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  1. Agreed. Nice post Sled. Some good thoughts. Spot on review by Pier also. That said, I don't know if Delmon haters here is the right description for most of us, just a few cynics that were frustrated that he was not reaching his potential or even appearing that he cared to. This offseason changed all that, and Delmon appears to be everything we would have hoped for (defense aside). I am more than happy to accept that it is a tough year for us Delmon doubters. Did you ever accept it was a tough year for the Cuddy haters last year? Lot of season left. Let's hope everything comes together and there is no one left to hate at the end of the season with everyone playing to their potential. The we can have one big forum group hug at the end of the World Series victory.
  2. Are you referring to last year's 2nd half of the season?
  3. Delmon has been on fire and deserves a pat on the back for starting to reach his potential. Every ball that came near him was hit hard this last trip. Most came off his bat, but you know your hot when you have line drives bouncing out of your glove and off your shin. Absolutely a great throw to gun the guy out at home the other day. It would have been better if he caught the ball first though. Delmon is starting to show what we hoped for when the trade was made and possibly even starting to become a little more professional at the plate. Still a little free with the swings but definately heading in a better direction. He goes inside out with his swing when he should whereas before he did that with everything. Heck, he even runs better. He used to run like he was trying not to break a potato chip stuck in his backside. Now he runs like the chip has already broke. That said, if I have to win one game today and had to choose between Cuddy and Delmon, I am taking Cuddyer.
  4. No not much. If there is a game I know and understand baseball would be it. Yes...Cuddy was dropped in the order. You read a lineup card and made it fit your personal agenda against Cuddyer. Nice analysis. I read a lineup card, looked at who was pitching, who was inserted ahead of him, and knew Cuddyer was hitting over .300 in the previous 5 games. So tell me, why would have Gardy moved him down? It wasn't because, Thome was hot. Kubel hadn't completely proven he was back. So why was it?
  5. Yep...Texas is was throwing a right hander who has been pitching well and it was an opportunity to get Thome some at bats while keeping Kubel's bat in the lineup while he he seems to be coming around. Otherwise you get another layer of rust on Thome or Kubel has to sit just as he is finding his swing. Same reason your boy Delmon sat.
  6. Really?? With all the posts and statements you have made about Cuddyer you were just posting this as a discussion of a interesting stat? Come on Sled, it is o.k. that you did, but lets not pretend you would have made the same post if it was any other player. I noticed you didn't mention that Billy Butler is also on the same pace to shatter the record or that Pudge Rodriquez is also on pace to break the record.
  7. Sled, So I am going to assume that you are using that stat to say that makes him a bad hitter. Bad swings rarely result in double plays. There is a reason Joe Mauer hits into so many DPs also. Here is a list of recent players to lead their league in GIDP: National Miguel Tejada, Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Lee, Fred McGriff, Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, Moises Alou, Mark Grace, Tony Gwynn, Vlad Guerrero, Dale Murphy American Delmon Young (Sled's Guy), Longoria, Vlad Guerrero, Ordonez, Tejada, Posada, Konerko, Olerud, Ivan Rodriquez, Cal Ripken, Kirby Puckett,Albert Bell, Paul O'neill Go back a few more years and you get names like this: Yaztremski, Boggs, Piniella, Brooks Robinson, Killebrew, Tony Perez, Ken Singleton, Jim Rice, Julio Franco, Willie McGee, Dave Parker, STeve Garvey, Concepcion, Al Oliver, Ray Knight, Gary Mathews Sr, So what about hitting into a DP makes you a bad hitter? There are several batting titles and HOF plaques in that list. It seems like some of the best bats in the game led the league in DP. Cuddyer is not in same class as most of the guys mentioned but there is a reason a good hitter usually leads the league in GIDP. PS....Cuddyer is batting .310 with men on and 2 outs. I will take that all season.
  8. Correct, but good defense makes for better pitching and good pitching makes for better defense. They are directly related.
  9. Partial apology Greebs. I think I may have mistakenly attributed some previous comments to you that should not have been. I apologize for that. That said, my tone may have been incorrect but the point remains the same about defense and championships. It isn't important only in Little league.
  10. Greebs, I see you still don't think defense is important but you have not responded to my post that showed the defensive standings of the last 5 WS champs. They all were good defensive teams. What else would you like? Would you like me to go back further? I can find all kinds of stats to prove my point, in addition to probably getting 31 of 31 managers to agree defense is very important. Lets look at the Twins WS champion years? In 1987 the Twins were the #1 ranked defensive team. In 1990 they were #6. So I guess you can say defense has contributed to bringing the Twins championships. Still don't believe? What else should I dig up?
  11. 4 of the last 5 WS champions were top 10 in defense the year they won and more often that not their opponent was also in the top 10. The team that wasn't in the top 10 was 14th. Still top half. Seems to be a pattern there. Let's face it. If Kubel, Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer, Young, and Thome do their jobs it would not hardly matter what Punto did at the plate. We generally lose because the pitching staff had a rough night or the big bats didn't do the job. It is pretty rare when we lose because Punto hit a chopper back to the pitcher in the 5th inning. With having Thome or Kubel on the bench most nights we won't see Punto with many meaningful 9th inning at bats (once Hardy returns to the lineup Punto is the last weak hitter left). On a side note, Nick Punto in not Ozzie Smith by any stretch but Ozzie managed a pretty nice HOF career by batting .262 lifetime. Defense must of meant something back then.
  12. I would love a sweep but can't complain much about a pace to win 110 games.
  13. I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal over Mauer taking a day off. All catchers take days off and need them. Joe caught the 10th most innings in MLB last year after missing the 1st month of the season. He caught the 4th most in 2008 and the 7th most in 2006. He was 27th in 2007 after only playing 91 games. When healthy he is out there as often as he should be.
  14. There are many parts of Delmon's game that can and should be questioned. Arm strength is not one of them.
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