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Favorite fish to target under the ice


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You guys are maken me nuts! I'm asking for days off for my winter fishing right now. At night I'm up at 3 A.M. just thinking about ice fishing. One of the many things I like when Ice fishing is useing two lines. I like to set a tip-up out for pike or walleys and then fish for panfish. The number one thing I like about living in this great state of MN is that there are many kinds of fish to fish for. I just like to get out and fish and have fun catching fish with my buddies. I also like talking with others on the ice!

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Oooow? Let me think? Used to be wallys on Mille Lacs, I just love seeing that bobber "Pop" and start to slowly sink! That is a hard act to follow, but it can be a slow act to follow once in awhile also!

Sunnies, ooow, I likes them! The action, activity, the hands on fishing, cutting holes, moving, working, on the hunt, the "Pop" of the tiny float and it just sits barely under the surface, the set, the arc in the ice rod, the whine of the drag on the reel and you can feel the shoulders as the bull spins to get away, oh yeah!

Crappies with the vex, the scramble to get the bait up to, or down to the the red blip, lowering the line and it stops and you know you had a suspender pick it up! The lively minnow as it tries to get away from the approaching speck and the float just starts to settle out of sight as the offering is inhaled...the solid whack on the waxie when that is what they want. Sitting in the fish house, over a school of Crappies, with your bud/s, man, thats hard to beat!

Order of business....Crappies....Sunnies....Wallys....Pike on a tip up....Trout....perch....I've fished Tullibees and whitefish, but I include them.

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What you mean there are other species other than walleyes?

Lets see my list is like this

1. Walleyes at Lake of The Woods

2. Walleyes everywhere else

3. Pike at Lake of the Woods

4. Crappies

5. Gills

6. Perch

7. Eelpout (well I don't specifically target these I catch enough so they deserve to make my list)

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