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  1. What do you think a trip that way for tipup/pike fishing will do on Saturday?
  2. We can only hope to catch a bigger party crappie than him!
  3. Kidneys and black X2,, This isn't a down south chili cook off, we need substance in our chili up here lol.
  4. Hahahah! Right? I didn't even get to cut with yours dude. I'll end up buying the fuel or a dewalt DCD 996, whatever I find a good deal on. A 9ah battery on that Kdrill? Can you imagine??
  5. Yeah using Rick G's k-drill the other day sold me! What an amazing tool!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My boy with a 13"er from Sunday night.
  7. I think I"ll just go with the Ion lol. Something that will be dedicated to my ice fishing during the year.
  8. Pop a pic of a map up here and we can help you out. Sounds like you are fishing too deep to me. 16-22 seems good if you are next to a shallower feeding flat.
  9. It makes sense to think about the other use for that motor the rest of the year, Tapping maple trees, drilling a little here and there on whatever I may build, I can't think of a use for an Ion motor besides drilling holes or screwing in ice anchors. Another thing to think of for the average dude. P.S. Still torn lol
  10. Wow that was a heck of a game. Yeah I'm a little late in my condolences to the Falcons, but holy hannah what the heck happened? That was very Vikingesque of the Falcons to blow that kind of lead with less than 20 minutes in the game. Or was it even sooner? I don't really care about the particulars, but I can't believe they ended up coming back and winning. Tom Brady you are the man, please retire.
  11. I'm still torn... Waiting on a little tax return that will result in me finally buying something to ice fish with lol. Royce, are you comfortable with using that setup all year long? What about late ice panfish or tullibee searching?
  12. I agree, they suck. I like the Uncut Angling shows on youtube. That 39 hours series was entertaining.
  13. Wow I expected a closer game lol. This is crazy. I'm go glad it's going the way it's going though.
  14. Heard from one of their pro-staffers that they did indeed use the wrong kind of paint on the first batch of cast iron auger bottoms. Since then they have fixed the problem. Is the X really worth the extra $?
  15. Blah blahhhh blahhhhhhhhh. It's not jealousy, it's a rivalry. I'm not into loving my rivals.
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