang stuff on, or to put racks on. I think it should work very well! It is 4x4x6 Another project I have been working on is making a disc for the food plots. I am way to cheap to buy a new one for an ATV for $900, so I found an old disc, took the rear gangs off it, and with the help of a friend, we are going to weld the 2 rear gangs together. This is what I started off with and this is what I am using out of it to make the atv disc We just need to weld them together with an adjustable frame to change the pitch, and we are working on that this week. I still have this part left over, not sure if I am going to sell it, or keep it for spare parts. Wisconsin rifle hunting is still a couple weeks away, but I am getting stuff together already. Kinda excited! Good luck to all of the Mn tree pumpkins this weekend! Stay safe, shoot straight, and get a biggun!
  2. I never filled in the update from when we were up last, but an arrow was flung, with no success. It looked as though a branch may have deflected it. It was just a nice doe, that didn't have a fawn with her. Not to many of them this year, every doe We have seen had a fawn with her. So we choose to not shoot. Since we we were up last a couple weeks ago the deer have seen to have gone nocturnal, I am assuming because of us hunting it. But on the positive side of things, I am starting to get a couple buck pictures, all have been small, but at least there is some coming in. I would assume the neighbor has combined his corn. I am also getting a steady supple up these guys again as well. On the other hand my brother which lives about 40 miles away from my land is getting deer like this. but they have been just night shots as well. He seems to have a nice supple of mature bucks on his land every year. I may have to go hunt his property a couple days to help him thin a couple of them i am am going back up this weekend to do a few things, but I am staying out of the woods until rifle season up there now. I still need to fill my tag at home.
  3. I have washed mine by hand, and let air dry.
  4. Looking good! I planted one 3/4 acre food plot with a brassica mix, and 2 others 1/2 acre plots with a winter rye, oats, winter wheat mix, and clover. The brassica plot got hammered about the middle of August, and they have pretty much wiped out the plot. I since have broadcasted wheat into the remaining of the plot, but it didnt take to well, so it is looking pretty bare right now. The cereal mix is getting regular pressure, and the plants are staying ahead of the pressure so far. I am getting regular pictures in all of the plots yet, but all are does.
  5. I am pretty sure the animals are enjoying it. Mine has deer in all times of the day, along with many other critters, and mine isnt nearly as pretty as yours.
  6. My son and I made the trip up, after an awesome day at Clam picking up my shelter. I got to meet some very good fishermen while I was there, and we checked out all of the new products. I will have a list for Santa this year that is for sure! Once we got to Wisconsin we went and scoped out things, and I took my new blind out of the box and set it up. It took all of 30 seconds. Man I love that thing. Saturday late morning we went and started to build the stand. I still have some final touches to finish up, but I think it turned out pretty good. This set up will get me by until next summer when I finish building it. Deer were much less scared of me this weekend. I had watched them for a quite a while. Even while we were building the stand we had one 50 yards away in the food plot. the leaf colors on the trees, and the ground had made tracking a little difficult this weekend, but the leaves were beautiful to say the least! I will post an update later.
  7. I havent even taken my sled out of storage last season. I had hopes of spit shining it, and putting it up foresale this fall, but I never got to the spit shining. Oh well, if we get snow, then I just have to rush it.
  8. What sucks is if you wing a bird, and it takes off running down a cornfield. The dogs just dont like to give up on them when they are on foot, and there is no breeze in them cornfields, and the heat and humidity is much worse in the middle, then it is on the outside of the field. My dogs are way more important to me then a couple birds, that will still be around when it cools off.
  9. 60 degrees is my cut off. I may do a quick short run in the lower 60's, but they will be a short 15 minute hunt.
  10. I plan on going up this weekend and finishing up on my stand. I decided I got to the age of needing stairs, rather then a ladder. So I figured I can make half of it at home, then make the other half up there, so I have the correct measurements. I did prep the second level, by cutting the steps, and the brackets for the steps, but the rails will need to be finished in the woods. This section is 5 foot tall, then the remaining 5 foot will go up to the left to the stand. I am not sure why my pictures load sideways from my phone. Next summer I will install a hand rail, and add the finishing touches to it, but this year time is limited. It it was nice getting this close to an inch of rain this morning, the rain, and the forecast of above freezing temps should help my wheat grow that I planted last weekend. If there is any left, from the birds, turkeys, and this fella
  11. I did a quick trip up this past weekend, went up Saturday morning, and came back home Saturday night. I needed to grab my trailer from up there, to haul my deer stand base up there. I thought it would fit in my truck, but it hangs off the side to much, so I decided a quick trip up to grab it this weekend, and I can do a few other things while I was up there. I wanted to get more done then I did, but I got done with what I had to do. I threw out some wheat into my brassica plot, I am not sure if anything will become of it or not, other then bird food, but it was free, and I may as well try. I tried to get winter rye, spread as well, but no one had any around me in stock, so I went with just winter wheat. I thought planting this week will give it much better odds then next week, with the temps dipping below freezing already. I filled my propane tank, I cemented the posts in the ground for my deer stand, it will be ready to just lift the base up there, bolt it on, then set up the new blind on it. I grabbed the trailer, then we were out of there by mid afternoon. I did set up my Covert camera that I had sent in for warranty a couple weeks ago, and I checked pictures on my sons plot, pretty much the same thing daily, does, and fawns, and not a buck around. This was the first time that I didnt get a bear picture all year I think. Hopefully they moved on to a different area to den in.
  12. I don't foresee a good outcome for the purple, but I will wish them luck!
  13. A couple thoughts, of those 11 million, how many already have aftermarket programmers in them to produce better mileage, or more power? If this cheat gives the car 30% better economy, how much better for the economy is it to make it burn 30% more fuel? With the fact to produce diesel in the refineries produces a lot of emmissions as well. So when the US government fines these companies, where does that fine money go? Who gets it? I think this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cheaters, not only VW, but Audi, Porche, and several other small diesel vehicles. While I would much rather see these vehicles getting maximum economy, and I think US regulations are to tough, they purposely broke the law, and lied about it. They will be fined, and will be required to fix the vehicles. I think the fine should be tied to how many vehicles don't get the recall done within a certain amount of time. Such as $10,000 per car that doesn't get the recall completed within 2 years. This will get them to hurry to get people to get in to get it fixed. I hope they don't decide to over fine the companies and cause them to go bankrupt. Hopefully this not only teaches manufacturers a lesson, but hopefully the Government law makers realize their strict laws are to strict for manufacturers to meet the requirements and be efficient at the same time.
  14. Nothing I have seen. I have even asked bear hunters in the area if they needed land to hunt, and they just laughed, telling me there is so many people trying to get rid of bear, that they could charge people to go hunt on their land. The biggest issue with bear hunters, is they will want to bait them, then that just draws in more, then they shoot the biggest one, and you are still left with all the others they drew in. As of right now, they are just present, they will knock over my grill a few times a year, they will tip over my garbage and make a mess if I forget to empty it before I leave. I had a couple game cameras eaten by them, other then that I haven't had to much of an issue with them. But I know as soon as my apple trees start baring fruit, that will change. Once they begin wrecking my apple trees, then I will be a little more aggressive in getting a plan to get rid of them.
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