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  1. Not sure about this, but something I've noticed: As the water gets cooler, I tend to catch more carp on crawlers vs. corn, and have caught a surprising number of carp on minnows. I think that they are looking for more high-protein food sources before freeze-up. Again, I don't have anything to base this on other than my own experience and a theory that seems to make some sense, at least to me.
  2. I would concur with Reinhard -shallow, weedy shorelines. Even better if there's a creek flowing into the area. You don't need a boat, but you may have to do some wading. They are a great target for spot and stalk fishing. I know guys who do well with twister tails and spinners, but I have had the best luck with crawlers and cutbait. I usually have nothing on my line but a hook and a chunk of cutbait (sucker heads are great). There's something about that slowly sinking sucker chunk that makes a hungry bowfin go nuts. Good luck. Take some bandaids. They can be a little unpredictable when they're on shore.
  3. Wow, man, that's beefy! Didja get a little Nantucket sleighride from that beast? Looks fun!
  4. My PB carp was caught on cut shad. I have also caught walleye, perch, bass and even a baby tiger musky on cutbait. It may not be the best bait for those species, but it can work under the right circumstances.
  5. That's one to grow on. I've seen it happen, and I've come pretty close a few times myself, even when the rod was in a good rod holder.
  6. You can use floats, and I've had some success with them, but bottom rigging has been far better in my experience. Go as light as you can get away with. A slow sink rate can help a lot, especially if you're sight fishing. Corn, like everyone else is saying, is the bait of choice. I was at Nokomis yesterday. The carp were everywhere. Finding them shouldn't be a problem. They were suspending, so using a float might not be a bad idea. I'd go with something subtle, so the splash of the bobber doesn't spook them away. As for releasing them: If you're not going to use the carp, let it go. Nothing quite like a stinking rotting carp and a bunch of buzzing flies upwind of your favorite fishing spot, simply because some guy thought that killing a carp or two was going to make a difference.
  7. I have used chicken hearts on small rivers, and they are great bait. I prefer them to livers. They stay on the hook better, but the scent doesn't seem to last as long. Spleens work well, too. And if you're butchering chickens, you really oughtta try the intestines as bait. That was the go-to bait when I was a kid. They're tougher to get on the hook, but here's the method my Grandpa taught me when I was just a little fiddler learning how to catch channel cats: Get a piece of stiff wire about 10" - 12" long. Make a loop on one end that will just fit over the hook. Bend the other end into the shape of a J, small enough to fit through the gut. Thread a length of intestine onto the wire - the J end will hold the gut on the wire (usually...) while you slide the loop onto your hook. Grab the J end, and hold it up above the hook and let gravity pull the gut onto your line (you might need to guide it on a little). Take the wire off your hook. Then you can run the hook point through the last few inches of the gut a couple times. My uncle always ties a loose overhand knot in the gut a few inches up the hook, but I've never found that to be necessary. Sometimes I will crimp a split shot onto the gut to hold it on the line, though. Make sure you have a rag handy, as I'm sure you know. That stuff stinks to high heaven, and lasts a long time in the water. The contents of the gut sorta ooze out slowly, leaving a nice scent trail. The scent brings back memories, man. A margarine tub full of chicken guts in the bottom of my five-gallon bucket, sitting next to a quiet little river on a hot summer day, using Avon Skin-So-Soft and vanilla extract as bug repellant, yelling for Grandpa when I had one on the line... Those were the days.
  8. I saw the Corps map. Holy cow. Looks like Grandma's house (in South Ridge) should be okay, but who knows what will happen between now and then. I just hope we can get there. I wish all you guys down there the best of luck, and hopefully you can get some control over it. I lived there for 20+ years, and never heard of such flooding. I can only imagine how everyone's feeling right now. Stay safe.
  9. Prov, what's the situation now? I've been hearing a bit here and there from my family and some friends in South Sioux. It sounds pretty bad, and about to get a lot worse. We have plans to come to SSC in a couple weeks, and right now, I'm just hoping we can actually get there.
  10. I heartily endorse cutbait for bowfin. I have caught some monsters on chunks of sucker. Aaron is right about the spinnerbait - it is a rare CO who would believe that you are fishing for bowfin. It's just better if you don't. And besides, it's still pretty cold and they aren't functioning at full speed just yet. Slip them an easy meal, and hold on. And with the other roughies, nothing beats a crawler for versatility. Just about anything will take a crawler, including bowfin.
  11. Yeah, he did look scared. I would be too, if my o-line had been replaced with cardboard cutouts. Give him a decent line that can protect him, and he'll be better.
  12. I've been a Husker fan for way too long to put money on them. What a stinker of a game. They pretty much slept through the whole thing. It was like they didn't want to be there. In fact, I'm pretty sure the O-Line wasn't there... The Huskers need to eliminate the penalties. I think the four losses this year were due mainly to the penalties. The Huskers beat themselves as much as the other teams beat them. Seriously, this bugs me more than the horrible ball security problems they've had all year. I hope Watson gets that HC job at Miami-Ohio. I hope Martinez grows up a bit. I hope the O-Line figures out that, over the course of a season, they need to get better instead of worse. Or else, next season could get pretty rough.
  13. I think the Huskers will win this one. I just hope they aren't feeling too overconfident, because Washington will be coming to play. The score depends on whether Martinez is back to 100%. I would love to see him healthy again, and hopefully bust off a couple long runs again, but we'll see. If he's not up to par, then I hope to see plenty of Burkhead in the Wildcat. He has impressed me as much as anyone else on the team this year. I also really hope that Alex Henery gets a chance at a long one tonight. His last game as a Husker before he starts making serious money in the NFL. I think it'll probably be closer this time than last time, and I think ol' Jake Locker will be better tonight than last time. But I still see the Huskers rolling. Healthy Martinez = 35-13, NU. Cody Green and the Rexcat = 24-17 NU. Go Big Red!
  14. So it looks like the Huskers have an opportunity to beat the same team three times in a year... I just hope that they can get up for the game and beat the tar out of the Huskies again. I could see the Big Red phoning it in for this game, but I don't think Bo's gonna let that happen.
  15. Agreed. I can take a loss to OU a lot better than some other team. They really are just that good. And, as a long time Husker fan, I'm kinda used to losing to OU. The boys need to work on ball security. Still. Hasn't changed in the 25 or so years I've been watching the Huskers. The Huskers always seem to drop the ball at really bad times. And Martinez showed that he is a Freshman - the interception in the endzone was a classic frosh move. Tried to make something happen when the best thing was just to get rid of the ball. That will get better. Oh, well. Good year for the Big Red. 10 wins, with the possibility for another, is nothing to sneeze at.
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