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  1. I met up with my friend Tom on Sunday morning for my last ice fishing trip of the year. There is still plenty of good ice, I'm just ready to switch gears and get into spring mode. Tom met me at the house about 7am and we on a spot we wanted to try and fishing by 8am. When we started I thought that there was going to be some cloud cover, but it was not to be. We had bright sun and 31 inches of mecury, so needless to say it was a slow day. I could not have asked for a better day weather wise. By noon it was 50+ degrees and get this.....no wind. That's a first for me this year. We fished for 5 hours and landed 4 pike and one pickerel. Perch were a slow pick, but between us we managed to get Tom enough for a good meal. Some folks have been getting confused with the difference between lamprey hits and lymphosarcoma on pike. I got a nice pic of a lamprey hit for reference. Lamprey: Sarcoma in tumor stage: Sarcoma in the process of healing: Healed sarcoma:
  2. Who's charging $79 for Nils blades?????? I get mine for $49.
  3. Are you using the url for thumbnail and not the one for the full size photo?
  4. This has been a problem for almost a year now. Unfortunately, ballast water regulations are not the only part of the solution. Expect to see a ban of the transportation of live fish and the use of wild caught bait. Infected fish don't normally show signs of the disease until spring, so fishermen can unknowingly be using infected bait. I expect that all great lake states will be passing these regulations. If not, I think the feds will be doing it themselves. Once a fish is infected, there is no known non-lethal treatment. If this is found in a hatchery, all fish in that hatchery will be killed. Tanks will have to be chlorinated and cleaned. This stuff is bad news in a big way.
  5. It would work, but it would still be very slow. The strike-lite spins at 165 rpm and the nils motor spins at 450 rpm.
  6. Quote: I don't believe there is a thermocline in the winter. Pathogen is correct. There is no thermocline in the winter under the ice.
  7. I don't think there is a sharpening service that is functional right now. Most edges don't really get dull right away. The edge usually just gets rolled over. You can get a little more life out of the blade if you take a fine stone and roll the edge back over. Don't touch the bottom edge of the blade, because you don't want to change the angle. You are just trying to roll the edge back, not sharpen the blade. If you try and sharpen it, you will ruin the edge. Be careful.....The blades are still SCARY SHARP.
  8. The center point bit is more agressive, requires more torque and will only compound the lack of power duing break in. That is why the break in period is more of an issue now. If his auger had a bad blade it would not be bogging down in the middle of cutting a hole. When they are out of alignment they they don't bite the ice and it does anything but bog down. Stopping mid hole is a lack of torque issue, most likely due to lack of compression because the motor is still new. I've had mine since 2003 and the motor has never skipped a beat. Sure beats the heck out of my old cipper.
  9. Sounds like it's just not broken in yet. Now that the ice is thicker it's easier to notice. If your blades were dull, the auger would "hop" and you would need to apply a fair amount of down pressure to make it cut. Keep running it and it will start to get stronger. Drill some extra holes everytime you go out. It will breakin the auger quicker, and give you a few extra holes to jig in. Also, run it wide open when you are drilling. Don't let off the throttle until you are through the ice.
  10. Quote: Was funny yesterday I had a bud with me and he was in his hut rigging up and came out to see 43 holes drilled . LOL I told him to get slushing as I already did the drilling . LMAO . Looking out across a lake seeing all them little hills is quite a sight and very intimidating to the one with slushing duties . LOL TD I had a similar experience a few years ago. I invited a bunch of guys to come up and fish with me in late Feb. A couple guys from NY showed up and had a Strikemaster 8" chipper. I'm not sure if the blades were dull or what, but they had a heck of a time cutting holes and even keeping it running. They had their tip-ups out where they wanted to have holes and I started drilling holes for them, while 2 of the 3 guys continued to fight with the auger. A few minutes later the other guy came over to "help me". He was a bit surprised when I shut the auger off and said that I was done. As far as cleaning holes.....I cut the hole, remove the auger, kick all the chips away from the hole, then run the auger in the hole to flush out the slush. That makes final cleanup a lot quicker.
  11. I'd say the motor is not broken in yet. If you are cutting thicker ice this year, it might be more noticable. It also could be that you are applying down pressure to the auger. If you are not already, run Amsoil Sabre Professional oil at 100:1 in it and make sure you let it warm up before using it. It's going to take a few tanks of gas before it is close to full power.
  12. I think I remember reading about someone with the same issue. If I remember right there was a broken plastic tab inside the recoil that was stopping it from turning. I hope it's something as simple as that and not a fried motor. I'm sure strikemaster will help you out.
  13. Had it been in storage for a while? I had one do the same thing and it was a siderweb in the main tube that connected to the mantle stopping the fuel from defusing properly. It could also be a bad generator.
  14. I use the Amsoil Saber and it's pretty darn smokeless. I run it at 100:1 and my clothes don't stink like oil anymore. I know I'd give it a try before I went out and spent money on a new auger. If it does not work good enough for you, you are only out a couple bucks.
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