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  1. Thinking about doing the same. This is the first I have heard of an HD antennae. But does that allow you to get your local channels like CBS and Fox? If so at least then I will be able to watch local news and also football games on Sunday.
  2. I have come to conclusion that I over watered. I did not water the garden for a week and watched the Zucchini and squash plants. The parts that are still alive were still growing. There are flowers on both plants and the squash plant has about 3 or 4 squash on them. The zucchini plant has about 4 or 5 flowers on it so hopefully they will produce some zucchini. I was wondering about not to plant them in mounds next year as IMO the mound would dry out being it is elevated. I guess the question would be is why do they want you to plant zucchini, squash and cucumbers in mounds?
  3. I was just going to ask that, "If it was worth a shot at planting new zucchini?"
  4. I am thinking a watered too much, but then again the bug thing sounds good also but didn't see any excretement. I looked at the base of the plants, smae with another type of squash we have, forgot name and both look like it is rotting or dead. I will let them be and see what comes of them. It sounds like tonight we are finally gonna get some rain. The soils type I got is about a 16 inches of nice black dirt and then it is coarse sand down at least 4 feet.
  5. The first question is with Zuchinni. We have one mound with 4 seeds or plants that was doing really great and was dang near waist high even with the high temps and humidity. It is in the sun from about 1pm to sunset. Each day some of the leaves would wilt up a little and I water it about every other day. The leaves then in the morning would look fine and normal. Well just last week I noticed one of the plants was turning yellow and looked like it was going to die. We did get 2 nice sized zuchinni off the plant so far and there are 2 little ones growing now. Yesterday more of the plant looks like it is starting to die off. Is it possible to over water it, or is it due to lack of water? It doesn't appear to be any bugs eating the leaves or anything. The second question is with tomatoes. How close do you plant the plants in the spring? How close is too close? I have them about 16 inches apart. The plants are HUGE, about chin high and very bushy. There are a lot of tomatoes on there about golf ball to tennis ball size and are all green. My wife thinks I planted the plants too close together as the tomatoes are not turning red. I red on a gardening site that the plants with the drought type weather are in survival mode and not in the mode to turn the tomatoes red right now. I water the whole garden every other day. Any other pointers to get them to turn red or just wait it out as I think it is early also. I do not remember what type of tomato that they are, we had 4 plants of 2 types. Thanks
  6. Thanks!! His Documentary will be on HBO Thursday March 8th at 8:30pm according to the HBO HSOforum which I would guess is Eastern Time.
  7. He did it!!! My wifes cousin WON AN OSCAR!!!
  8. I have only watched the Acadamy Awards once which was last year, and will again this year as my wife's cousin's is nominated for an Oscar Documentary Short. He was nominated last year and didn't win, but came close when we found out the voting results. This year the movie "Saving Face", by Daniel Junge, I haven't watched it yet, is about Pakistani women that have had acid thrown at their faces and their government in the process to make a law making it illegal, or something like that as I have onyl read small previews. He busted his butt on that one, actually put himself in danger in that country, and deserves an award for his hard work. He has done numerous other documentaries with very interesting topics and can't wait to see all of them. Some topics are on subjects that you wouldn't even think that there was a story to be told about.
  9. Thanks river-newbie. I've been to the site and didnt see any updates, but if you can keep them posted on here that will be great!!! I am starting to get pumped up again for this year as it is always a blast!!
  10. How are the ice conditions in the contest area? Is there enough ice to have the contest? If anybody knows can you please keep us posted so I don't drive 2 hours only to have in cancelled. Thanks!!
  11. Does anybody know when the contest is this year? Any info would be great, as I am low on butter and have wona pound for 3 years in a row!!
  12. I did keep the tag and it says it is an Ichiban. The back said it will get to 10 inches long so we picked it. It wasn't easy to pick and actually broke it of just below the stem. I guess we will see how it tastes.
  13. Thanks guys, I will have to see if I rememebred to take the tag out fo the pot when I bought the plant from the greenhouse. There are 2 other eggplants growing on this plant that are about the size of my thumb.
  14. How big do you let the eggplant get? Right now on our eggplant we have one that is about the size of a banana. My wife thinks we need to pick it so it don't get seedy, I think we need to let it get as big as we buy them in the store as right now it is under developed. Who is right? I did place a lid under it as it was touching the ground and I don't want it to rot or go bad. Thanks.
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