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  1. I have a leak in the AC line to the rear a few inches from where the rear hoses connect along the frame. Can I unhook the rear lines and cap the high and low fittings at the frame instead of the recommended and spendy under-the-hood method suggested by radiator/AC guy? My alternatives at this point are to replace the lines with OEM (four lines instead of two) or try a compression fitting to bypass the leak.
  2. A lot of it is like carpet cleaning. Get a good foam and let it work before you start scrubbing. Several years ago we were green with pollen. It took a couple washes to get clean. Always try to give the tent roofs a whip before you fold up the camper.
  3. I've never been asked or checked. I'm lucky to have several window/door/cabinet manufacturers locally who run their scrap cart out for anyone to pick through.
  4. I've never had a problem even the winters when my garage was overrun and I'll owe that to bird feed. Best advice is to clean your rig and no food left behind, including your stove or anywhere there might be grease or crumbs. Never failed that the hunting shack stove would be full of bed fluff. If they don't smell something they're not likely to try to get in.
  5. There's any number of spots in the Cass Lake state/national forest area.
  6. How are you camping? My tent camper or bigger rig of choice have a charging system and I've run jumpers to my boat battery. There was a time when friends needed their music box battery charged and it was worth the trade to take the unit for a ride for some amount of time.
  7. Work this into you're maybe: Maybe I looked across the line in a football game and saw his eyes when he was a pup but his father was a school monkey; Maybe I skated against him in a hockey game when he was paired with someone who would be an Olympian; Maybe he was a spare college player at N. Dame with guys I knew. Maybe I know any number of assistant coaches who worked with him. Maybe most every kid in this state wants to be a Gopher and and maybe he can't work with kids anymore. Maybe all that. And maybe I say a Duluth sweep.
  8. The Vikings are pretty tough with a winning record. I doubt they'd be showing the same bag with a .500 team. Detroit will be having its third blackout this season. That could have happened here without Favre.
  9. IFallsRon

    Haladay a Yank?

    Another good pitcher to clank pitches off the hubcap that Jorge calls a glove.
  10. IFallsRon

    Brock Lesner

    Brock Lesnar's chiropractor blames the Canadian medical system for failing to manage the UFC fighter's mystery illness after he collapsed here last week. "His symptoms became severe while in Canada, which because of their health care system made it difficult to manage. And at this point it's a possibility that it could jeopardize his career," chiropractor Larry Novotny told KSAX-TV news in Alexandria, MN, according to the network's HSOforum.
  11. Typical Frank/Woog comment about a non-Gopher team. The bigger rink may have made a difference in the slow play.
  12. What's the going rate to have new covers made for folding back-to-back boat seats?
  13. Their offensive play calling is dismal. The OC is too quick to call off the running game for the three-wide. Let's see if they get well when the Skins come to town this week.
  14. Only half the team is Canadian, which has been typical of BSU hockey teams. You'll also find plenty of northern Minnesota kids who weren't "good enough" for the rest of the hockey world. It's a long season and a split at Minnesota goes a long way toward building confidence for the rest of the season.
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