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  1. Alright. Here's this weeks dilemma. Pick three RBs for my league championship game: McCoy @ Dallas Matthews @ Detroit Sproles vs Atlanta McGahee @ Buffalo Jacobs @ NYJ
  2. Please pick my three starters (two RBs and a shift) Marian Barber vs Seattle Ahmad Bradshaw vs Washington Toby Gerhart vs New Orleans Kevin Smith @ Oakland Peterson is out again today, so I really want to start Gerhart. Kevin Smith vs the poor Oakland rush D is tempting, but risky. Marian Barber is the only offense Chicago has right now, but Seattle is ranked as the 11th best rush D. Bradshaw vs the Redskins? Bradshaw has been non-existent lately, but should come around today. So, all that considered, I'm thinking Gerhart, Barber, and the risky Smith. What say you? EDIT- Changed my mind. I'm think Bradshaw is a more solid play than Smith.
  3. Wadinator


    And I should have started Manningham instead of Westbrook in the shift position. Hindsight....20/20....blah blah blah. Oh well.
  4. Wadinator


    Good luck! All things considered, those are some pretty good lineups and matchups. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm going to go with all of your recommendations, except I think I'm going to start Westbrook over Manningham in the shift. Dixon is rumored to have a sore ankle, and they're switching from Alex Smith back to Troy Smith. Might be enough to spark their offense against a division foe.
  5. Wadinator


    WOW! With matchups like that this week, you should be lovin it! I have another one for ya. This is the championship game in my other (much thinner) league. Pick 3. Benson vs SD Charles vs Ten Torain @ Jac Ricky William vs Det Westbrook @ STL Normally I wouldn't think twice about this one, going with Benson, Charles, and Torain. However, Benson versus the SD defense has me worried, and this is a big money league. In this league we also have one swing player that can be one more of those listed above as well as... Javarris James @oak Kevin Walter @ Den Sims-Walker vs Was Manningham @ GB Tony Gonzalez vs NO What do you think?
  6. Wadinator


    Which four from this list should I start this week? Please list your choices in order of preference. THANK YOU! Woodhead (@buf) Rice (@cle) Jones-Drew (was) Green-Ellis (@buf) Tolbert (@cin) Torain (@jac)
  7. Thanks for the info. On the DNR's HSOforum, I didn't see any trails running across Winnie so we should be a-ok.
  8. This should be a fairly simple question for folks who ride. I just bought a cheap sled for ice fishing. I live in Iowa (barely) but frequently fish Minnesota lakes. In particular, I will be making a trip to Winnie in February and I want to be sure I've got my legal i's dotted and t's crossed. So with a current Iowa registration, do I need to get any sort of permit or separate licensing for using the sled to ice fish in Minnesota?
  9. 58 is a bit extreme, but I think he means well. Although... every year TJack isn't rippin it up as our starter, the less well he means. I'm not as convinced as he is, I think I'm more of the "hopeful" variety cuz I don't see anything else more promising in our future.
  10. I'm voting #1, but I still hold out hope that TJack turns into the QB of our next 5-10 years after Favre is done. Favre is our best hope for immediate success. You can't honestly deny what he's done for this team so far this year. I contend that having Favre here this year answered one of our biggest question marks. It's too bad we can't find another retired guy to answer our other burning question mark (our head coach).
  11. It's Chili's fault. He's the friggin coach, and a coach doesn't call a hall of fame player over to ask him what he thinks about getting benched. Totally ridiculous. Either bench him or don't. Don't ask him what he thinks about the idea. My earlier post said that putting Favre on the bench wasn't such a crazy idea, and I still stand by that. However, the right thing to do would have been to put 'saucer on whatever side Peppers was lining up on to help. Add a few chips by AD or Chester if needed. Peppers should NEVER have been allowed to DOMINATE the way he did. Explain to me why I'm the only one who thinks this?
  12. Bingo. Spielman's the man. If we win a SB, he deserves the credit for putting enough talent on the field to overcome our coaching shortcomings.
  13. I kind of wish ol Favre would have "let" Childress pull him. At least TJack had a chance of running away from Peppers and the rest of the pass rush. As it turned out, making the change certainly wouldn't have made our offense look any worse.
  14. I noticed. The gaps in the line were HUGE on play-action-pass plays. But when we actually tried to run the ball, there wasn't a gap to be found.
  15. The saints made a statement tonight. They are good. So are the Vikes. I pray they get to meet in the playoffs. However, I also pray that its in OUR house.
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