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  1. gopher_nation

    nonresident deer tag cost

    No sensible non-resident would hunt Minnesota if the licenses were that expensive.
  2. gopher_nation

    If you plow a road and a spot for your shack............

    Someone plowed a road out from the access on a lake a fished a lot in college. At the time I drove a 2wd car and thought it was great. At the end of the road were two permies and a couple trucks. The road was plenty wide so I parked on it and started walking to my spot when the "owner of the road" came out of his house. He proceeded to explain it was a private road and I could not park on it. I then explained how public access and public water works and he only got more upset. He claimed my car was going to break up his road and he was going to have to spend hundreds of dollars plowing a new road the next day. He also claimed my car, parked 200 ft away, would flood his house. Meanwhile there were two full size trucks and another permy within a 30' of his house. I wasn't buying it. Needless to say, I left my car there and walked 100 yards to my spot. The crusty old drunk thought he'd scare me off with threats and a lot of choice words, but I was right and I knew it. When I drove off "his road" at night my car didn't disintegrate the road as he proclaimed. I still laugh about the story every time it crosses my mind.
  3. gopher_nation

    Does anyone have a Dakotas Chip for H20

    I am hoping someone has one of these laying around for a Lowrance H20 they no longer use.
  4. gopher_nation

    Out of state hunts on a budget??

    Also Wisconsin has a first time buyer discount, half price if you haven't purchased a license there in the last 10 years. I got my WI rifle tag for around $70.
  5. gopher_nation

    Out of state hunts on a budget??

    A friend of mine hunted Missouri this fall, I was surprised how affordable it was and there are big tracts of public land to hunt.
  6. gopher_nation


    I have next week off of work and will be doing all day sits. I did the same thing last year and was certain I picked the wrong week after a couple days in, then someone turned the switch and the third day was crazy. So just remember folks, day to day can be completely different. Don't get too discouraged if you aren't seeing action. One hot doe can create mayhem.
  7. gopher_nation

    Tree strap for harness?

    Yes, that was a typo on my part. I was referring to HSS as well. Thanks for the advice.
  8. gopher_nation

    Tree strap for harness?

    The tree I have my hang-on stand on is too big to fit the tree-strap for my harness. Pretty sure my ratchet straps are 8', and they made it around. Anyways, what is the work around here? I feel a little more "at-ease" when I'm strapped in. I saw Hunters Specialties has a Rope-Style Tree Strap, is that my only option?
  9. gopher_nation

    Rubber Boots for Early Season Bowhunting

    I wear Muck Wetlands from opening day of bowhunting until the last day of ice fishing. Only thing I change is the type of sock I use. My feet can get warm in September and cold in February, but as an all around boot they are great.
  10. gopher_nation

    Deer stand climping sticks

    They look fully functional to me. One thing I would suggest, would be to get the pegs to touch the spine. The way you have it could put too much stress on the peg possibly resulting in a fall.
  11. gopher_nation

    Trail Cam Deer-Elk-Moose Pics or Video

    I just put out my trail camera today. Reapplied the mineral lick, which I was surprised to see a decent sized hole in the ground where they have continued to paw at. I'm excited to see some pics again, I've never put it out this early in the year.
  12. gopher_nation

    brand new chainsaw oil?

    Just picked up a new saw for storm debris. It's a craftsman 42 cc. I want to start it off with amsoil sabre. What mixing ratio would be best. Or does anyone have better recommendations?
  13. gopher_nation

    Senators Seek Moratorium on Wolf Hunting in Minn.

    Just looking at where they are from, this doesn't surprise me. People in politics just keep getting more outrageous.
  14. gopher_nation

    First ever recorded treed cougar in MN

    I swear those cats follow me everywhere I bowhunt. In 2011 I stood 40 yards from one in the Red Wing area, it wasn't scared of me like I had hoped. Then this past fall I was hunting along the Big Sioux River in South Dakota and one was sneaking through the woods about 70 yards from my treestand. Needless to say, those long walks in the dark sometimes get to me.