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  1. That's what makes them billionaires. You don't make a couple billion without knowing how to cut some corners. I owed the government about $1500 for some college loans, they found that in a heartbeat.
  2. I still think the show jumped the shark the season Kathy Bates was on it. I have liked her in most of the stuff she has done, so it isn't her- it was the writing. I watched the season premier last week and just hated it. Dwights storylines have gone way down, and he was 90% reason to watch the show.
  3. I haven't noticed too much of a speed difference on my iPhone 4S after the upgrade. One thing that is new is that panorama photo option thats in the iPhone 5 commercial. Have yet to use it, though
  4. The Patriots will win the Super Bowl, beating the 49'ers by 13 points. The Ravens look to be the team to beat after week 1, but IDK if anyone will be able to score more than 24 against the niners this year. Raven shouldn't have won the game VS the Pats. Still stand by it. The NFC North WILL send 3 teams to the play-offs, none named the Vikings. Not the way the Lions showed up. Seasons early, still stand by it. AP will see very limited action all season, why ruin him if you aren't going to contend? I dont need to comment after last Sunday. I don't know why they played him that much, I am ha
  5. Yeah, Elizabeth is married to the Hasselback brother that lasted just a couple years in the NFL and I don't think he ever got a start, Tim not Matt. Matt QB'ed the Seahawks to a Super Bowl loss and has been very decent his entire career. You might think she's a dimwit (probably because you are a Democrat, right?) but I don't care- she is smoking hot.
  6. I wonder if Kolb could even get out of bed on friday morning. He got clobbered. That sandwich hit that turned his helmet sideways on his head hurt me in my living room.
  7. Pat Neshek and his wife lost their newborn son less than 24 hours after he was born, with no explanation. As a father of three I cannont begin to imagine what they are going through right now http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-oakland-pat-neshek-newborn-son-20121004,0,3250278.story
  8. RA Dickey and the much hated while he was here Kyle Lohse. Maybe it wasn't them and more the Twins. Add these guys to success stories after they left here. So sad. Keep the talentless and send the talented away. And yes, I started a thread years ago about how I never understood Dickeys role here. He always got put in for an inning here and there while we were way down. He should have been given a chance to start. Gardenhire genius at work
  9. I was talking about their fall as a team. They held it together, meanwhile the Rays, Sox and Orioles didn't hold their end up. I hope now they get bounced in the first round. An Orioles/Nats WS would be sweet. Or A's/Nats. I posted on here 2-3 years ago how the Nats were doing everything right and were going to be the team of the future.
  10. I want an ACTUAL VIETNAM war game. Not just one or two maps, the WHOLE thing. Realistic, too. Trip wires you can't see until your legs are blown off, villagers pulling guns on soldiers, NAPALM, NVK attacking bases in the middle of the night, guys popping out of rice paddies. Perks on all these games suck, period. Take away perks, they aren't realistic- at all.
  11. Noone on here is talking about this??? If they keep it up, they will not win the division, then not even get one of the two Wild Card spots. I am happier than a fat lady at an all you can eat buffet watching this. Age of the players is finally catching up with them, cannot wait to hear AROID and Jeter say they are done and retire. That will make me happier than anything on the face of the earth. Can't stand the Yankees, never have and I never will.
  12. The Packers would still win. I hate the Packers, but I do not see the Vikings winning more than 4 games this season, none vs NFC North rivals. If the Lions would ever add a legitimate #1 RB, they would be a potential Super Bowl winning team.
  13. Forgot one, The Vikings will NOT win a NFC North divisional game this season
  14. I was going to say the Stepbrothers thing. To each their own.
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